eFootball 2024 – Skill Training

Skill Training - eFootball

Using the Skill Training feature in eFootball 2024, you can improve your players on-pitch skills and add additional players skills to your roster.

Check out the Player’s Skills in eFootball to see the available additional skills.

How to Perform Skill Training on a Player

To apply and perform Skill Training on a Player:

  • Go to MY TEAM, select PLAYERS.
  • Select a player.
  • Select Player Actions (PS: Square / Xbox: A).
  • Choose Skill Training
  • Pick an available Skill Slot.
  • Take note that you will need to spent a Skill Training Program.
  • Select the option with the number of Skill Training Programs to confirm.
  • Done.

You can also review the Acquirable Skills by pressing Triangle or Y button on the same screen.


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