PES 2013 Wishlist

PES 13 Wishlist

Write your suggestions and ideas for Konami PES 2013 football video-game here at FIFPlay website.

We will list all your ideas and comments for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer developers at Konami Entertainment.

Drop your suggestions and comments using the form given below. We will make it online as soon as possible.

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  1. My names Bohdan Tokar , I LOVE FOOTBALL VERY MUCH I from Ukraine and i like fifa very much, fifa is my best game!!! please add my country in FIFA 13 I am patriot and I want to play football for my native country, I am sad that such a beautiful country as Ukraine is not in such a good football game. ! Thank you for your attention dear developers !!!

    1. i completely agree with john adeyinka there should be fighting,,,goes against referee decision etc…

  2. please add career/manager mode like in fifa, i would like to be able to coach the current barcelona team or any team from any league in the current season 2012/2013, 2013/201, 2014/2015 etc not like the master league.

  3. Please improve the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is like a piece of wood. Make a little more realistic keeper like in FIFA series. thanks

  4. I wish that pes 2013 has a manager offer in football life master league. It would be really great if we will get some offers to other teams at the end of the season.

  5. please add Malaysia , Indonesia and Singapura on Asia team,
    this three team are the best team in southeast Asia.

    please, because PES for PS2 users in Southeast Asia are very many.

  6. New 2013 pes should have possibility to install from Konami internet site any 2 devision for pes 2013 version .This could be done for small cash for Konami.The programm should have possibility and be adopted for this install.If you like championship or eridivisie or segunda you should receive this data.Thus Konami could issue new update for staffs teams transfers and also easily send for small money via internet.I thing that this could give more money than yearly produce pes editions.

  7. Put the accumulated goals and assists as it was in pes for ps2 in older versions. It is great to see en season 5 for example who are the player with most goals accumulated and assits. And also the option to see who has most ratings in each position so whe can see why a player was selected as the best player of the year. Same as the announcment of retirements after each season ends.

  8. Change of team when u are playing ´´master league´´(when a team want you as a coach and give an offer for you be coach or manager for an other team)

    once you get out of the team and finish the game you can exchange for a weaker team or be promoted to a better team

    That would be cool and it would be boring for once you get to coaching the same team forever … you could change the team like what happens to become a legend.
    you could choose to start at the top or bottom and rising. Or choose to get into a stronger team and if you want to switch to another weaker team, equal or stronger. so maybe depending on how good you were at the last team …

    Another thing that would be a cool way is to swap players for players like what happened with Pazzini and cassano” it” in master league ..

    I would like it to stop the hand of some developer konami!

  9. Bring the Colombian League to the game, Liga Postobon (1st division), Torneo Postobon (2nd division) and the Copa Postobon (Cup)
    Even as a DLC I’d be willing to pay for it as I am sure many other would.

  10. Fully licensed WALES and NORWAY National team. (NO FAKE NAMES FOR WALES)

    Have the UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE on exhibition mode.


  11. Bring Lounge Mode back from FIFA 11.. I use my game predominately for playing exhibition against a core group of friends and keeping the stats produced heavier competition. I was surprised it was not in FIFA 12, but it’s a must for the next one.

  12. Could you bring in more flags,banners,flares etc into the stands? It would make the atmosphere Lot better!

  13. work on germany please , it is such an important league!!!

    do it like you still do with the english one : invent some names and set default kits (anytime changeable)

    besides , alternative kits would be fantastic , even if I would have to unlock them in the pes-shop

    the manager mode has to be different , just the fact to change is enough

    and please work on the music!!!

  14. Can you add bundesliga 3 with bundesliga 1 and 2 and more focus on German teams and championship

    A lot of Arab people like FIFA management and control and teams specially bundesliga but they prefer other games because the speed is faster there. Please increase the speed of the game