PES 2021 Feedback & Reviews

PES 2021 Feedback

Have you already played PES 2021 Season Update? How did you find the gameplay and its features? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with our PES community?

Write your PES 2021 reviews, feedback, and comments here and share it with the PES community. Use the comment form below to submit your PES 2021 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video links in the form if you got any.

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9 thoughts on “PES 2021 Feedback & Reviews

  1. this game is a disaster, there are no nice dribbles, kicks, movements of players, who follow the ball, bouncers, come back do not enter the space, and are not interested, and passes in horrible! and xavia without fast running, fine controls! And as for the player ratings, take a look at the nbu and look at it, when you put the shot ratings at the highest you hit three from outside 15, you hit at least 14, and here the ratings in this filtered and disgusting game mean nothing in passing, pressing, stealing the ball, you can’t pass two players on skill, for example, and the third slower on speed, there is no difference in the duel, jump, also neither in defense, the computer is set to play always the same, and there is no difference in this damn game!

  2. this game was sent by a joke, without tension, and fun, the game is very difficult, and you don’t enjoy it or have nice actions, strong punches, you don’t have room for strong punches, too much crowd, pushing, and the pes is far from fifa !!!

  3. this game has become boring, unplayable, irritating, and this is what the most ardent fans of the game say, who would give 100 euros, if not more for this game, if it returned to that golden age, and even surpassed it !!! Give us a game where everything is possible, from the result 0: 0.8: 0, but also a turnaround 0: 3, and depending on the club you play with, the form of the players, what kind of players you have, not a filtered game where you want to change the ratings. find fun, speed up the game, dominate, but even then you can’t do anything the computer is always stronger, whatever you do, and I just watch a lot of people say the same thing! No crazy twists, goals for what we live for, top actions, right passes that throw out the defense, game, various characteristics of players, there is no difference or dominance in jumping, possession, speed, great shots from distance, center shots, there is no that nice feeling when you choose players, and you make transfers, you wait for that game and then you feel like garbage !!!

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