FIFA 20 FUT Champions (Weekend League)

FUT Champions FIFA 20

FUT Champions is an online divisional competition mode in FUT 20 which is available only on the weekends. To play FUT Champions Weekend League, you need to get qualified for it by playing Division Rivals and collect 2,000 FUT Champions Points.

FUT Champions is available under Online tab in FUT 20. By playing the FUT Champions mode in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team you will be able to earn rewards such as coins, packs, FUT Champions Points and special FUT Champions player picks.

How to Qualify for a FUT Champions Competition

The qualification rounds of FUT Champions are played under the Division Rivals online mode. You need to get 2,000 FUT Champions points in Division Rivals to qualify and register for the coming FUT Champions Weekend League. Once the the registration is made, that 2,000 points will be reset to 0. More details on the Division Rivals mode is available at FIFA 20 Division Rivals.

There are some tips here for you to qualify for the FUT Champions faster.

FUT Champions Weekend League

The FUT Champions final rounds known as the Weekend League and are played as online competitions during the weekends (from Friday to Sunday). FUT Champions Weekend Leagues are only available for people who qualified for it through the Division Rivals. After the qualification, you need to register for the upcoming Weekend League. The registration is simple and it can be done under the FUT Champions screen. After entering the Weekend League, you will have the option to play up to 40 games during each Weekend League.


The matchmaking in FUT Champions matches are based on two factors:

  • The result of your first 5 ranking matches
  • Your location

When you start a Weekend League, your are given 5 matches to play in order to place you in the ranking list. The result of these five matches which are either Win, Loss or Draw, are counted for your matchmaking on that weekend. Players with similar results are paired in matchmaking. The second factor is location. Players are matched based on their geographical location and proximity to EA servers to ensure quality matches.

FUT Champions Points

FUT Champions Points are in-game points in Division Rivals mode which are used to qualify and register for a FUT Champions Weekend League competition.

FUT Champions Points are gained by playing Division Rival matches and as rewards. The number of FUT Champions Points received after completing a Division Rivals match is calculated based on:

  • Your match result (Win/Draw/Loss)
  • Your current division
  • Your rank in that division

By winning, drawing and losing a match you will get different amount of FUT Champ Point, where a win has the most most and a loss has the least. The quantities of the points are also calculated by a multiplier algorithm which you can see below:

Division 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Multiplier Points 25.0 12.5 6.2 4.0 3.2 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.2 1.0
Points per Win 500 250 125 80 65 50 40 30 25 20
Points per Draw 200 100 50 32 26 20 16 12 10 8
Points per Loss 100 50 24 16 14 9 8 6 6 4

The following table also shows the number of FUT Champ Points you can get as FUT Division Rivals rewards by end of each round (Every Thursday 7am UK):

Division 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Rank I 0 750 375 240 195 100 80 60 25 20
Rank II 0 500 250 160 130 50 40 30 0 0
Rank III 500 250 125 80 65 0 0 0 0 0
Rank IV 250 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

And here is the list of the points you can earn as rewards by playing a FUT Champions Weekend League – Rewards are given to the FUT Champs qualified players on every Thursday (7pm UK):

Rank FUT Champions Points Reward
Elite 1 2,000
Elite 2 2,000
Elite 3 2,000
Gold 1 2,000
Gold 2 2,000
Gold 3 2,000
Silver 1 2,000
Silver 2 1,000
Silver 3 1,000
Bronze 1 500
Bronze 2 500
Bronze 3 250


Based on the ranking you gained from a Weekend League, you will receive FUT Champions rewards which include coins, packs, FUT Champ Points and Player Picks. Rewards are assigned on every Thursday (7am UK). Check out the complete list of FIFA 20 FUT Champions Rewards for more details.

Here is the type of rewards given to FUT Champions qualified players:

  • Packs
  • Coins
  • FUT Champ Points
  • FUT Champ Player Picks

Check out the FUT Champions Player Picks you can get as reward.

Champions Channel

Under Champions Channel in FUT Champions, you will be able to watch the match replays from the Top 100 best players every weekend. By watching the replays, you will also be able to the controller inputs they have used during the game which shows you the buttons the top players are pressing in every scenario of play, including during instant replays. On top of button inputs, there is also an ability to skip between stoppages in play in a replay and jump ahead / backwards on the timeline.

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  1. It says the next competition in 3,000 days and I paid the 2,000 points but I can’t join is that a problem happening to me only if so please how do I fix this.

  2. hi
    For my first Fut Champions i played 28 out of 30 games and had 11 that i tried to collect my rewards there is no option for it, is it because i have 2 matches left? and what do i do? and are all my rewads gone?

  3. Could you please kindly email me the link where incan register to participate for the FUT Fifa challenge. Thank you.

  4. Where do you get the info on the 5 game ranking. I played 5 games with my average 83 ranked team, every opponent was 99 average and I got smashed in every game. My overall results were 30 games 7 wins 23 loses. How is that ranked?

  5. Hi,
    Just wondering, why even after i lose 5 or 6 game, i still get tough opponents, guys with 6 or 7 fut champions players in their team (95,96 overall), who are most probably gold or elite (I understand that silver players get players 85-88 overall after weekend league)
    I’m new in the game, silver rank, but i don’t feel that i play many games against similar quality opponents

  6. Cmon guyz. Playing champs on PS4 and the other guy with a much better team disconnects using a glitch so that he doesn’t lose. And the match didnt count as my win. Wth? We’re getting robbed. As if fifa wasn’t only pay-to-win, it has become pay-to-get a draw even if you’re winning. Heck

  7. Hi, so it’s my first time qualifying to the weekend league in FIFA 20 I finished in silver 2 which gives me 1000 fut champions points
    My question is now I have like 700 fut champions points do I have to play till I get too 2000 or the 1000 that I earned will be added to the next weekend league??
    Since the weekend league just finished and we get the rewards on Thursday dose that a problem because we should register for the weekend league by Thursday???

    1. Were you able to receive your 1,000 points and register for the next weekend league with them?

    2. This weekend is my first weekend playing Fut Champs. Will I have to play the 5 ranking games again next week for Fut Champs as well?

  8. What happens if I redeemed the points and didn’t get a chance to play? Will I get those 2000 points back?

    1. Once you register for an active or upcoming weekend league, you points will be consumed for that registration even though you haven’t played any matches.

      1. Can I enter a weekend league after it is started ? I will be on my Xbox Saturday afternoon and my FUT app does not allow me to enter now on Friday, only for the next league… if tomorrow I cannot register from my Xbox that is it with buying anymore FIFA games…

  9. What rules you have in order to create your team to play in fut champions? Do you need just a certain amount of one league or something like that

    1. Usually there are no any rules for creating a squad for FUT Champs Weekend Leagues. The only rule is Players are not allowed to be trained – No use of training card on players.

  10. Can you not see how many games you’ve played anymore!! How am i supposed to know how much games i have left? Am i just gonna trust EA blindly ??

    1. click “y” or triangle in the fut champions to go to “schedule”, there it will indicate matches remaining

  11. I registered with 1 hr to go before weekend league opened so I’m sure it’s up until it opens hope this helps

    1. You can register at any time before the weekend league starts. So essentially you should register by Friday at 1pm eastern time I believe.

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