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197 thoughts on “PES 2013

  1. i think we should have ukrain league russia league turkey leacgue greek league thay got scottish league on wik thay should stay celtic the only licned team romaina league german league
    for brasil ill have argentina league chill league cluoma league ecarudor league
    other europe il have anderlect club burgge standerd lig hjk helsink 3 from finland partizan and red star and msk zilina halpol-tel-aivi
    bate borisov cos there in champions league gurop stage aprol and aik videoton cos there in europa league gurop stage young boys and viktoria plzen ael limassol maribor helsingborg rapid vien that would be nice

  2. why barclays Premier League isn`t licensed? why the best league isn`t licensed?what did they to you?why everyone must choose barsa and real?you make them stronger than others but real didn`t reach in to champions league final for more than 10 years!just look at fifa every thing licensed and great and all deadline days transfers are corrected but you didn`t transfer players which change their clubs in firs day of transfer market.we love you pes and want you to be better than fifa.just spend some money for your milion fans and licensed every league plz.thank you very much. pes till die

  3. hi guys im a big pes fan the leagues i know whats in the game ukrain league and greek superleaguer and russia league and turkey league i know there are on there cos iv seen them in wik today and is pes 2013 2nd demo tommorw thay said on there sit xbox 28th ps3 29th so thats tommorw

  4. As their is few teams on pes it would be brilliant if you could create an unlimited amount of teams on the edit mode

    1. This is the best idea yet. I’ve played the demo of PES 2013 and it’s good. The addition of a basic team/league creator and a place to upload and share them would turn me from FIFA to PES without hesitation.

      Please consider.

  5. Everybody in Ukraine want buy and play PES 2013… But people very much want to see Ukrainien Premier League on new PES. Please add to PES 2013 Ukraine league or make patch or version with this league. PES best football simulator in the world…

  6. I hope you add ultras (fans make shapes before the match) like PES 6 Olympico Stadium (Roma) .. on champions league matches.

  7. I would like PES 2013 can provide variations in the form:

    -add full licensed Premier League (England) also stand alone club MU and Tottenham Hotspur
    -add full licensed Primeira Liga(Portugal)
    -add full licensed Bundesliga(Germany)
    -add full licensed Super Lig(Turkey)
    -add full licensed Priemier League (Scotland)
    -add full licensed Pro League (Belgium)
    -add full licensed MLS League (U.S.A)
    -add full licensed J-League (Japan)
    -add full licensed Premier League (Russia)
    -add more new team in other American
    -add more team in other European
    -add new national team (full licensed)
    Euro = Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Albania, Belarus, Lithuania, Georgia, Macedonia FYR, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Iceland, Moldova, Malta, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Faroe Islands, Andorra, San Marino
    Africa = Libya, Zambia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Niger and don’t replace (Togo 2012 with Zambia 2013 national team)
    America = Bahamas, Barbados, Guatemala, El Salvador (Why Panama 2012 replace Trinidad and Tobago 2011?)
    Asia = Vietnam, Lebanon, Oman, Philippines, Indonesia, Palestine, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Myanmar and Laos
    -don’t replace another national team (Ex: Trinidad and Tobago and Oman have PES 11 but PES 12 its replace by Panama and Jordan)
    -add each team division two league (same with FIFA)
    -structure team and league
    -add new match and fixture league (Example Carling Cup, DFB-Pokal, Copa De Rey, Coupe De France, Coppa Italian, KNVB Beker, Taca de Portugal and All new League)
    -add new fixture Playoff for Division and promotion Division (Master League)
    -add relegation team (Master League)
    -add more promotion slot UEFA Champions or UEFA Europe but must win 5 times can get slot (Master League)
    -add new fixture Super cup (Master League)(Ex: MC win Premier League and Chelsea Win The Fa Cup. Before Start new season Mc vs Chelsea for Super cup but it call Community Shield
    -add difference scoreboards with difference league (Master League)
    -add new fixture and can choose friendly match (Master League)
    -add difference referees kit with difference league and match (Master League)
    -add more new fixture in master league (Training Mode) can test new player or test strategy and formation
    -add newspaper or highlights (Master League)
    -add Europe League (For Exhibition)
    -add 1st, 2nd, 3rd Qualifying UEFA Europe League (Other European Team)(For Exhibition )
    -add Playoff Round Qualifying UEFA Europe League (For Exhibition)
    -add UEFA Champions League (For Exhibition)
    -add 1st, 2nd, 3rd Qualifying UEFA Champions League (Other European Team)(For Exhibition )
    -add Playoff Round Qualifying UEFA Champions League (For Exhibition)
    -add Qualifying UEFA Euro Cup, FIFA World Cup, America Cup, Asia Cup (AFC) (For League/Cup)
    -add more stadiums
    -add more edit player (extras Contents)
    -add more classic player (extras Contents)
    -add rankings club and national (Master League)
    -add System Football manager (Master League)
    -add be a Coach (Master League)
    -add More Team Copa American (Seria A Brazilian, Primera Division Argentina, Primera Division Professional Mexico)
    -add 3rd Kit and 3rd Goalkeeper
    -add system rain (rain falling down in match)
    -add system winter (winter falling down in match)
    -add camera replay for bench and coach (when goal miss or goal, yellow card or red card and change player)
    -improves the graphic for the audience in the stadium
    -add a few commentators so that not only jim beglin and john champion
    -add in the entire league and all competition trophies like FA Cup in PES 2013 for the champions team (Master League)
    -add more celebration for the champions’ team like running around the stadium field while holding a trophy
    -add more realistic game play, technique.
    *like player motion, reaction, more tackle motion, jump, run, struggle for the ball on the field and more goal celebration
    *goal celebration fit his character a real player.
    – More call names on player.
    – Adjustable and more detailed structure of the body, hollow body, muscles. Like C. Ronaldo in the real life that has a disproportionate and tight body
    – Effects of fatigue on players like sweat on his face, hair and in their costumes.
    *excitement of big game, like fireworks
    *the celebration before the game
    *the effect of the stadium and the celebration after the game was over
    – Real foul in PES 2013 have to be addressed, such as handball
    – improve the movement of passing, dribbling, shooting, crossing, free kick, corner kick, penalty kick and heading into more natural, and there was fighting bodies
    – allow master league save game can play in exhibition like PES 11
    – add more classic national team (Denmark, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Argentina) full licensed
    – add more classic player full licensed
    – add more real classic face full licensed
    – Make possible to choose the country which will go to make the international competition in there
    – Bring back choosing which stadium you want to train on
    – Bring back penalties match in exhibition
    – Make all stadiums of all teams in the game (each team have it own stadium)
    – Make possible to choose any stadium in exhibition
    – Make possible to choose any referee in exhibition (PES 4)
    – Make training before match (PE 6 Master League)
    – In football life make the funds of each team as real
    – In football life make the sponsors as real
    – Bring the emotions of players in matches like being angry when lose, crying, do not celebrate when succouring on pervious and Goalkeeper angry or disappointed when make mistake and can’t save ball
    – Make fighting between players when player make no ridiculous tackle with other player
    – add reserve team (so that way all your players have some game play and gain experience even if they not selected in the first team)
    – Be able to send players on loan for 1-3-6 months.
    – add back skill PES 11 is missing in PES 12
    – add back stats PES 11 is missing in PES 12(Ex: acceleration)
    – FIFA Code in national team (Ex: BGR – BUL, HRV – CRO, DNK – DEN)
    – Ballroom for Best player, Best team. Best Defender, Best Midfield, Best Striker and Best Goalkeeper
    – Real referees and their names shown at the beginning of the match
    – Dirty kits (when a player slides, attempts a tackle, marks should appear on the grass, just like in a real football match)
    – make easy transfer player (Master League)
    – Change spell name (Ex; KLOSE – Klose) is better and nice
    – Transfer player no used in team to Youth Team (when your club full 32 player but you buy more player and can sell the player)
    – Easy to sell and transfer player
    – Interviews after games
    – Reporter in the field
    – Photographers, cameras and football coaches of the teams on the edge of the lawn
    – Press conference after and before games
    – Management can transfer to another club (Ex: you have managing Liverpool for 3 season “first team” but you want new environment moved another club)
    – Technician to give instructions to players on the pitch
    – Player asked to leave because he was tired or sick
    – Improve Master League Player stats (EX: Baumann)
    – Used really player stats (Ex: Pestatsdatabase PSD)
    – Make buttons options or setting edit easy (Ex; Arsenal you can update the stats player without pes editor using internet)
    – More History Club and National Team
    – Add History Number and Player in Club (Ex; MU No.7)
    – Managers in the game editable show them in cut screens after chances or goals
    – Stadium capacities stadiums not full all the time
    – Edit big flags and banners giant flags like seen in Milan derbies
    – Better atmosphere
    – Different licensed goalkeeper gloves
    – Pressroom with difference league and club logo and style
    – Calendars difference Club logo
    – Game play map difference club
    – Locker room
    – More Chants
    – More Skill in player like FIFA 12
    – Easy to make Skill without special button
    – More Aboard
    – History marketing player (Master League)
    – HD Logo
    – All league have 2 ball because snow turf the ball hard to see
    – From Corner can make goal (Ex; Fifa 2010)
    – More high level
    – More high saves goal
    – More Sound from fans in stadium
    – Player have tattoo
    – Add real Scout, Coach, Doctor and Athletic Coach
    – All face player in PES
    – Video league for all leagues (Master League and League/Club)
    – Add all players in commentary
    – add more 1000 unlicensed commentaries
    – add more 1000 unlicensed club commentaries

    I’m Crazy Fans PES but fifa is good because they have fully licensed club, more division, fully commentary and more player easy transfer season but fifa very poor defense, easy to goal, poor face, movement and less national team.

    My hope for PES 13 can provide my ideal to beat FIFA Game

    Sorry My English is Bad Tq

  8. Hi,thank u for your great games,i had a suggestion or maybe a Request,please bring iranian teams to your games or at least bring our national team.we deserve that,more than 75% of our gamers in Iran play games like Fifa and PES,but unfortunately there isn’t any sign of Iran,or if it’s not possible for u tell me why thanks

  9. No

    PES first needs all or most of the southamerican leagues

    just as examples

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