FIFA 20 Web App

FUT 20 Web App

FUT 20 Web is live since Wednesday, 18 September 2019 (7pm UK). Click on the link below to access the FUT Web App. You are required to login to the app using your Origin account.

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Take note that the Web and Companion apps are not compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Access Info – What you need to know

  • You must have created a FUT Club in FIFA 19 and logged in to FUT 20 on your platform before August 1, 2019, to get early access to the FUT 20 Web and Companion apps at the launch.
  • Your FUT 19 account must still exist – That means if you’ve deleted your Club, you won’t be able to get an early start.
  • Your account needs to be in good standing – If you don’t have access, it means you have either done things in the past that broke our rules, or we don’t know enough about you yet to make a decision on whether you have earned this privilege.


FIFA 20 Web App is available on the web and is accessible only on desktop/laptop computers’ web browsers. For using FUT App on mobile devices, use FIFA 20 Companion App instead.

Getting Started

  • Log in to either app with the email address on the account that either has a FUT 20 club or has FUT 18 returning user status.
  • Make sure you turned on Login Verification. If you’re wondering what Login Verification is, it helps keep your account secure. We wrote this article with all the details for you.
  • Check that you know your Security Question and Answer. We’ll show you how in this article.
  • You can’t use the FUT Web App or Companion App while you are logged into the Console or PC version of FUT 20.
  • When you log out of FUT on your Console or PC, go back to the main FIFA menu before you shut your system off, otherwise you’ll need to wait to log in to the Web App.

Transfer Market Access

To access the FUT Transfer Market on Web App and Companion App, you need to play FUT on your console or PC for a few days (normally 5 days). After playing FUT, the system will check your account and unlock your Transfer Market access if your account status is good and will send you an email.

If you have played FUT already but you see your account has been blocked from the Transfer Market, it means your account no longer has access to the Transfer Market due to activities that broke EA rules. This could mean that:

  • EA actioned your account and locked it out of the Transfer Market because of unusual activity
  • EA will block accounts that break our rules from using the Transfer Market on Web and Companion apps. EA do this to give a fair experience to all players. If you think this action is a mistake, you can email EA at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use the FUT Web App?

You will need an EA Account, a copy of FIFA 20, and a FUT 20 Club before you can use the web app or companion app.

FUT 20 Accounts for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 can use the FUT Web App and Companion App. Nintendo Switch Accounts are not supported on the Web App or Companion App.

To protect your account, we also ask that you setup a FUT Security Question on your Console or PC version of FUT 20, and that you secure your EA Account with Login Verification.

How does early web start work?

Qualified returning users from FUT 18 will be able to login to the Web App for a limited time before FIFA 20 launches.

If you created a FUT 18 account before August 1, 2018, and logged in on your Console or PC you should be able to access early web and mobile start.

While we try to let everyone in, there are some accounts that will not make it in. If you were banned in FIFA 18 or deleted your club at any point, you will not gain access to early web start.

What is required to use the FUT Web App and Companion App?

The Web App will only work with newer web browsers that support our features. Your web browser must support WebGL. We recommend always using the latest version of your favourite browser. The Web App will work on Google Chrome, Safari (Mac Only), Firefox, Edge, or Opera. Internet Explorer support is limited to version 11 only. When using the Web App on a mobile device or tablet, we support Mobile Chrome (iOS and Android) or Safari (iOS).

The Companion App is available for Android and iOS. Our minimum requirements for mobile operating systems is Android 4.4.2 or newer and iOS 9.3 or newer.

How do multiple accounts work?

Your EA account is tied to an e-mail address that is used to login to the FUT Web App. An EA account can have multiple Personas tied to it, for example if you play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you have multiple Personas tied to your account, you can switch between them in FUT Web using the Persona Selector in the Settings menu. To login to a different account, you will need to sign out completely.

Can I be logged into my console/PC and FUT Web App/Companion at the same time?

You cannot use the FUT Web App or Companion App while you are logged into the Console or PC version of FUT 20. When logging out of FUT on your Console or PC, always ensure that you go back to the main FIFA menu before shutting your system off, otherwise you will need to wait to login to the Web App.

Why do I need to do in order to access the Transfer Market?

To ensure the Transfer Market is a fair experience for all players, we need to make sure you and all players are playing by our rules.

Playing FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) on your console or PC as you normally would should unlock your access to the Transfer Market on Web and Companion apps.

What’s up with my returning user rewards?

Rewards are based on your account’s good standing in the game, along with your player history and engagement. This is why your rewards may be different from your friend’s.

I switched platforms. Can I get access or my rewards on my new console?

Returning user rewards and good standing to access the Transfer Market are tied to your specific console account. So if you switch platforms or create a new account on the same platform, your access and rewards won’t carry over.

Can I still access FIFA 18 on the Web and Companion Apps after FIFA 20 launches?

FUT 20 Web app replaces the 18 version, so you won’t be able to access FUT 19 after September 19. For the Companion App, you will need to update to the FIFA 20 version on Android and iOS after October 10, 2018. That means you won’t be able to access FIFA 19 on the Companion App after October 10.

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  2. Downloaded the companion app. Filled in all my details. Now it’s on the get started screen saying about logging into my console etc. Been like they for weeks. How do I solve this ?

  3. My app says signed into another device but I have properly exited FUT on my console and not logged in anywhere else. Any suggestions?

  4. خطأ اثناء إدراج لاعب في سوق الانتقالات fut companion
    An error while listing a player in the transfer market


  6. Can’t do anything because it keeps saying I need to access fifa 20 on console first even though I played fifa 20 and had my account for 3 years

    1. Exact same issue

      Telling me to login to fifa 20 on my console or pc…

      I am xbox one and when I try load the game on xbox (pre-ordered and downloaded ready) it says “You are too early” and tries to send you to the microsoft store

  7. In all the years of FIFA UT games although I have had them all I have never packed a player over 86, I have also paid for the game, passes, points and not a single top player ever. What are the realistic chances of getting one?

  8. Ea can you give me 99 messi and pele because I’m bad at fifa and I’m your biggest fan.thanks, jack

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