FIFA 21 – FUT Friendlies

FUT Friendlies

FUT Friendlies is a feature in FIFA 21 that allows you to play FUT matches with your friends online and on the same console/pc in different match modes. There are three types of FUT Friendlies you need to choose to play:

  • Couch Play – Play offline matches against friends’ squads, the TOTW squad, FIFA clubs, select community teams, and more alongside up to four friends – Can be played on the same console/pc with up to 4 players + AI opponents.
  • Online – Online friendlies matches against FUT community users. Take on a random member of the wider FUT community online. You can also search for a particular House Rule or a set shortlist of Favourites to help you go into a game quicker.
  • Play A Friend – Online friendlies matches against a friend’s FUT squad (Users from your friend list) in standard or House Rules.

FUT Friendlies Modes

In FUT Friendlies you will have 9 modes to play. Here is the list of friendly options:

Classic Match

This mode follows the classic rules of football – Similar to the Kick-off mode.

King of the Hill

Fight for possession in a randomly generated zone on the pitch to boost the amount your next goal is worth.

Mystery Ball

Changing at each stoppage in play, Mystery Ball gives the attacking side boosts to their Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, Speed, or All attributes, adding an element of unpredictability to every match. Each game of Mystery Ball will be totally random. Every time the ball goes out of play the game will randomly select a new mystery ball type, each with a custom goal range, ranging from 1 to 3 goals.


Exclusively in FUT, three players are randomly swapped from your team with the opposition. You could gain your opponent’s star player, but also lose yours.

Max Chemistry

Exclusively in FUT, all players have maximum individual chemistry, allowing new possibilities for team-building.

Headers and Volleys

In this game goals will only count from:

  • Headers
  • Volleys
  • Free kicks
  • Penalties
  • Survival

In Survival mode, a random Player from the scoring team gets ejected from the match, excluding the goalkeeper.

Long Range

Goals scored in Long Range matches that are inside the box will count as 1, while goals scored outside the box will count as 2.

No Rules

No Rules matches take the classic 11 v 11 game and remove offsides, fouls, and bookings.

Share Your Account ID Here to Find Friends

You can create and account at FIFPlay, add your Gamertag to your profile and share your profile here. Or you can share your Origin, Xbox One or PlayStation account ID here to find friends and play Online Friendlies in FIFA 21. Using the Comments form given below, you can share your account ID and the platform you are playing FUT 21 on. We will be listing your information here so other people can add you to play FUT Friendlies online with you.

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  1. In the objectives they ask to score 3 goals in friendlies i Player off line friendlies much and I scored 3 goals but I didn’t get the point .
    So what they mean by friendlies ????

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