FIFA Mobile Division Rivals

Divison Rivals FIFA Mobile

Division Rivals in FIFA Mobile is a competitive structure with VS Attack and Head to Head game modes that gives you short-term, medium-term, and long-term objectives with rewards.

Similar to FUT 20 Division Rivals, FIFA Mobile Division Rivals has division tiers but in fan-based form starting from the lowest tier known as Amateur III to the highest one known as FIFA Masters. The more fan you gain in Division Rivals, the higher division you will be promoted to.

Division Rivals is available under two online game modes of VS Attack and Head to Head mode. Read mode on VS Attack (VSA) and Head to Head (H2H) if you are not familiar with them.

Game Modes

Divison Rivals has two game modes (Chapters):

  • VS Attack – In this mode you will play online VSA (VS Attack) matches to gain fans so you can promote to higher tiers.
  • Head to Head – To play this mode, you are required to you will play online VSA (VS Attack) matches to gain fans so you can promote to higher tiers.


Division Rivals has some features to help you earn more rewards. Here are these features:

Daily Bonus (Hub-Based Objective)

There is a bonus reward that scales based on your division for three wins.

Weekly Competition (Division-Based Leaderboards)

Compete on a Weekly Leaderboard against other players worldwide for a chance at Weekly Rewards. The Weekly Leaderboards are based on Weekly Points, which you earn by winning matches. Ties give you half the Weekly Points.

Your competition consists of up to 1,000 players that begin in the same Division at the start of the Week. Climb Divisions to get more Weekly Points per win and secure a higher rank for better rewards at the end of the week. Rewards will be sent to your Inbox after the Leaderboard ends.
Promoting to a new Division will not change your leaderboard, so you can continue your progress on the same leaderboard and use the increased amount of Weekly Points you receive.


Division Rivals has 15 division tiers, where the lowest is Amateur 3 and the highest is FIFA Masters. You start from the Amateur III and each win will cause you to earn fans. Below is the list of Divisions for both VSA and H2H modes:

Division Fans Required
FIFA Masters 1,100,000
FIFA Champion 1,000,000
Legendary I 900,000
Legendary II 800,000
Legendary III 700,000
World Class I 600,000
World Class II 500,000
World Class III 420,000
Pro I 340,000
Pro II 260,000
Pro III 180,000
Amateur I 100,000
Amateur II 40,000
Amateur III 0


There are rewards given to you by playing Division Rivals matches. These rewards are for winning matches, promotion and being in leaderboard. Check out the list of FIFA Mobile Division Rival Rewards.

These are the rewards you can get:

  • FIFA Coins
  • FIFA Gems
  • Training XP
  • XP
  • TOTW Token
  • VSA / Head to Head Rivals Score
Rivals Score

Rivals Scores are points that you need to collect to get ranked in the Leaderboard. The more Rivals scores you collect, the higher rank you get.

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