FIFA Mobile Wishlist

FIFA Mobile Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA Mobile

Write your ideas for FIFA Mobile’s upcoming update, write about the things that you would like to see in the next update of FIFA Mobile game. Share your ideas and suggestions by writing down your FIFA Mobile wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA Mobile in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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79 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile Wishlist

  1. The simplest and most urgentno thing to introduce(it had to be done from the first day of Establishment) is that when a player disconnects or the Internet disappears the Match is automatically over, and not that the BOT, which plays bettet than the some players, play his Match… I have given up playing Fifa Mobile several times because this happens to me while H2H

  2. ea should add career mode, create player and license these leagues: spanish 3rd divison, algerian professional ligue, egyptian premier league, uae pro league, qatari stars league,
    moroccan national league

    1. Exactement, mais ils devraient aussi rajouter la challenge league Suisse (2e division)
      et qu’ils rajoutent aussi la modification des numéros de maillot des joueurs

  3. Please bring back game play like fifa 16 ultimate team.we loved exchanging player system it was so much fun please add exchange players.please ea bring back fifa 16 UT with better graphics and smooth gameplay

  4. Can fifa mobile 22 come out on 8th October please. Also in the game there should be real leagues, clubs, manager and player career modes, commentators, World Cup, Euros, Copa America, transfer window, substitutions in matches, injuries on players in a match, training grounds, transfer news on players just like football in real life please.

  5. Can fifa mobile not have ultimate team instead have manager, player career modes, commentators, real teams, real teams, champions league, World Cup, euros please.

  6. please add commentary to Fifa mobile. I will only play it if there is commentary. otherwise its a dead pointless game.

  7. Icons should be tradeable, from last two seasons icons are not tradeable this is so frustrating. Also gameplay is so crap, ea has become money hungry company. Make this game like fifa mobile 18 or 19, head to head season grind should come back. Campaign mode, team heroes and scouting mode also should come back. What are you doing fifa mobile developers????

  8. Can you stop division rivals and head to head matches. Instead can you add substitutions, commentators during matches, players and managers transfer from their former club to another club, can we play for a real club in a real league and national team, add world cup, champions league, europa league. Also add player and manager career modes and our club and national team training grounds. I want to play every match for exactly 90 minutes in every event.

  9. Can we do training in our own club training ground, players transfer news, substitutions, commentary during matches, change players positions, play every match in every event for 90 minutes, player and manager career modes please.

  10. I would like substitutions, commentary in
    matches, manager and player career modes, players transfer news and I want to play as a real league and national club for example PSG and Spain. Also I want to play every match in every event for 90 minutes please.

  11. Pls EA for god’s sake add manager mode in FIFA Mobile 22 and pls fix the glitches in gameplay. And pls make getting money with gems instead of FIFA points.

  12. I love playing fifa very much but we need to improve on some areas…1.improve the through or add througg button since throughs are meaningless in the game 2.improve on the attacking areas 3.add celebrations after winning the league 4.improve on the gameplay of the game like pes or dream league 5.make it more real like in ps4 x box etc 6.add more skill moves 7.make the career mode just like in ps 8.put the fifa on playstore for more downloads and support since many people do not know how to extract data and start playing ….on this way we can kill pes.

  13. EA please add in game substitution most NB commentary and also players doing different celebrations.
    Also add jersey numbers change and roles so we can have different players take our penalties or free-kicks.We would love to also have volta on fifa mobile.
    Hope EA can make changes

  14. I would like to see icon tournament like it was in game in fifa mobile 18 or 19 . I think its intetesting because you can get players from the past you werent able to get during events ( talking about base-event or even prime icons)
    I think this would really help fifa mobile bring something in what would be great for every single fifa mobile player.

  15. Maybe if it could be possible ask to borrow players from other players in exchange for FIFA points of with a 5% charge the lending player could be for a wk or a month just an Idea

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