eFootball 2024 – Player Stats & Attributes

Player Attributes (eFootball)

Player stats and attributes in eFootball 2024 game are data and information that indicate the quality and the feature of a player’s technical skills, behaviours and performance on the pitch. Player Stats are available on players cards and are summarised by the player overall ratings.

Here is the complete list of each player stats in eFootball 24:


Attacking attributes and stats.

Offensive Awareness

Offensive Awareness determines how quickly the player responds to the ball when attacking.

Ball Control

This attribute indicates how adept the player is at controlling the ball in general. Also affects trapping and feints.


Dribbling attribute defines how adept a player is at maintaining control of the ball while dribbling at speed.

Tight Possession

Tight Possession indicates a player’s ability to complete turns while dribbling at a low speed in tight spaces.

Low Pass

Low Pass indicates the accuracy of a player’s ground passes – how accurate the player is when playing passes along the ground.

Lofted Pass

Low Pass indicates the accuracy of a player’s long and powerful (lofted) passes.


Finishing determines the ability of a player to score and how well they can finish an opportunity with a goal.


Heading defines a player’s accuracy when using the head to pass, shoot (score) or clear the ball.

Set Piece Taking

This attribute defines a player’s accuracy by taking a set piece including free kicks and penalties.


Curl indicates a player’s ability to curl (curve / bend) the ball when passing and shooting.


Defensive and goalkeeping attributes and stats.

Defensive Awareness

Defensive Awareness indicates how quickly the plaver responds to the ball when defending..


Tackle determines the ability of performing tackle (standing and sliding tackles) of a player in a match.


Aggression defines the aggression level of a player on pushing, pulling and tackling.

Defensive Engagement

Defensive Awareness indicates a player’s ability to participate in defence when their team does not have the ball possession and try to stop the opposition’s attack.

GK Awareness

This attribute determines how quickly the player can respond to the ball when playing in goal.

GK Catching

GK Catching defines the goalkeeper’s ability to catch the ball. A higher value means that the keeper can
catch more powerful shots.

GK Parrying

GK Parrying attribute indicates a goalkeeper’s ability to clear the ball away to safe areas.

GK Reflexes

GK Reflexes defines a goalkeeper’s ability and speed to react (reflex) for catching/saving the ball as a goalkeeper.

GK Reach

This attribute defines how a goalkeeper can cover the goal and the areaa where he can reach and save the ball.


Strength attributes and stats.


Speed indicates the speed rate of a player’s sprinting (running).


Acceleration indicates the increment of a player’s running speed (sprint speed) on the pitch.

Kicking Power

Kicking Power defines the strength of a player’s shots.


Jumping defines a player’s ability and quality for jumping from the surface for headers.

Physical Contact

This attribute indicates how well the player can hold off opponents and keep his balance when physically


Balance indicates the even distribution of enabling a player to remain upright and steady when running, carrying and controlling the ball.


Stamina defines a player’s ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort in a match.

Team Playstyle

Team playing style attributes and stats.

Possession Game

A player’s work rate for the games with the ball possession.

Quick Counter

A player’s work and awareness rate for the games with quick counters.

Long Ball Counter

A player’s work rate and style for the games with long ball counters.

Out Wide

A player’s rate for playing style whether they are wide receiver.

Long Ball

A player’s playing style rate for games based on long ball tactics.

Weak Foot Usage

Indicates the frequency the player will use his weaker foot. “Regularly” means he will often use his weaker foot.

Weak Foot Accuracy

Indicates how accurate the player is with his weaker foot.


Indicates the volatility of the player’s condition. “Unwavering” means his condition will not
vary too much.

Injury Resistance

Indicates the player’s resistance to injuries. “High” means he will rarely get injured.


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