PES 2020 Wishlist

PES 2020

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s Pro Evo Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in the upcoming PES 2020.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (aka. Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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  1. I am requesting to add Bangladesh in the list.
    Authority should reconsider it.
    We want to play football game with Bangladesh football team against any opposition.

  2. Hello konami world,i am from Bangladesh.I just want to tell you in one line that football is playing over 200 nations and being one of the best football game you should add all country.That’s why please add my country “BANGLADESH” in the national team.It’s a request as i am crazy about this game.

    1. Brother, I also agree with you.
      I am also requesting to add Bangladesh in the list.
      Authority should consider it.
      We want to play football game with Bangladesh football team against any opposition.

  3. I am from Bangladesh.i was so eager to download pes,when i heard that many national teams were incuded.i thought my country bangladesh was also included.But after download,i saw Bangladesh was not there.Football plays over 200 guys are konami as you are,you have included your is difficult to not to include your own country in this conclude,my request is million please to include my country Bangladesh in this game.and you would be kind enough to hear and grant my request,which i will consider you as great forever.

    1. at least make the ratings worth something in the game and if the game is terribly hard and difficult it is impossible to play that changing the grades can happen something else !!! the game is too automated we and my team change the grades and it makes no difference when I reduce them and myself I turn it up and I can’t pair it, it’s ridiculous …

  4. Alright so this is one thing I’d like eFootball PES to note,it’s not all about getting licenses,there are a lot of things FIFA are beating you to but there’s one which you can do to get a great turn around…
    Please work on a new thing in PES called a story mode ,just like how FIFA have the journey,and it’s serving as a magnet to win more players,even ones who don’t like soccer.
    I thought eFootball PES 2020 was gonna be big surprise but nothing so new,and it’s really starting to feel like the same thing,I can’t get people to even play with me because they’d all prefer FIFA and especially because of ‘The Journey ‘ but PES can’t you even make it Ansu Fati,or even for example Story of Messi,so we can at least get to play from a young age to become a star since you have licensed with Barcelona fc,trust me this is going to be a boost for the next PES,and it’s even going to get more people to experience your real gameplay .
    Please do this PES. I know you can

  5. Copa America, Cup of Nations(Africa), Asian Cup, Cup Libertadores, Champion’s League,
    Czech League, Austrian Bundesliga, Greece Superleague, Swedish league, Poland Extaklasse, Romanian League, Mexican, J-League 1+2, Australian League.
    Ludogorets, Partizan Beograd, Ferencvarosz Qarabag FK APOEL Nicosia

  6. Add ALL the national teams in the world please. Huge step taking with all the UEFA ones, but let us have the rest too. More stadiums of the smaller teams. And if it’s not possible to make all the teams and stadiums, make stadium packs and team packs that we can buy seperately. Thanks.

  7. May you please fix the glitch for when you change players. it takes a second to select the player i want, by then the ball has long passed me

  8. Hi Konami,
    I think it was not good to weaken the Referees.
    Now everybody play 90 min full pressing.
    Also, one is constantly re-bumped and pushed aroundthe pitch and the referee whistle too rarely.
    In the Demo the Referees was so good but now the Game feels like a little Version of Fifa.
    Clear Gameplay Technically still much better, but now way too fast.
    Also there are often problem with player switching in the defense. Half assisted changes player in the defense although she should not do it.
    In case of rebounds often is not possible to switch players(same problem at fifa), Although the ball rolls directly past the player. It’s a bit frustrating.
    I hope you patch some stuff on this list.

  9. I haven’t satisfied with the score of Hulk. At least make him 85. He deserves this because hi the player with the most powerful shot in the world and he has a good dribbling. Also, he has strong body and good speed. That’s why i ask you to improve this and pay attention to my approach. Thank you!!!

  10. I will like to see all African teams with players, so they can participate in the full qualifiers for the nations Cup.

    If there is no licence for this, then create a fake cup competition that people can actually edit to suit their region.

  11. Hello It would be nice if my club was inspired by: Top Eleven Football Manager for example more management like building a stadium and shops to generate virtual money ect .. And the league of the master must be inspired by football manager, to make the championships of the months 18 years

  12. please it would be good if African player of the year award is added to the master league and become a legend option.there should be like a voice interaction process with players in-game i.e post match and pre match interview we should be able to hear what they are saying and for become a legend since we are creating our own players it would be fair that when creating your player voice suggestions should be added. maybe u want him to speak English like an African,Chinese,spaniard,british, American e.t.c

  13. Hello my name is John.I play pes and i actually play and footballmanager.Most of my friends prefered fifa over pes because of the licences but not until we found out about the mods on pc and the option files on the playstation.

    With that being said i think the first thing that makes pes the better game is the mod support and the customizability which should be improved on the playstation and the xbox.

    I do believe that the actual licenses boost the game reputation a lot (especially the juventus exclusive one) but i believe that if konami focuses even more on the smaller leagues (like the league of my country the greek superleague) then everyone from Greece would actually buy only pes and thats a fact.So i do believe that smaller leagues are a great addition to the game because the bigger leagues like the Premier League and the Bundesliga can be added through patches.Although if konami has the opportunity to add the bigger ones then yes that would be a no brainer.

    The problem with the ps4 i believe is the Bundesliga which can only be added on the pc.I think that konami should add fake leagues like they do for the English Premier league so that the pes community can create the Bundesliga one through option files.Also if there was a mod support like the pc version that would actually change the scoreboards etc would be great.

    There are also people that believe that konami should forget about the licenses and let the community work for them and they should focus on the gameplay the graphics the mechanics and the modes.

    I dont have actual feedback on the gameplay because i think it improves dramatically every year so i let others work on this topic.

    I do have a lot of suggestions about my favorite gamemode wich is the MasterLeague.
    I personally play football manager for years so i think i know what would make the game even more exciting.Here is the list of my suggestions:

    1.Buy-back clause on the transfers.

    2.Financal fair play rules if possible.

    3.Option to disable old players being on academy again or completely remove it (i believe no one likes it).

    4.More realistic regens on the academy.

    5.Training cutscenes like some older versions of the game.

    6.Individual tactics on players.

    7.Option on enabling or disabling handsball.

    8.Ball boys Medical team Assistant coach displayed throughout the game.

    9.More types of injuries head-arm (displayed).Illnesses some players catch a cold or have fever.

    10.Players getting mad on position changes when too frequent,not playing enough or playing too much when they feel tired.When they are too mad they even request transfers or loans.

    11.Players asking for getting some playing time.

    12.Hand gestures (instructions) of the manager from the sideline.

    13.The press conferences should have an actual impact on the game and not just for visual aesthetic.

    Also it would be better if Konami has a feedback option on their site (That is not necessary if the pes team reads the comments on youtube-instagram-facebook-twitter-reddit.

  14. Here are some suggestions for the full release or next pes

    1.Buy back clause on master league
    2.Fixed youth system playing with a 16 year old messi is not fun
    3.Training cutscenes like some older versions of pes
    4.Individual tactics
    5.Fixing the AI transfers (some really crazy transfers)
    6.Proper youth academy system
    7.More injuries(Different types of injuries)(In-game-On-training)and the medical team displayed
    8.Players getting mad on position changes not playing enough and requesting transfers
    9.Pre and post match comments from the manager and players

  15. A third tier would be great! Englands third division! I also would like the 2nd division of The Netherlands






  17. when you let the ball through your leg with “R2” is always your foul if you bump in another player…even if they tackle you, i don’t think that’s correct, please fix it

  18. Can we have African player of the year award just like we European, south American, Asian and world player of the year awards.
    Also can we have improved and African national teams and few of their club sides.

  19. Can you focus more on face expressions , yeah faces look awesome but their motion seems robotic, in comparaison fifa has is a lot better in this area.

  20. 3 things to improve from the PES 2020 Demo:

    -players are too rigid (they have hardly any agility)

    -players are a little too slow (especially when they run)

    ***Fix Basic Shooting (make it more accurate),
    It’s still almost impossible to score a top corner goal from outside the box, or a long shot, or a shot from the side of the field

  21. Oi…
    Jogo PES desde sempre, e desde o 15, o jogo só vem caindo de produção, PES 16,17,18 e 19, esse ultimo em especial foi o pior que já joguei, um jogo que desmerece quem sabe e tem mais noção de jogar, sistema de passes de primeira ridículo aonde os bonecos do jogo acertam passes de costas seguidos, sistema de marcação péssimo, quando troca o curso para outro jogador a zaga inteira parava, eu exclui e baixei esse PES 19 varias vezes, sempre baixava de novo apos cada atualização na esperança de uma melhoria, mais sempre me decepcionei a cada vem que fazia o download novamente, sem contar na incrível dificuldade quando você encontra um adversário de 20, 30 ou 40 % de vitorias, adversários esses teoricamente fracos e mesmo assim nada funciona, o jogo fica pesado, goleiros pegando ate pensamentos isso quando o chute vai na trave ou para fora, uma dificuldade enorme quando se enfrenta adversários com histórico baixo de vitorias, já quando enfrenta jogadores do mesmo nível com 70, 80 % de vitorias o jogo rodava de boa.
    Testei a demo do PES 2020 e por enquanto o jogo na minha opinião esta ótimo, tirando algumas faltas bobas e a estamina do jogador setado manualmente quando ataca, fora isso o jogo esta perfeito, o que eu enfrentei de adversários que tentam sair tocando de costas igual ao que era feito no PES 2019, já no PES 2020 não tiveram o mesmo sucesso, esse PES 2020 exige mais do que saber apertar o “X” e “triangulo” de qualquer jeito, exige mais dos players e isso é a essência do jogo, aonde quem souber raciocinar mais se destacam!!!
    Espero que não estraguem a versão final do PES 2020 com as DLC´s, pois ja vi varias pessoas reclamando do passe de primeiro do PES 2020, pessoas essas que certamente querem continuarem acertando passes bizarros e seguidos de costas fugindo completamente da realidade de uma partida!!!
    Konami só arruma o sistema de faltas sofridas e da estamina dos jogadores setados manualmente, de resto o jogo esta PERFEITO !!!

  22. Hello.
    Please, possibility of import custom option files in Xbox One. Is a shame that Pc and PS4 can do it, but Xbox One can´t.

  23. I’m a big fan of pes mobile Please add ALAHHLY Team bigest team at egypt and king of africa please we need to see our team at pes 2020 and thanks

  24. Just two things:
    1. No more regens. In any case, make the retired players come back with a new nationality, new physique and a new (credible) name.
    2. Please fix the transfer algorithm to better match the actual value of players in the market.

  25. Hello, i whish Pes can put more African teams like Somalia, Kenya, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Congo, Soudan. It would be great and if they can add more than that, it would be perfect lol instead of this nothing to say, i like that they think of African contry, Thanks Pes.

  26. Please in pes games there are no east African countries please help and add just like two Kenya or Uganda please we love pes so much

    1. I was just saying the same thing, more east African teams like Kenya Uganda of course and Somalia, Ethiopia, Soudan, Madagascar, it would be perfect, so we can play a real african cup

  27. I pray pester 2020 doesn’t disappoint
    Herre are the Things that are lacking in Master league especially.
    1. player awards

    I am such a big fan of this game especially master league It Hurts when players don’t get awards. Player of the week, player of the month, goal of the month, best xi of the year.. If it is possible, there should b a little ceremony of like 5mins with option to skip to watch player of the year awards.. The cinematic and real life experience is needed.
    Also at the end of a world cup or international tournament, there should b a little flash in or video showing the winners of best player award like just recently concluded world cup, top goal scorer and all.. We need every single award and award ceremonies.. It will give this game an edge.

    2. Jersey editor
    As a manager, I need full power to decide what pattern pattern of jersey I want my team to wear at any given season. It will add more. The main colour can will be there but away kits, third jerseys and stripes designs is what the game needs to possess full control as a manager

    3. Stadium Editor
    If a small team rises to stardom and there is so much revenue generate, as a manager as well, I should be able to meet the board for expansion or new stadium… We need more realism in this game. It would b so much fun.. Imagine making Leicester city win champs league 10times in a row and stadium size remain the same..

    4. More realistic and audio news flash
    If a player happens to play well in master league wherever created or noe and happens to score lots of goals and become a shinning star, there should be alot of hype in the media, big clubs coming with big offers and so much more..
    It cab get to a stage where he is talked about and compared to the greats and how long he can keep improving.. This will also include introduction of a little audio news flash from league u play and little around the world as well along with some background music

    5. more visuals
    When a manager announced his last season for the club, if he has done well, there should b a proper sending off and a little clip of him appreciating everyone, the fans and all.
    The same goes for a player or players who have done so well for the club and want a change of competition.

    6.kindly work of salary budget and transfer budget. There should be a radar or so to adjust it by ratio..

    7… Players should b given more clips when newly bought by a team.. Just look at pes 13.. We get to juggle the ball, attend press conferences and lots more… We want all these…

    Others include trophies presentations.. EPL, world cup, LA liga.. Players need to celebrate with their trophies…

  28. Hi,

    I would really like more faces of younger players – especially left foot players – so we can follow and develop them in Master League.


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