FIFA 20 Head Coaches

FUT 20 Head Coaches

Head Coaches are staff items in FIFA 20 which increase the rate of Training cards when applied to a player. This means, by having Head Coaches in your FUT Club, you help your players to get higher training boots bonus for a specific attribute when a training card is applied to them.

Head coaches are available for 6 attributes and come in three Bronze, Silver and Gold qualities with different bonus rates. The bonus rate of a Head Coach card is the incremental percentage rate added to a training boost card when that card is applied to a player. Here is the list of Head Coach card qualities:

Quality Bonus Rate
Gold (Rare) 15%
Gold 10%
Silver (Rare) 10%
Silver 5%
Bronze (Rare) 5%
Bronze 5%

Type of Attribute Boosts

Head coaches are available for the following attribute:

How to Apply a Head Coach to a Training Boost Card?

No action is required to engage a Head Coach for using its bonus rate on a training card. All you need to do is to keep your Head Coaches in your Club. The bonus rate will be automatically added to all of you training cards where applicable.

Where to Find Head Coaches?

Head coaches items can be found in the packs and can be received as rewards. They also can be purchased from the Transfer Market, by searching under Staff tab and choosing the Staff Type as Head Coaches.

Are Head Coaches Cards Based on Real Life Head Coaches?

No. The people names and faces used for the Head coach cards in FUT are in fact taken from real people who are working at EA. These people are actually EA developers and designers who mostly were engaged with FIFA game development.

Head Coaches

The list of Head Coaches will be updated once the list is confirmed:

Coach Attr. Boost Quality Bonus Rate
S. Rivera PAS Gold (Rare) +15%
N. Senger DRI Gold +10%
K. Doust SHO Silver +5%

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