FIFA 20 FUT Champions Player Picks

FUT Champions Players

FIFA 20 FUT Champions Rewards for the Silver 3 Rank in a Weekend League include Player Picks. Which means you will able to pick a FUT Champions player from a three player item option. FUT Champion players are red player cards based on their TOTW cards that were available in that week. As FUT Champions Weekend League rewards are released on Thursday, the Player Pick Items will contain players from the current TOTW, the one that just started the previous day on Wednesday. This will not change, no matter when you open the Player Pick, they will always contain FUT Champions TOTW Player Items from the TOTW that was active when the rewards were distributed.

Depending on your final Rank in FUT Champions Weekend League, the Players within the Player Pick will vary, from the maximum OVR of the FUT Champions TOTW players available in the Player Pick, to how many different FUT Champions TOTW players you will get to choose from. Keep it mind that for each Player Pick card, you only get to choose one from it, regardless of how many different Items you get to choose from.

The complete list of FUT Champions Player Picks is available here:

Football Referee

Week 15 – 16 Jan 2020

Week 14 – 9 Jan 2020

Week 13 – 2 Jan 2020

Week 12 – 25 Dec 2019

Week 11 – 18 Dec 2019

Week 10 – 11 Dec 2019

Week 9 – 4 Dec 2019

Week 8 – 27 Nov 2019

Week 7 – 20 Nov 2019

Week 6 – 13 Nov 2019

Week 5 – 6 Nov 2019

Week 4 – 30 Oct 2019

Week 3 – 23 Oct 2019

Week 2 – 16 Oct 2019

Week 1 – 9 Oct 2019

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  1. I didnt recieve a TOTW player pick today, it was just a normal player pick with gold players to choose from. Is there a reason for this?

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