What to Expect from FIFA Ultimate Team in 2020

FIFA 20 in 2020

EA Sports FIFA is one of the most popular video-game franchises in the world and has one of the most busiest in-game event among the gaming world. Its Ultimate Team mode is the most favourite game mode holding over 10 in-game event annually.

By playing the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, gamers can build their own club using the real footballers and improve their club by increasing their budget and hiring better players. To do so, you will need to participate in the in-game events and programs and complete their objectives.

These objectives will help you to earn rewards such as virtual coins, special players and FUT packs. Here is a list of these events happening in the year 2020:


FUTMas is happening during the Christmas and continues in the new year. This event is a good opportunity to earn special rewards such as FUTMAS players, FIFA coins and free packs.

Special Squad Building Challenges are also available during the FUTMAS event to help you claim FUTMAS players. Don’t miss out the FUTMAS and its daily SBCs as they are only available for a limited time.

Team of the Year Announcement

The Team of the Year players will be revealed in January. A great opportunity for FIFA fans to get the best and the most expensive FIFA player cards from the game.

Team of the Year is basically a squad in FUT that is selected by the FIFA FIFPro World 11’s players, the best footballers of the year, FIFA community experts and fans. By playing the TOTY event and its objectives, and opening packs during this event you will increase your chance for redeeming TOTY players.

Lunar New Year

EA Sports are celebrating the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year) in FIFA Ultimate Team as well. As a FIFA gamer, you should not miss out this event as there are free gifts and packs during this program for those who just login daily to their FUT club.

FUT Headliners

The Headliner dynamic cards are one of the most exciting player cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. These cards are decimated to the footballers who are on an exceptional run. The FUT Headliners are revealed in mid February 2020.

FUT Headliners will be available for a limited time in FUT packs and you can redeem their cards by completing the special SBCs during the FUT Headliners program.


More to Expect

There are more events coming to FIFA 20 in 2020. To stay up-to-dated with the latest on FUT 20, you can follow FIFA 20 news on Twitter. But don’t forget that the events are not only the thing you can expect from FIFA in the new year, below is a list of other things for your expectations:

  • FIFA Title Updates – It is expected that EA keep updating the gameplay in the new year as well. EA say that they listed to your feedback and comments and apply them to the game. So, drop your comments on FIFA 20 and give the developers a chance to hear your voice.
  • FUT Champions Tournaments – The FUT Champions Global Series will be continued in 2020 and there will be a champion in the summer. All the final matches will be streamed live on Twitch and the winner will be rewards with cash.
  • FIFA 21 News and Updates – EA will reveal the new FIFA 21 game in 2020 and will publish the latest assets of it. It is predicted that FIFA 21 to have new features for VOLTA Football game mode as well as some new features in FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Ultimate Team features over 3 game modes such as SBC, Squad Battles, Division Rivals, FUT Champions and FUT Draft. It uses a virtual currency which is called FIFA Coin for buying in-game packs from the Store and for trading the FUT items on the Transfer Market.

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