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PES 2021 Feedback

Have you already played PES 2021 Season Update? How did you find the gameplay and its features? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with our PES community?

Write your PES 2021 reviews, feedback, and comments here and share it with the PES community. Use the comment form below to submit your PES 2021 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video links in the form if you got any.

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68 thoughts on “PES 2021 Feedback & Reviews

  1. Game Is very good but I game you should be added like a one league and champion league
    There is no any Title game I humbly request please added one title game

  2. I play pes on a daily basis ,,,today I was playing online and each time I score a second goal the game ends and am the one who loses and sometimes the game is rendered null ,,,my rating is going down just because of having a second goal from 1441 to 1409,,, please fix the issue and my rating back..

  3. i used to love this game soo much that i would play everyday but then i started hating it because of online mode..there were hackers and nullers and sometimes bugs i had 1176 rating coz of nullers i came down to 1123 so many games i lost by hackers sometime even if i score they would null the my request to u is fix the bugs and ban the hackers..that would good..

  4. yes it’s a good game. But? please fix barcelona kit. It look excatly the same home and away. When i play against a team with dark kit, i cant choose any kit else because both barcelona’s purple and black kit look the same, please change it

  5. Played the game for a good 20 hours now after a friend told me PES is “much better than fifa”.
    It’s clear to me that said friend must have never played fifa more than 1 hour since this game is very VERY obviously 10000x worse than fifa.
    PES 2021 should be ashamed to even call itself a game.
    To put it short, PES 2021 is a “you’re not allowed to do anything remotely resembling an actual soccer match” simulator.

    I’ll give a list just to confirm what probably hundreds if not thousands of other people online have already stated about this game:

    -Through balls either get hit so softly the ball barely moves, or it’s shot straight into low orbit, nothing in between.

    -Players on your team all seem to have half their brains removed and every opposing team is secretly Barcelona in disguise.

    -The players dribble like they only just learned what a football is, regardless what team you pick.

    -No player can take a pass normally, the ball MUST bounce all over the place, otherwise the scripted opponent has no chance to steal it back from you.

    -Double above if the ball is close to your own goal.

    -When the opponent decides to make a counter, you may as well put down your controller until they score.
    The game simply doesn’t allow your defenders to function when it matters.

    -Aiming is impossible. You could have laser accuracy and 50% of the time the player you’re supposed to control will pass anywhere except where you’re aiming at, and yes I know manual passing is a thing.

    -Not a single teammate will actually come forward even though my attacker is standing there with the ball, surrounded by 8 of their defenders.

    -Input delay. simply sh!t.

    -Players will generally forget where they are and what they’re doing. Some examples: they stop chasing the ball as soon as they’re almost there, 6 players will stare at a through ball without any of them actually going after it, defenders don’t cover their guys etc.

    -Last but not least you’re better off NEVER USING SPRINT. The sprint button in this game should actually be called the Self Sabotage button, because any sprint you take will result in you either horribly messing up a pass or losing the ball directly to opponent 99% of the time.

    In short: just don’t waste your time on this game, do yourself a favor and buy fifa if you’re looking for a GOOD soccer game.

  6. Gameplay is in general better than in FIFA but the AI and referees suck. You get yellow for nothing, the others will make a real bad foul and no call at all etc. Without any patches the game is unplayable.

  7. Stay Away from this! Totally time wasting, full of cheats and nullers/time laggers who will make your game time trash. And guess what Konami does to these laggers? they give them wins lmao. You can’t even report, Why? Cause cheaters use unknown text characters that you won’t guess and don’t even let me start on how hard it to start lmao.
    Just stay away

  8. Once it used to be a cool game. Play awesome combinations and a beautiful passing game. Now everyone can play this game. All you need is a fast forward, know how to hold down the long kick button and play with a lot of defenders. Once I changed my formation to an unrealistic 5-2-4, I was beating anyone. Such a shame

    1. Do you mean 5-2-3 ? what attack and defense tactics are you using ? and what is the style of your game possession or counter attack ? and finally are you using advanced tactics ? thanks

  9. The game is so hard in some campaign levels that it make you discouraged rather than challenged.Fix the game and make it balanced ..very stupid game

  10. If the game wants you to lose, you will lose no matter what you do.. The ref gives everything opposite, your players suddenly can’t even pass in short distance, the opponent will win all the duels and you can do nothing about it.. Fix the f-ing game..

    1. Yes same here i cant even hit the ball (i.e. like the shoot/kick button being locked) especially i had an ultimate chance to score goals.

  11. Been playing this game for 2 days now and won only one match.
    found most of the problems that many gamers face and im now thinking of installing fifa. Lots of frustrations in pes.

  12. In the next update (PES 2022), I really want to see some more Vietnamese players
    To make the game fit better with Vietnamese people like me, maybe you guys should add VietNam national team for example, as VietNam is such a good national team in Asia recently
    Kindly hope you will accept
    Thanks !

  13. pes is the worst game i have ever played the passes never get to i want it to get now a days i play FIFA

  14. I think this is the worst Pes i’ve played. I think PES 2019 is much2 better. The followings are the critics:-

    1) agreed like above. Referee really go against us

    2) team role is unclear. am not sure why it is difficult to improve the stats compare to pes 2019

    3) the transfer system itself is problematic

  15. The player ratings compare to there actually in game play, doesn’t add up. It’s a pretty decent game so take the time to better develop it for your user.

    1. With worse than amateur movement off the ball both offensively and defensively, players running into each other off the ball, first touch passing still as difficult as ever and running animation not looking any better than a game made 15 years ago; this game has a lot to answer for.

      Also, why are opposition player’s backs, immovable objects that you cause your players to run on the spot when they are trying to get forward? It looks like something from a game console of a different generation.

      Why do faster players consistently get held back by stronger slower players when making runs off the ball without being fouled? Surely someone should have fixed this reoccurring issue from previous games.

      After 22 years of playing football games of all sorts, I am quite disappointed that despite the massive progress in other gaming genres; the basic mechanics and issues remain the same or worse comparing this game to PES 5 for example.

      Please Konami, read this article and make a game worthy of yourselves and what you are capable of as developers.

  16. Pesmobile2021 is a generally fun game to play. I have been playing pesmobile since 2018/2019.

    However something that has been annoying me recently is matches being rendered null. Especially when it is against a highly rated player (online score) and I am winning. There are many times where I am winning and suddenly the match just ends and gets nulled. It is very frustrating to see all my efforts in that game go to waste even though I did nothing wrong on my side. Why do games get rendered null even though my WiFi connection is stable?

    I love the gameplay of pesmobile and I do want to continue playing it. But everytime my match gets nullified when I am winning, it chips away the passion I have for the game.

  17. Pes mobile 2021 is a very good game
    But if Konami wants to attract more people to play this game and encourage our players to play the game then me along with many people have come with the following ideas:

    1. Leagues should have been created, for e.g English premier league, Spanish league and many more leagues instead of campaign matches. 38 games to play with real teams in the respective leagues and at the end of the season meaning at the end of the week, you will be given prizes as per your ranking. If your are placed the 1st,then if you are ranked 1-4
    then you are eligible to play in a knock out competition which would be similar to real champions league system. All the teams in this competition too should be real teams and should be Com controlled.

    2.A trophy room should be created where the users can reflect about their progress and collection of trophies

    I have asked many pes 2021 mobile players and all are agreed with this.
    I hope next season this idea will be implemented.

  18. Pes 21 is getting worse week by week cause i can see some problem in game. The foul didnt given eventhough opponent made a wrong tackle and also some times i didnt get corner kicks that i should get.hope konami will fix it

  19. The game play is terrible, especially with the new update it has become worse.
    The players run away from the ball now and when the ball comes the player’s way, they just let it go unless you pass or shoot. The passes now has become worse, you can hardly get an accurate pass to your player and unfortunately you can’t tell the difference between through pass and pass since they work in the same way now which is terrible.
    When your pass to your player behind the defence, the player rather than continue with his run, stops the ball and the opponent catches up.
    For the gameplay, the defenders are eager to attack and attackers are eager to defend which makes the players runs all muddled up you can’t even tell which way your player will run.
    The bullying in the game is too exaggerated. Defenders bully players off the ball easily which is terrible.
    Lastly, it’s evident that the game was made by animators who know nothing about football as the animations overshadow the football experience.
    I prefer the PES on PS2 to these animated games made for PS3 upwards

      1. Tell me which part is so damn wrong???
        Cause I’m playing online division and unfortunately not using the analog, the passes are so damn all over the place especially with basic.
        Probably I expected too much from the game which didn’t leave up to expectations considering I enjoyed playing the PS2 version.
        So point out the wrong part???

    1. Pes 21 on pc is more bad than good. Referee makes very stupid calls always for the slightest tackles, and when AI makes those same tackles or even worse, it doesn’t get called. I just finished a whole ML season and no penalty in my favour.
      Secondly, once you’re leading in ML mode, AI becomes supercharged, your passes don’t get to your players as they will intercept almost all, they will win 50-50 challenges even though your players are taller or have higher jump stats, an AI defender with 76 speed becomes faster than your attacker with 84 or above. The game is almost close to super annoying, I almost said useless

  20. After reading all the previous comments the only thing i want to add is I agree. The game is horrible, the referee is totally unfair. You will really feel frustrated playing superstar or above difficulties. Every pass, long pass, shot, or whatever will be intercepted by AI. I’ve been playing PES scince it was called winning eleven. But this version is the worst

  21. right love pes game speed needs to be played any game mode online offline and atm goin through the difficulty playin champions league againsh computer supertstar reli good challed but then legend you dont get given fouls you get shoved off the ball too easy and you got 70 speed keepin up with players who are 90 sort it out wil you. damn you dumb

    sort out legend computer wil you, cant ave 70 speed players keepin up with 90. what you playin at?? and no fouls get given for you and get shoved off the ball too easy come on sort it out! common sense man

  22. lovin pes 21 gameplay does need to be on plus 1 speed reli for all game modes. so tryin to with champions league against com at all levels beat superstar good challene. legend is very tought but the one thing the developers have messed up is every slow player even 70 wil catch up to 90 speed players and you dont get given fouls when it is a blatent foul and yoi get nudged off the ball way to easy when running. sort it out wil you jesssusss

  23. Baga-mi-as pula in rasa voastra de nemâncați, firati ai drq de urzici, sa imi bag pula in morții si răniții vostri de orfani prosti, Baga-mi-as pula in jocu vostru sa imi bag de limbutiii pulii ce sunteti, firati ai drq de urati, slobozimas ma fata voastră de maidanezii pulii. Sunteti pielea pulii mele baa urâții drq. Sa va iau mortii in pula, firati ai drq de roabe obosite. Sa ma pis pe toata rasa voastră.

  24. Konami asks the referee to give the PES 2022 to make it good, the commentator will be given Indonesian

  25. This is the most stupid version of Pes.
    The computer decide who wins and not who is playing better.
    The refere is blind .
    What a mess of game .
    I regret the money I spent with this game.

  26. Single player is broken, referee only give faults to CPU, Cpu can kill my player in the field and no fault is called, also they are snipers during free kick. In general, the feeling while playing single player is “If the CPU decides its team had to win, the team wins, no matter the player on the field or the team.” Is very, very frustrating

  27. The game is better but the prob is that the comp is the most favoured in the game because it’s hard for me to get free kicks and penalties … The comp can intercept my crosses n thru Ballz but l can’t do the same

  28. Noticed that Advanced control is much slower than Classic Control when players run with the ball.
    This is unfair to players using Advanced Control. The speed should be the same regardless of which control you using. Online event is SUPER LAG !!!

  29. pes is greatest football game but stil it have some problems like refere and lisense and online mode, please improve this function at pes 2022
    in the feuther

  30. Horrible! Broken game! Scripting is s*** in this game!
    Playing with superstar and legend difficult is so frustrating because that mf dumb s*** referee gives 17/20 times you win the ball from the opponents. If the AI wants to win, there is no way you can win or even draw the game unless you just hold the ball with keeper until the time totally runs out. But that’s a different thing. I mean you wanna enjoy while playing right? Pes 2021 doesn’t allow you that. Seriously. The only literal change they made in pes 2021 is nothing but it feels more difficult playing with AI in superstar and legend difficult which is s***. You win the ball, boom , foul. They tackles you kills you and wins the ball, boom , nothing .
    And they make your controls slow, f***s your other controls like passing, through ball, etcetera which is all part of the dumb scripting. Players clashes with own teammates and opponent takes the ball. Your own teammate comes so close to you while dribbling until they eventually clash with each other, falls and opponent takes and runs with your ball easily. Sometimes pass goes through ball and vice versa. And the only good way to earn GP is from match day but in an Asian countries it is impossible. Because at the time of matchday, it is 2;00 am. Wtf? and the player contract is so expensive than what you earn from winning a match. You earn an average of 1300 to 2000 by winning a match in superstar difficulty level and the average contract renewal price is 3100 for average black ball player. I mean do you guys apply some Math and ratios in this game or what?
    Talking about online matches you are unlikely to find it on time or literally don’t find any matches. It just shows “searching for an opponent ” and “checking internet connection”. But you are unlikely to find any matches at all.
    And let’s just not talk about how you take the GP and club coins we have by luring into player shining by legendary players and giving us nothing. Just a big hoax. If there is 90% of chance to get black ball and 10% for the others, congrats you will get the other most of the time.

    Summary: Don’t play this game, you would end up doubting your skills because the AI would not let you to use your skill or any s*** strategies that this game already has in advance instructions.

    1. for real man! I feel like grabbing those AI opponent form the computer and chew the s*** out of them. so annoying. feels like dumb is playing with another good dumb.

  31. Acraf Hakimi, edouard mendy, alphonso davies, mason mount, and nemanja matic, deserves to be a black ball,
    (In my opinion from real life stats)

  32. The game is horrible, don’t buy It, i’ve played the become a legend mode and it’s terrible, you don’t have any ball protection, the worst thing is the referee, he Just screw your game, every match, he gives faults that you don’t even touch the oponent and he Will never give a fault for you, Trust me, don’t buy this game it’s horrible

    1. this game has glitches alot really when you are holding the ball then the opponent foulls you the referee continues the game but when even just tackle them with must minimum power he gives out a free kick not fair .

  33. Its a good game overall but you should improve tactics, they are good right now but you could do them excellent by just changing some things. First of all i think it would be really cool if you added instructions for every player particularly. Secondly fluid formation is a very good tactic idea, but i believe that you should add a couple things on to it to make it much better. First of all you should add the option “When I’m in my own half”, secondly you should add the option “when I’m in the middle” and lastly you should add the option “when I’m in the opponents half”. Also a very good idea would be to add “build up options”, such as possesion build up, fast build up, long range balls build up etc. Overall very good game and perfect gameplay except for passes wich should be just a little bit easier

  34. The servers of PES 2021 is just literally s***. Every time a new update or event is available, the game is always unavailable for some users and it’s super annoying considering the fact that this was also a thing back in PES 2020. Hence, the AI game is literally s*** as well, dont waste your time playing it. Oh yea and also the online game sometimes sucks cus it can be delayed or the players just have no brains at all.

  35. Fake game..just f***ing fake bulls***..every game is planned even before u start to play you know who is gonna win! Blame and shame on you guys cheap game! They make a challenge against computer that u cant win they will shopt in the last minute always a goal..just to make the gamer angry! F*** you

    1. Thats not the case you just havent played the game long enough its indeed difficult but after some time u can become good

  36. Your latest update datapack 3 had some new faces, P. Shuurs from Ajax was one of them. This is great off course but why stop there… Traoré and Gravenberch from Ajax should off course be face updated too. And ex Ajax defender De Ligt still looks like af 10 year old. In PL it could be nice to see face updates on Pedro Neto, Kilman, Ben White, Lamptey, Bowen, Curtis Jones, Nico Williams and I guess many more. Dayot upamacano in Leipzig could also use a face update! The game in general is Better than PES 20 I think, with more responsive players, but a bit more action and creativity from the ai could be good for a future game.

  37. overall its good, but the prize deadline is to short, please extend it
    (because sometimes players cant play during school day, exam day/week)
    like barcelona annivasary campaign, giving free messi to players that claim it from 26th of november to 2nd of december, i cant claim it because that date is exam week

    so please extend it, yiiiish

  38. this game is a disaster, there are no nice dribbles, kicks, movements of players, who follow the ball, bouncers, come back do not enter the space, and are not interested, and passes in horrible! and xavia without fast running, fine controls! And as for the player ratings, take a look at the nbu and look at it, when you put the shot ratings at the highest you hit three from outside 15, you hit at least 14, and here the ratings in this filtered and disgusting game mean nothing in passing, pressing, stealing the ball, you can’t pass two players on skill, for example, and the third slower on speed, there is no difference in the duel, jump, also neither in defense, the computer is set to play always the same, and there is no difference in this damn game!

  39. this game was sent by a joke, without tension, and fun, the game is very difficult, and you don’t enjoy it or have nice actions, strong punches, you don’t have room for strong punches, too much crowd, pushing, and the pes is far from fifa !!!

  40. this game has become boring, unplayable, irritating, and this is what the most ardent fans of the game say, who would give 100 euros, if not more for this game, if it returned to that golden age, and even surpassed it !!! Give us a game where everything is possible, from the result 0: 0.8: 0, but also a turnaround 0: 3, and depending on the club you play with, the form of the players, what kind of players you have, not a filtered game where you want to change the ratings. find fun, speed up the game, dominate, but even then you can’t do anything the computer is always stronger, whatever you do, and I just watch a lot of people say the same thing! No crazy twists, goals for what we live for, top actions, right passes that throw out the defense, game, various characteristics of players, there is no difference or dominance in jumping, possession, speed, great shots from distance, center shots, there is no that nice feeling when you choose players, and you make transfers, you wait for that game and then you feel like garbage !!!

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