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Pace (Attribute)

Pace (PAC) or running pace is a Player Attribute in FIFA that determines a player's speed in jogging and running on the field.


In real life, running pace is calculated by dividing the running distance with the running time (distance/time = pace). Depending on the distance unit (miles, meters or kilometres), the result will be the running pace in the selected distance unit.

In FIFA, the Pace attribute is normally the average of the Acceleration & Sprint attributes (Acceleration/Sprint = Pace), however this could be valued differently especially for in-form or coloured player cards. Player's pace will be affected by the player's fatigue, fitness and stamina on the field during a game. This means it might drop when the player is tired and is on low stamina.

To calculate a player's sprint speed, acceleration and pace, EA uses their own formula and algorithm by tracking the player performance in the real life throughout a football season, and converting the result to the FIFA rating range which is from 0 to 99 in FIFA and 0 to 120 in FIFA Mobile.

Usually the distance unit used for footballers pace calculation is based on 100 meters distance divided by seconds (100m/sec).

Pace Importance

Pace is one of the most important stats (and sometimes the most important one) in FIFA. Normally, the community values the pace as the most important player attribute for a player card and this could be because that it will help you to improve your gameplay by having faster players on the field. The faster your players are in the game, the quicker you can get to the perfect positioning and the spot you need. So, having faster players with high pace stat will help you to control your game better and have more chances to win.

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