FIFA 20 Companion App

FIFA 20 Companion App

FIFA 20 Companion App is available from September 19, 2019 on Apple App Store and Google Play. The app file size is 78 MB for iOS / 32 MB for Android.

The FIFA 20 Companion App is available as an update for those who have FIFA 19 Companion app installed on their device. Below is the list of FUT 20 Companion App:

  • Season Objectives
  • SBC Protection that prevents submitting one of your squad players by mistake
  • The addition of Custom Tactics
  • Club Customization management
  • The ability to add players to the Transfer List directly from the Transfer List

How to Download

Here are FIFA 20 Companion app download links for iOS and Android devices:

Features and Description

The FIFA 20 Companion App lets you manage your FUT 20 Club on the go. Prepare your squad for your next big match, sign your next star on the Transfer Market or redeem rewards to help take your Club to the next level, all without logging onto your console. With full integration between the Companion App, Web App, and your console, your Club will always be up to date, regardless of where you play.

Club Management

From signing your next star player on the Transfer Market, to tweaking your Custom Tactics to changing your Club’s look with new customisation options, get your squad ready for the next big match while on the go with the FUT Web App.

Transer Market

Buy and sell Players with the global FUT Community in the Transfer Market to help take your team to the next level.

Squad Building Challenges

Exchange spare Players in your Club to unlock new Players, Packs, or Club Items with Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). All-new SBC Player Protection means that you’ll never accidentally submit your star Player again.

New to FUT 20 – Season Objectives

Check in on your Season Objectives progress, see how far away you are from your next goal, and even tick off certain tasks using the App.

Get Rewarded

Claim rewards for your progress in Weekend League, Division Rivals and Squad Battles without having to log into your console. Redeem your FUT Champions Points directly from the App to ensure you never miss out on your entry into the Weekend League.

How to Get Started with FIFA Companion App

The FIFA 20 Companion App requires you to have an EA Account, a copy of FIFA 20, and a FIFA Ultimate Team Club. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch Accounts are not supported in the FIFA Companion App.

To connect your account, log in to FIFA 20 on your console or PC. Then:

  • Go to FIFA Ultimate Team mode and create your FUT Club
  • Create a FUT Security Question and Answer on your Console or PC
  • Log in to your EA Account from the FIFA 20 Companion App on your compatible mobile device

Supported Languages

FIFA 19 Companion app is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Mexican-Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

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  1. Hello good morning every body I can not play fifa 20 ultimate team please help me I want to becoming a hero in fifa 20

    1. Hello, I am also having a problem with my game it’s loads up then gets to the home screen but everything has a lock sign on it and is very dark on the screen like it doesn’t want me to play it. Image down below

  2. Hello!I have a problem with transfer Players.I can not buy any more Players!they says that I bought to many, how could that be possible!?

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