Football Manager 2023 – How to Create Club

Create Club in Football Manager 2023

Here is a guide to creating a new club in Football Manager 2023 and starting your career as a coach. Follow the below steps and create your own club in FM 23:

Start the Game

Launch the Football Manager 2023 game.

Football Manager 2023 Main Menu

Create a Club

From the main screen, under the CREATE-A-CLUB mode, choose START A NEW GAME.

Football Manager 2023 - Country and League

Select Country and League

Next, select a nation (country) by selecting the “Add Nation” option. Then, select the league you would like to create your club in. Once you’re done, click NEXT.

Football Manager 2023 Create Coach

Create a Coach

Here, you can create your coach by entering its personal information and appearance details.

Football Manager 2023 Select Club Base

Select Your Club Base

Next, you need to pick an existing club from the league tier you chose as your new club’s base. Select a club from the list to create your club. The better club you choose, the higher your budget will be. After you have selected your club, click CREATE A CLUB.

Football Manager 2023 Edit Club

Edit and Customise Your Club

Here you can customize your club’s details, such as the club name, logo, stadium name, jersey, and staff roles. When you’re finished, click CHOOSE DREAM SQUAD. 

Football Manager 2023 Select Players

Select Players

Now, you need to select your squad’s players. Depending on your club’s budget, select the players you want to have in your squad. You can also add players to the list or create a player. Select CONFIRM when you’re done here.

Football Manager 2023 Timeline

Start Your Career

That’s it! Here you can see your timeline and officially start your career with the club you created. Good luck!

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