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197 thoughts on “PES 2013

  1. Please add A.P.O.E.L fC had a special season as going to the 8 last teams of europe in the UCL and play against real masrid cf

  2. Please add The Iranian Professional League (Persian Gulf League) in PES 2013.
    In PES game, many of national are wrong in name and appearance of players like Iran national team, please edit it.

  3. Libya Libya Libya
    i am fed up with PES ignoring Libya
    they even got the flag wrong in PES 2012 …
    most of libya is quiting PES for FIFA you are losing here

  4. add the 2013 confederations cup 2013 african cup of nations
    2014 world cup qualifiers real market values of players
    more stadiums
    in the be a player mode make it realistic so a player can have a girlfriend wife children and make sure you can chek your own market value after evry season and the career should be 16-36years make sure the player can be cold upp four friendly matches

  5. Add more hairstyles,license more german clubs, more boots.!!!!! PLZ ADD THE REAL MANAGER OF CLUBS, FOR EXAMPLE SHOW JOSE MOURINHO GIVING INSTRUCTIONS AND HAVE HIM RECEIVE HIS PLAYERS WHEN THEYRE substituted out… Just add real mangers make them look real too. EVERYONE WOULD LOVE THIS FEATURE FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!! And work on the players faces, they look like an anime version of the players. LET EVERYONE KNOW YOUR SERIOUS ABOUT PES 13 by MAKING THE PLAYERS LOOK THE WAY THEY DO IN PES12 but more REALISTIC!!!! That will show everyone u guys MEAN BUSINESS… LAST THING WORK ON the graphics of the pitch, stadiums, and all of the surroundings when playing… TRUST ME THE SMALLEST THINGS MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!! Thank you and hope to see a real competitor to fifa

  6. you should have a team which had been on the quarter finals of the champions league: apoel
    but you may not have only one team from cyprus, creat AEL Limassol ,the champions this season, as well


  7. 1. I think that the WALES NATIONAL TEAM should be licensed (no fake names).

    2. The NORWAY NATIONAL TEAM should have there licensed 2012-14 kit

    3. All teams in Champions league and Europa League should be licensed from ENGLISH clubs and clubs lower like in SAN MARIANO . So there is a Qualifying stages to the competition (CHAMPIONS LEAGUE/ EUROPA LEAGUE

  8. hello. can u add the maximum funds/money in the be a boss.. i want to have maximum funds and own a club like in the master league u can have maximum money.

  9. 3 pairs of adidas f50 boots
    3 pairs of nike mercurial
    adidas boots
    puma boots
    nike boots
    umbro boots
    get rid of the rubish boots

    1. look pes12 does have all the boots and latest boots even more than fifa12… Just download the patch its only around 15MB

  10. @ RT

    Thank you very much. Thats what I kept saying in the last 5 years. Player movement and animations need to feel real first(like Fifa) THEN improve or add other features. This has been a problem all along, Its not even funny. The way players pass, shoot , dribble, …etc is a joke. If thats sorted then I will,and many others(believe me) ,will come back to PES.

  11. on pes 13 i would like 2 see when u are a maneger u can change clubs like u would in become a legend and promise us on what i seen on pes 12 that u see urself stepping off the bus and y iz it that when i played pes 12 i went 2 real madrid on become a legend but i did not see myself stepping out 2 a stadium packed crowed welcomeing me 2 my transfer 2 the club and can u give us the real names of the prem league not like man blue etc thank u

  12. I want to play pes online with same game an offline, because all pes games online is stupid and konami want to win all players and not the better player.

    1. keepers need improved one on one staying up not going down early and also dive instead of falling over on their stomach happens regularly must be adressed watch real life movement for ideass only thing that lets down pes

  13. hi there in PES i would like you to incorprate all Premier League teams fully liscensed add Tattos in edit mode slevee arm tats and kneck tats and edit players inside master league and much improved gameplay and AI thak you

  14. Dear KONAMI, please add this to PES 2013 :
    -Licensed for all teams
    -Improved Master League (ex: can loan a player with option to buy at end of season)
    -Improved AI
    -Add goalkeeper mode (this mode will include on Become a Legend)
    -Realistic Transfer player on Master League
    -use CryEngine like Crysis
    -Add more National teams
    -Realistic player growth (if the player is aged 29 years and over, doesn’t mean decrease the performance, depending on the number of players playing and health conditions)
    -No Fantasy team!
    -Add Snow Condition! and player’s breath become to visible like real
    -Realistic Youth Team
    -Realistic shoes
    -Easy to make/edit : player face, jersey, etc in edit mode

  15. when pes get more faces and license it will be better than fifa. if this game dissapoint again i will never buy pes and when you start a legue career it dosent have many things like fifa.

    without licensed teams its hard to enjoy the game.
    freekicks and penalties sucks, make it be able to call the keeper for corners, and please improve legues careers and the scoreboards.

  16. il like pes 2013 freekicks and penalties to change, when you run with the ball your player stumble and thats annoying so il like that to change too.
    premier legue licence and bundesliga.

  17. I think Pes 2013 should go back to the 2010 version i think the 2011 and 2012 game have been a bit different its gone a bit slower and the players has to shoot more better and act more better its not realistic at all Pes thats my worries about the game and improvements. 🙂

  18. i want THE BEST TEAMS IN CYPRUS–.ael limassol..apoel nicosia..omonoia nicosia..anorthosi famagusta..apollon limassol

  19. PES is best.
    but i want some more changes in pes 2013 like.
    1. the defending line in pes 12 is very bad.
    2. penalty shoot out is very bad in pes 12
    3. free kick is bad in pes 12
    4. and please make a opportunity for become a legend player that when he
    retired he could go for coaching a team U know what i mean.
    and make snowy weather as well in pes 2013 that will look better in winter
    and soorry for my bad english.
    we love pes.

  20. I want real goal celebrations.
    I want real cup celebrations.
    I want perfect coach faces.
    i want to introduce coach in become a player for the first time.
    i want to introduce goalkeeper in become a player.
    I want many more things such like real football.
    and i want the cup celebrations longer than 5 mins.
    please make these for the fans of pes.

  21. I want to be introduced goalkeeper in become a legend
    I want to become a legend to be able to give interviews
    I want more leagues in Europe
    I would first Romanian league licensed or even the best teams
    I want more celebrations
    I want more hairstyles

  22. PES12 is a huge flop guys, on PES11 u guys had recorded actual movements of players, such as Ronney,Xavi,Ribery e.t.c. It was real exciting to play PES11 with players that move like real players but u drop that little element of PES12. BRING IT back!! Can u also do sumthing about the goalkeeper, the way he makes the saves in the air, it looks embarrassing real the way he propels in the air it looks dumb and nowhere near realistic, its bn the sme since PES10,11 now 12. And the way the players ar passing the ball on PES12 there is no difference when making a long pass or a short pass no guy fix that! Can u also try to make the game have depth by including MORE league and small league that will make manage mode fun. Loss the crazy overall that goes above 100. Please we want more stadiums. And why everytime when u play a through ball in the air it looks like the game slows down. Guys up your game PES11 was better than PES12 and now fifa is catching along, quit the robotic movements,static fans and why doesn’t the referee fetch the ball at the end of the match like he did in PES11? Give us our “perfect pizza”

  23. we need to see fans celebrating after a goal and when their favorite team comes in. another thing we want to see is the change as the game is on. lets say the match starts at 4:30 and as the time goes on let us see the stadium getting dark and the lights being switched on. let the rain start during the match and as the players fall we have to see them get dirty because of mud. that way Pes13 will become unstopable and realistic. the last thing is to consider is to show players lifting the tittle trophy and their manager not only in a cup match. i trust Konami plissss!!!!!!

  24. pes need to make easier for us to challenge the computer in pes 12 the computer was much better and we need a better offside trap you guys need to but the correct teams in its leagues we need sponsored teams i.e chelsea and man city we need a better become a legend ( and more things) we need a better career a more realistic feel to it and a better background like when become a legend scores have like newspaper background have like player and manager reaction, have all stadiums stop with players going over 100 to become good highest should be 100. All leagues that in the world should be the game and other european teams and monthly boot change

  25. Hi,

    I want having in PES 2013 the cup the brazil and brazilian championship with series A, B and C, before how the game brassfoot.

    I have certany the sucess in brazil this itens.

    Thanks in advance.



  26. When u get a throw inn on fifa 2012,u cn see the player going to fetch the ball for the throw inn n the other players getting in their positions, then u throw inn the ball to continue with the match,its like a cut scene that doesn’t LOAD which keeps the game flowing,interesting,realistic n quick. Pes should also have the same feature,cut scenes that don’t load but not only for a throw inn,for most of its cutscenes,like when its a corner kick,goal kick,penalty kick,free kick n etc. Show the player going to fetch the ball or receive the ball while the other players r runnin moving around getting in their positions,this just brings the realism to the game,the previous pes’s usually shows a pes sign which comes across the screen for like a second while the game is loading n after that second the players are already in their positions and the kick taker already over the ball ready to kick the ball. If you guys don’t get this Pro Evolution rite and make it better than fifa then u guys have lost a REAL fan of pes I am never supporting you again, u people never deliver the perfect pizza,only fifa fans enjoy their football. It takes loosing 1 fan to loosing your business.

  27. Pes nids fifa dribbling coz its better. On fifa u dribble with the ball very slightly,medium pace, normal pace n runnin with the ball. Improve the passing,shooting,chipping,crossing its the same animation and especial the finesse shot( I dnt know y ur finesse shot is so slow n curves like ma granny kickd the ball) n make new realistic movement animation not that robotic pes 2012,when a player kicks the ball it should look so real,new animations for long shot,technical shooting with the inside and outside of the foot ronaldo’s shooting animations n dribbling not only him and the other players like messi ,robben etc shud have their own way of moving n acting even the way they take free kicks . The celebrations must be realistic like real life,when messi scores he shud react like messi in real life point his fingers to the sky lookin up n a team shud have a team celebration n song like barca has its own celebration n song after an important match. When its second half you must show players coming out of the tunnel onto the pitch for the second half. When playing master league we must be able to play with the real original teams we shudnt be working to unlock them, we don’t want your pes players( I really dnt know what u guys were thinking giving us fake players for the season,what’s so realistic about that). If u aint got ideas how realistic gaming shud be like give up and let fifa do what they do better than u, n u can go make your arcade games.

  28. When I choose barcelona for master league I wana play as the original barcelona, I don’t want to play with some fake players created by you guys I really don’t know what u where thinking! If u guys keep up with these stupid ideas,ugly graphic on pes 2012 and so lazy disgusting gameplay ,ur really gona loose fans and gona end up closing your football gaming company wahtever. U guys have been nothing but disappointment lately. Really don’t know where u guys got this idea that we wana play an arcade game on a ps3.

  29. When its time for second half,how about u show the player coming out of the tunnel for a second half,instead of just putting them on the pitch for a second half. N please always show cut scenes for substitution. 2ndly make the fans loud n even louder on cup games,rival matches,international games,when the game is about to start for kick off make the fans scream,sing,shout make them chant so louds like the El Classico is about to kick off. Make the commentary wide n make it even wider when playing master league, the commentators should talk about the players,how many goals,passes,space covered in the match or assists the player has,talk about the players n teams history n previous achievements,talk about the couch n the team,how the team is doing in the league etc. When a player becomes the best player in the world, top goal scorer in al competitions or in league when playing mater league the commentators shud have something to say about the player like ( there’s the best player in the world LIONEL MESSI ,there’s just no stopping him on his good days his just to brilliant on the ball,I just don’t see this game ending without him scoring. The little genius LIONEL MESSI,the best player the world has ever seen… Yes without a doubt in the world). When playing master league there should be no transfers at the start of the season they shud only start december(half the season) that same season. The reason for this is because stupid transfers by the computer happen,I jst dont see the point n the enjoyment n challenge of playin barcelona the first season and messi is gone playing for juventus or lyon or iniesta plays for chelsea or ronaldo plays for celtic it duznt feel lyk I’m playing the original team n dat sucks. Or another way of doing this is if you guys fix this n make sure no big names or important players in a team r signed for the 1st year. Every december(halve a season) transfers shud be small signings n no big names can be signed only the end of the 1st n start of the second season big names cn be signed bt the transfers shud be realistic coz ur transfers r sooo dramatic, Big names should be hard to buy 80% of the real madrid n barcelona players are stars n big names, they shudnt even think about leaving their team for the nxt two seasons. Dnt wana play an el classico with tevez at madrid the 1st season n ronaldo at wolves

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