FIFA 20 Team of the Week Moments (TOTW Moments)

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments

FIFA 20 Team of the Week Moments

Squad Players Release Date
TOTW Moments 6 TOTW Moments 6 Players 22 April 2020
TOTW Moments 5 TOTW Moments 5 Players 15 April 2020
TOTW Moments 4 TOTW Moments 4 Players 8 April 2020
TOTW Moments 3 TOTW Moments 3 Players 1 April 2020
TOTW Moments 2 TOTW Moments 2 Players 25 March 2020
TOTW Moments 1 TOTW Moments 1 Players 18 March 2020

What is TOTW Moments Squad

Since the Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Serie A & Ligue 1 are temporary suspended due to Coronavirus Outbreak, EA decided to suspend the normal Team of the Week (TOTW) program. But, this does not mean that TOTW weekly squads will stop.

EA has announced the Team of the Week Moments which will replace the normal TOTW release during the TOTW suspension.

This TOTW Moments will be a recurring program that will be based entirely on a historical TOTW release from past FUT titles. Each squad will be a reflection of a specific TOTW that was released from March onwards in each product year.

All players that will be released will reflect their current teams, and their OVR increase will be in line with their FUT 20 upgrade path. For example, in FUT 18 TOTW 28, Kyle Walker was given an 86 OVR Item in line with his FUT 18 upgrade path. For his TOTW Moments Item, Kyle Walker will be an 87 OVR Item based on his FUT 20 upgrade path.

TOTW Moments will replace TOTW in multiple places across FUT starting 18th of March 2020. This includes, amongst others:

To make sure that Live Items continue to be valuable to players when building their squads, EA will also be upgrading Ones to Watch and Headliners Live Items based on if they are released in a TOTW Moments squad. As players with dynamic Items are selected for TOTW Moments squads, they will receive upgrades accordingly.

When the regular football calendar resumes, Ones to Watch and Headliners Items will continue to receive upgrades as they would have done previously.


Here are the answers for the frequently asked questions regarding the TOTW Moments. Use the comments form below to ask any questions if you cannot find your answer here.

When will these changes come to FUT 20?

Starting Wednesday, 18th of March, 2020, and until the regular football seasons resume. Normal TOTW squads will be back to FIFA 20 when football leagues resume.

Will this affect the FUT Champions rewards Player Picks?

Yes. TOTW Moments players will replace the regular TOTW FUT Champion Player Picks rewards. TOTW Moments player cards will receive the familiar FUT Champions design as a result.

How come are certain players not featured in a respective TOTW Moments squad?

If a player has retired, been banned, or is no longer in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, they will not feature in that week’s TOTW Moments squad list. Plus, a player cannot feature in back to back TOTW Moments selections.

Will TOTW Moments players feature dynamic images/action shots?

Just as with regular TOTW players, select TOTW Moments cards will feature action shot images.

Can I use TOTW Moments in SBCs?

Yes, you can. TOTW Moments will replace TOTW content and operate in the same way. Future Squad Building Challenges and Objectives may require either TOTW or TOTW Moments items. We are also currently working to update the requirements of relevant active SBCs to reflect this change.

How will the TOTW Moments impact my dynamic Items?

OTW and Headliners players will continue to receive upgrades if they are selected as part of the TOTW Moments squad for that week. Take note that the Headliners win streak upgrades will be paused until the 2019/2020 season resumes.

So, what happens to new TOTW packs I get as FUT Champions rewards and/or from SBCS?

From Thursday 19th March (9am GMT) onward, and until the football seasons resume, the TOTW packs earned from FUT Champions will be replaced with TOTW Moments packs. Similar to the usual TOTW packs, when opened, these packs will contain the current active TOTW Moments players.

How do TOTW Moments work with the FUT Champions Upgrade SBCs?

The FUT Champions versions of the TOTW Moments Player Items will function in FUT Champions Upgrade SBCs in the same manner that the FUT Champions versions of TOTW Player Items do.

What will happen to my existing TOTW packs?

Existing TOTW Packs (TOTW Upgrade, Ultimate TOTW Pack, Premium TOTW Pack) will continue to include players from TOTW 26. If we are able to reintroduce TOTW later in the year, these packs would then update to use the active TOTW as per usual.

How about FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch

On Nintendo Switch, Team of the Week 26 will continue to be the active TOTW until league play resumes.


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