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FIFA Coins

FIFA coins are a virtual currency in the FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Mobile which can be spent for purchasing packs from the Store, buying items & cards from the Market, and paying for some FUT entries such as FUT Draft mode entry.


Coins were added to FIFA Ultimate Team as a virtual currency since the Ultimate Team mode became available in FIFA 09.

Earning FIFA Coins

You can earn coins in FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Mobile using the following methods:

  • Playing matches
  • Selling items on the Market
  • Selling items Using the Quick Sell Option
  • Completing Objectives
  • Receiving Coins as Rewards

Rate & Value

There is not a fixed value for a FIFA coin in real money. However, if you want to evaluate the effort needed to earn FIFA coins by playing FUT matches, one FIFA coin is approximately estimated at around USD 0.0002. Meaning, $1 is almost equal to 5,000 FIFA coins.

Trading Coins with Real Money

Buying and selling FIFA coins are considered against EA Sports' Terms of Service, in other words, buying and selling FIFA coins are illegal and by doing this you put your Origin account at the risk of getting banned permanently by EA.

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