FIFA 20 Division Rivals

Division Rivals FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Division Rivals is an online mode in FUT with a skill-driven rank system that allows users to earn FUT Champions Points and enter the FUT Champions Weekend League. In fact, FUT Divison Rivals mode is the qualification rounds of FUT Champions Weekend League competitions.

By playing Division Rival matches, you will earn FUT Champions Points. To qualify for a Weekend League and register for it, you need to collect 2,000 FUT Champions Points. Division Rivals matches are playable every day and it resets every Thursdays (7am UK). Division Rival rewards including coins, packs and FUT Champions points are given to the users after the reset time (Thursdays at 7am).

Divisons & Rankings

10 divisions are available in Division Rivals mode. Each division has 5 ranks. The higher rank you reach, the better reward you get in the end. To climb up the ranking list in your division and promote to higher divisions, you need to increase your Skill Rating. To do so, you got to win or draw matches, while a loss will deduct points from your Skill Rating which may cause you to go down the ranking list and even demote to lower divisions.

DIV Required Skill Rating Points Per Win
DIV 1 2400 x25.0
DIV 2 2200 x12.5
DIV 3 1900 x6.2
DIV 4 1600 x4.0
DIV 5 1200 x3.2
DIV 6 800 x2.5
DIV 7 500 x2.0
DIV 8 250 x1.5
DIV 9 100 x1.2
DIV 10 10 20 Pts per win

Placement Matches

To be ranked and placed in a division, you will need to play 5 replacement matches for the very first time you play Division Rivals. Once you have completed your replacement matches, it cannot be played again. Then, you will be assigned a Skill Rating based on your performance in those matches, which determines your Division.

Skill Rating

Your Division is determined by your Skill Rating. Skill Rating is a way to rate your skills in Division Rivals. The result of each match you play in your Division during the week impacts your Skill Rating. If you win, your Skill Rating is going to go up, but if you lose, it’s going to go down. By building up a high Skill Rating, you will be able to move to a higher Division. Your opponent is also a key part of the equation: if you beat someone with a higher skill Rating than yourself, you will earn a larger Skill Rating increase than if you beat someone with a lower Skill Rating. Similarly, when you are on the losing end of a match, your Skill Rating decreases more when it’s a lower-rated player rather than a higher-rated player.

This Skill Rating is coming from the “Elo rating system”, a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess. It involves a K-value (K-factor – K=800/(N{e}+m), which equates to the maximum amount that your Skill Rating can increase per game. This K-Factor is different for each Division. Below is the list of K-factor values that Skill Rating calculation is based on:

Division K-Factor


Division Rivals matchmaking system will try to match you with a player with a similar Skill Rating whose location is either same as you or is near you. This means that if you are on the cusp of promotion or relegation in Rivals, you could potentially play against an opponent in a higher or lower Division than your current Division.

Weekly Score

Weekly Score is the score you have gotten in a weekly competition of FUT Division Rivals. Weekly Score determines your Rank in your Division as well as what rewards you can choose from at the end of the weekly competition. Your performance will be evaluated every week based on your Weekly Score and you will either move up or down a division, or stay where you are. The Weekly Score is calculated using your Win/Draw/Loss record. This is how your Weekly Score is calculated:

Action Weekly Score
Complete a Weekend League Match400
Goals Scored90 per goal to a maximum of 5

FUT Champions Points

The point of playing Division Rivals is to qualify to the Weekend League and to earn FUT rewards. To qualify to FUT Champions Weekend League, you need to collect points which are known as FUT Champions Points. Each match you play, gives you some amount of FUT Champions Points. A win has more than a draw or a loss. FUT Champions Points are given to you based on your performance. You can also receive some FUT Champions Points from the weekly rewards based on your Division and Rank – Check out the rewards table for more detail.

Currently, Weekend League qualification requires 2,000 FUT Champions Points.


The Division Rivals reset every Thursday (7am UK) and weekly rewards are given at the same time to players who played Division Rivals matches within past 7 days. The rewards are calculated based on your Division and its Rank you finished with. Depending on your rank, you will have 2-3 reward options to choose, usually these options are based on the rewards amount, quality and packs trading types.

Check out the FIFA 20 Division Rivals Rewards for full details.

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18 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Division Rivals

  1. How can Silver cards be on the same ladder as Gold ones? In an ELO- rated system everything is balanced and performance is what matters. Performance matters but the cards matter a ton as well. So this measures your cards too. Meaning bad cards dont matter, or skill doesnt matter as much without top-tier cards. One p2w mode like this with vain hopes of esports is dumb. NBA2k, Madden, Overwatch, HoTS, PUBG all have weak esports scenes that basically amount to commercials to fans who already play their game. Even Fortnite is more even driven but i has a ton of people playing at a time. FIFA is some dudes playing 1v1 and a lot of your top players are more into the trading than the playing. One ladder is for games with even playing fields like LoL or DoTA. In FIFA the cards/players are by definition not balanced so any single ladder will only partly have to do with player skill and the rest will be p2w, or the cards you can get yourself.

    Non-gamers or ones lacking emotional intelligence and industry knowledge made this system. Just bc it worked for someone else does not mean it will work for you. But there is no market competition for FIFA and it is a big game so there will not be much tangible negative reinforcement, so you have to be able to anticipate the effect of your choices and actions on the players. I did that for you. The people who like it don’t dislike having other options. The people who do not like it will be disheartened by having no other choices but one p2w mode.

    1. Same here. Its because really good players deliberately get themselves relegated to the lower divisions to make it easier to do things like icon swaps and weekly objectives

    1. You get the rewards
      From whatever division you were in from previous Thursday. So in your case that was div 9 and that’s why you got div 9 rewards. Hope this helped

  2. So yesterday i reached rank 2 in division 10 and when i opened the game today i was back in rank 3 and the weekly score requirement for rank 2 has grown. Any explanation to that?

    1. yea the score goes higher the more people play it in that division say you have 5000 points and rank 2 but dont play another game for couple days the score is going to be higher as more game have been played

  3. You don’t get points for rage quits in div 10. You and the other player have to finish the game. This changes when you hit div 9 and beyond. Keep grinding.

  4. Hi there guys!

    Could anyone explain this:
    I am relegated to division 10. Last night I won 15 matches but the opponents lefts the game in every matches. When the opponent lefts unfortunatelly my skill rating points don’t increasing… what the hell. The DIV ranking point are increasing and the FUT Champ point and the win counter too. Am I caged to DIV 10? I will never reach higher divisions. My skill are higher than DIV 10… I lost my 5 placement matches and relegated to DIV 9. In the preordered 3 days i fought with strong opponents and relegated to div10.

    Can anyone help me? The EA support doesnt responding.

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