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FIFA 12 has been released on September 27th, 2011. Here we invite you to give your feedback, comments and reviews for FIFA 12, to share it with other FIFA gamers and the FIFA developers themselves at EA.

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  1. i am starting to get extreemly frustrated at how they constantly overlook people who cant get/afford xbox live. the fact that you have to have xbox live to unlock kits and other items is really unfair, please sort this out for next year because it is a joke

  2. every time is shoot the ball zips off into the sky left right centre… why is everyone finding this game easy to score in,, what am i doing wrong?? ive played these games for years but this is intolerable.. i dont have shooting on assisted, and even if i tap the shoot button – off she goes into the nights sky 🙁

  3. fifa 13 , is crap they badly need to do some updates/fixing me and my mates are all experiencing different glitches and just all round weirdness! plus half the names on the commentator are not there like 12! is anyone else experiencing this?

    EA sort it out!

  4. The game for ipad only has the british commentaries!!!! How can I get Fernando Palomo and the other ESPN guys?????

  5. Too often it won’t load the game up when playing in seasons and stays stuck at the practice pre game screen. The only way to game started back up is quitting the game or ejecting and restarting.FIX THIS

  6. I’m sorry if I sound stupid I would like to know how do I just play a simple friendly against the computer or a mate without going online or play downloaded teams

  7. Highly dissapointed with Pro CLubs.

    EA will ignore as they always do but allowing hacked players and idiotic defensive errors to occur makes for a very poor game.

    I have now gotten rid of FIFA 12 and will give 13 a try but unless there is a great improvement in defense etc, I will soon be rid of the new game as well.

    And please stop ignoring feedback EA – remember where you get your money!

  8. Fifa 12 das schlechteste spiel uberhaupt man das giht es garnicht !!! Sooooo unrealitisch so ein scheiss spiel und dafur 70euro abzunehmen ist eine abzocke !! Gleich wegsperren diese spieleentwickler!!!! Omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Come on! If they’re gonna add any new league, they should add leagues of countries like Argentina or Chile.

  10. I think on Ultimate Team they should have wager matches and you can put max 10k up for grabs against someone who has done the same and the winner of the match gets the other players coins.

    Improve the servers to its less likely to disconnect when playing UT.

    Improved graphics for the fans.

    Playing during the game you should be able to send players to warm up and you can see them running up and down the touchline. Also managers should have faces etc and you should be able to see them in the boxes. Also subs should be visible.

    Linesmen should miss off sides in the ratio of for every 20 decisions one miss.

    When the players shot they should look less static when watching the shot travel into the net and prepare for the celebrations.

    At the end of the match players should shake hands and hug each other and wave to the fans.

    Winning a trophy your team should be up in the podium receiving it and celebrating.

    In national squads every country should have their national song.

    You should be able to make your own kits in Ultimate team and for your Virtual pro’s team if you are creating a new club.

    Different songs e.g You’ll never walk alone (liverpool) and Hey Jude (man city).

    Keepers should be more fluid in their movement.

    Defense should be alot more defensive in mind and like wise for the Attack

    More commentator phrases and different they respond differently to each type of goal e.g Chip, 40 yards, Header, Scorpion kick, Vooley.

    Finally Skills should be more responsive and up dated!

    1. I want some Liverpool player to look more a like the real players, like Luis Suarez, Jordan Henderson, Martin Skrtel, Andy Carroll, Lucas Leiva. In FIFA 12 they don´t look a like. Thank u!

  11. i love fifa n i hav bought every game on ps2/3 since 2005. u guys are doin well. i have been sayin dat all young players should improve physical attribute like strength,jump, speed, shot power. players should not become “super” players in a season like jack wilshere of arsenal becomes 88 rated player!! more emphasis should be on none premier league teams because most of them are over-rated. bolton, wolfs, blackburn were over rated especially blackburn with howlette(winger), goodwillie(striker) and olsen(the left back) become top players!!! championship team players are good as liverpool learned at the english cup. most important, there are too many big money transfers!! 100 million pounds spent just on the last day of transfer is not realistic!!! also, teams should not get rich owners every season because many rich teams mean no rich team!!! plus, player transfer should be improved. a team should not sell its top-players who hav 3 yrs or more on their contracts, top players should not leave teams unless the team does not meet their expectation like arsenal…opponent managers should be able to influence player contracts with 1 yr or less by encouraging d player to join their team on free at d end of the season if the player will get more play time(be one of the top rated players), better league/ cup games (team will qualify for euro/promotion), top players of a relegated team should leave cheaply cos of loss of revenue also, player tranfer should not be prevented becos (team is short on players in dis position!!) player plus money transfer/loan should be allowed like jonjo shelvey was loaned to blackpool to get charlie adams. please improve the tranfers thank you

  12. improve fifa for the wii cause all fifa 12 is is fifa 11 but you get intercity cup and better freekicks and graphics


  14. Hi,

    When i’m in career mode, and go to Team, Team Rank (Rang équipe in French), then i choose any one of my young players i get from the training center, the Xbox freeze.

    Must correct that by an update…


  15. Fifa 13 should include complete south american leages like the chilean. Here we have the best football in the world so we descerve a place in the game

  16. Great game. FIFA 12 for IPAD is visually appealing, the soundtrack rocks and the commentary is excellent. Some bugs exist. Most annoying is the attempting to pass along sidelines when facing the sidelines ends up in the ball being punted out of bounds. Epic fail in skin color of Nagbe he is from Africa, not Scandinavia.

  17. It would be nice to see nation careers added into club career mode, or something on the lines of that. International competitions such as the euros, world cup, or confederations cup, could have an impact on a normal club career mode or you can take up a career as an international manager and move between clubs and countrys.

  18. If I’m honest, I’m really dissapointed with this game!
    The career and manager mode are worse than in FIFA 11, the defending is poor, there are lots of glitches in the game, not really lots of new features and the AI is not really smart, so I’m staying on PES! It’s not OK!


  19. Certainly have to come back LOUNGE mod,more licensed national team jersey,reduced hit rate per distance shots(player vs player).As far as I can see that enough.FIFA 12 is already the best football game so far was that

  20. To be honest with you, I am highly disappointed with this FIFA 2012 because of the way it was created. Defending is poor and marking as well is poor. There are some silly mistakes made like when curling with Ibrahimovich, there is every chance he is going to score. As well the way they created Vidic is an insult to him he is by far one of the worst defenders in the game. And also they only focused on the bigger teams and made other lesser teams absolutely useless. Please you guys should improve in defense and passes as well as goalkeeper reaction and defenders reaction

  21. Ok How come more people aren’t mentioning this one GLARING error in Fifa12, which it existed in Fifa11 and was never fixed??? That error is when you are playing as player-manager and you decide to go to another team, or are fired.. You cannot be player-manager anymore and can only play as manager, and you lose your pro! I could not believe this still was a problem in Fifa12, it was one of the main fixes I was waiting for. HUGE dissapointment. Please EA, PLEASE in Fifa13, please allow the player to continue as player-manager even when moving to another team, as it was in Fifa10!!!! I will be dumb-founded if this is still an issue in Fifa13.

    1. well sir, how many player-managers move to another team and still get to play as a footballer… is only realistic to become a fulltime manager when u leave your original team!!!

  22. I know a ZILLION people that want Online Co-OP Play. I have buddies all over the country that want to play on the same team online against the cpu and set up a league or tournament. Online Co-op would be awesome. Such a major item missed in previous FIFA’s.

  23. when in pro mode, international oppotunities should be available. your pro gets to go to the euros, world cup maybe even qualifying rounds.

  24. players should not be given a cap on their growth. Rather allow them to improve up to a certain age. Some players on fifa 12 will obviously grow intoo better players than is allowed in game. Also bring back the form boost in carrer mode and pro

  25. When autosave is on for manager mode it becomes very difficult to tell which autosave is the career you want to load. The autosave should just save under the original save name, I don’t know why you changed it. Also the writing on the league tables is far too small, I have pretty good vision and I struggle to tell how many points my team has in the league, could quite easily change that! Other than that career mode is as good as ever

  26. Well on head to head matches make so where u can choose different teams and not the same. More intellegence to offense when attacking

  27. Best thing about fifa 12 is pro clubs but there are so many problems
    with it. for starters its called pro clubs but you have the option to use all platers (any)
    this is not fair on teams who see this as wrong. then the computer players difficulty is not hard enough and is too easy should be on legendary or world class difficulty with the players upgrading depending on the lvl of your pro club. Should be able to make subs in pro club games.
    Also would be a cool idea to have a transfer market for players to make it easier to find players and clubs

  28. 1. More international countries (ex. Canada, Venezuela, Ghana, Paraguay)
    2. Create your own team option with players from the game in the game itself, not only on creation centre
    3. Longer gameplay for H2H season matches (8 minute halves)
    4. No more chances of playing the same team you are in H2H season matches
    5. Ability to use created teams in H2H season matches, unless teams ratings are higher than teams like Barcelona or Spain
    6. World cup option where you select a team and play in the world cup against legendary mode for CPU
    7. Ability to create your own tournament amongst friends and be able to choose the teams, elimination(single, double ….) and number of players

  29. When your playing manger mode or career mode after a season in it you can’t change ypur kit so I think you should be able to design a kit so the likes of adidas, Nike or Warrior sports send you kit deals.
    Please take this serious

  30. The technical team or whoever made this fifa12 are all idiots. what were they thinking when they made the game so foolishly? wayne rooney and nemanja vidic absolutely poor in the game and Man united’s defence is so stagnant that they don’t even move. you guys over made Ac milan especially Pato and Ibrahimovich. I think all of you should be sacked and better people should take over. I rate fifa12 1/10.

  31. To be honest with you, I am highly disappointed with this FIFA 2012 because of the way it was created. Defending is poor and marking as well is poor. There are some silly mistakes made like when curling with Ibrahimovich, there is every chance he is going to score. As well the way they created Vidic is an insult to him he is by far one of the worst defenders in the game. And also they only focused on the bigger teams and made other lesser teams absolutely useless. Please you guys should improve in defense and passes as well as goalkeeper reaction and defenders reaction.

  32. Me and my friends are really disappointed that you cannot play 2 player (on the same team) ranked matches online on Fifa 12 as you could on Fifa 11. You only seem to be able to play unranked matches. FIFA PLEASE FIX THIS!

  33. I recon fifa 13 should include all the premier league stadiums and a stadium builder a better carear mode and better improvements on fifa ultimate team also there should be free regular updates to get the latest boot for your virtual pro.

  34. I hope they can finally add classic teams like PES.
    Everyone has a classic favorite. It’ll keep us hooked!

  35. hi all,

    im one trophy away from getting platium for fifa12.. its the club legend trophy, ive played 140 games with Nesta which i got from a pack but still no trophy.. i mostly play UT tournament games and single player games, do i have to play online against random players to get this trophy? can any1 help me?

  36. Is it just me or does anyone else HATE the CLUNKY menu’s when setting up your team/formation, surely this is a simple thing to rectify and yet its happened on the last 3 or 4 games FIFA games, so annoying!!!!!

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