Vote for FIFA 18 Leagues

FIFA 18 Leagues

Which leagues you would like to see in FIFA 18?

Here you can vote for the leagues you would like to see in FIFA 18. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed in the next FIFA game.

Drop your vote here at this page for your favorite league. Is your favorite league not in the vote list? Don’t worry, you can ask us to add it to this list.

You can also write your ideas and wish list for FIFA 18 at

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Which Leagues to be Licensed for FIFA 18?

  • German 3rd League (11%, 239,908 Votes)
  • Indian League (11%, 237,316 Votes)
  • Chinese League (11%, 236,758 Votes)
  • Peruvian League (5%, 110,023 Votes)
  • Greek League (5%, 97,551 Votes)
  • Iranian League (4%, 94,020 Votes)
  • Turkish PTT League (4%, 86,600 Votes)
  • Israeli League (3%, 74,657 Votes)
  • Romanian League (3%, 72,424 Votes)
  • Mexican 2nd League (3%, 69,179 Votes)
  • UAE League (3%, 68,775 Votes)
  • Indonesian League (2%, 46,019 Votes)
  • Hungarian League (2%, 45,118 Votes)
  • Egyptian League (2%, 44,875 Votes)
  • Malaysian League (2%, 40,713 Votes)
  • Portuguese 2nd League (2%, 35,866 Votes)
  • Bulgarian League (2%, 34,933 Votes)
  • Thai League (1%, 29,035 Votes)
  • Salvadoran League (1%, 27,243 Votes)
  • Czech League (1%, 24,488 Votes)
  • Polish 2nd League (1%, 23,200 Votes)
  • Bangladesh League (1%, 20,486 Votes)
  • Kuwait League (1%, 19,454 Votes)
  • Women Bundesliga (1%, 19,334 Votes)
  • Ukrainian League (1%, 16,719 Votes)
  • Honduran League (1%, 15,566 Votes)
  • Serbian League (1%, 15,340 Votes)
  • Kosovo League (1%, 14,635 Votes)
  • Uruguayan League (1%, 14,172 Votes)
  • Ecuadorian League (1%, 13,716 Votes)
  • Costa Rican League (1%, 13,530 Votes)
  • North American Soccer League (NASL) (1%, 12,809 Votes)
  • English Conference League (1%, 12,585 Votes)
  • Iraqi League (1%, 12,344 Votes)
  • Georgian League (1%, 11,588 Votes)
  • Bolivian League (1%, 11,530 Votes)
  • Spanish 3rd League (1%, 11,052 Votes)
  • Venezuelan League (1%, 10,677 Votes)
  • Welsh League (0%, 10,224 Votes)
  • Azerbaijan League (0%, 10,110 Votes)
  • Moroccan League (0%, 9,890 Votes)
  • South African League (0%, 8,215 Votes)
  • Algerian League (0%, 7,722 Votes)
  • Albanian League (0%, 7,412 Votes)
  • Tunisian League (0%, 7,306 Votes)
  • Cyprus League (0%, 6,646 Votes)
  • Croatian League (0%, 6,254 Votes)
  • Oman League (0%, 6,251 Votes)
  • Lebanese League (0%, 5,086 Votes)
  • Kazakhstan League (0%, 4,649 Votes)
  • Argentina 2nd League (0%, 4,619 Votes)
  • Paraguayan League (0%, 4,143 Votes)
  • Guatemala League (0%, 3,862 Votes)
  • Qatar League (0%, 3,455 Votes)
  • Swedish 2nd League (0%, 3,350 Votes)
  • Slovakian League (0%, 3,172 Votes)
  • Scottish 2nd League (0%, 3,019 Votes)
  • Russian 2nd League (0%, 2,719 Votes)
  • Uzbekistan League (0%, 2,363 Votes)
  • Armenian League (0%, 2,341 Votes)
  • Vietnamese League (0%, 2,240 Votes)
  • Libyan League (0%, 2,167 Votes)
  • Singapore League (0%, 1,894 Votes)
  • Dutch 2nd League (0%, 1,862 Votes)
  • Maltese League (0%, 1,798 Votes)
  • Italian Lega Pro (0%, 1,789 Votes)
  • Sudanese League (0%, 1,365 Votes)
  • Belgium 2nd League (0%, 1,302 Votes)
  • Finnish League (0%, 1,180 Votes)
  • Belgian 2nd League (0%, 1,179 Votes)
  • Northern Irish League (0%, 1,059 Votes)
  • New Zealand League (0%, 1,030 Votes)
  • Macedonian League (0%, 1,014 Votes)
  • Austrian 2nd League (0%, 943 Votes)
  • Bosnian League (0%, 855 Votes)
  • Jamaica League (0%, 821 Votes)
  • Palestine League (0%, 797 Votes)
  • Afghan League (0%, 620 Votes)
  • Hong Kong League (0%, 453 Votes)
  • Belarusian League (0%, 379 Votes)
  • Slovenian League (0%, 328 Votes)
  • Canadian League (0%, 313 Votes)
  • Estonian League (0%, 303 Votes)
  • Icelandic League (0%, 289 Votes)
  • Luxembourg League (0%, 275 Votes)
  • Nigerian League (0%, 236 Votes)
  • Lithuanian League (0%, 233 Votes)
  • Trinidad and Tobago League (0%, 205 Votes)
  • Greenlandic Championship (0%, 161 Votes)
  • Gibraltar League (0%, 159 Votes)
  • St. Kitts and Nevis League (0%, 141 Votes)
  • Philippines League (0%, 141 Votes)
  • Maldivian League (0%, 125 Votes)
  • Angolan League (0%, 116 Votes)
  • Swaziland League (0%, 100 Votes)
  • Madagascar THB League (0%, 98 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,135,016

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Comments (509)

509 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 18 Leagues

  1. Hello، can you buille lranian lughes pache bay the way iran is best football player of world . But do not know

  2. we need the English national league to get into fifa because look at how well Sutton United and Lincoln City did in the FA cup a few years ago. There are also many other great teams in the national league so we must get those teams into fifa 19. WE NEED THE NATIONAL LEAGUE NOW!!!!!!

  3. Hi please put it leagues iran permium(persian gulf) please i like to see
    My country leagues in the best game on world
    I am convinced that if you invite Iranian players to scan their strength and face they accept
    If I want to comment, Alireza Beyranvand strength is 90 in his post. He is a great goalkeeper.

  4. با سلام لطفا تیم ایران و لیگ خلیج فارس رو هم تو فیفا قرار بدهید بخاطر اینکه هم طرفدار خیلی داره و لیاقتشو داریم هم تو اسیا رنک ۱ رو داریم هم جهان ۳۳ هستیم لطفا قبولش کنید ممون از لطفتون

  5. Ar fii prea smecher sa bage chiar toate ligiile din lume ca dea-ia e joc de fotbal si cred ca e mai frumos sa fie toate ligiile din lume pentru ca un jucator de fifa are o echipa preferata si nu poate sa joace cu ea e aiurea, că daca ar avea toate ligiile din lume e si mai mare pofta de ajuca cu echipa ta preferata,ai putea si fii propriul manager la echipa ta preferata, pe scurt eu cred ca e mai frumos sa bage toate ligiile din lume chiar daca le ea mai mult timp.

    Automatically translated:
    It would be too humorous to put even all the world’s leagues as a football game and I think it is better to be all the league in the world because a fifa player has a favorite team and can not play with her is bad , that if you have all the league in the world is even more craving to go with your favorite team, you could be your own manager in your favorite team, in short I think it is better to take all the leagues in the world even if you more time.

  6. IRAN

    DEAR Mr.Infantiniho
    Hi.Im Iranian and I like to use this league an International team in fifa18 or fifa19 .I must add that Iran is at Rank 33 and it deserves it.please.

    Your fithfuly.
    Amirmohammad Vahedian
    برای آقای اینفانتینیو
    سلام.من ایرانی هستم و دوست دارم از لیگ و تیم ملی این کشور در فیفا هجده یا نوزده استفاده شود.من باید اضافه کنم که ایران در رنک سی وسه است و لایق این جایگاه است.لطفا.
    امیرمحمد واحدیان

  7. Sería muy bonito jugar con los equipos bolivianos como en el ps2 ahora que tengo la ps4 pro se notaría todas las mejoras como promete fifa 2018

  8. Indian League…..
    Teams : ATK , Mumbai City FC , Chennayian FC , FC GOA , East Bengal , Mohun Bagan , Bangaluru FC ,Jamsedpur FC , North East United , Delhi Dynamos , Pune City FC , Kerala Blasters

  9. I think the national team of iran should be in fifa18 because the iranian team is the first team in asia and 25th in world

  10. Add Hampden Park, Celtic Park, Ibrox stadium, Tynecastle stadium, Pittodrie stadium, Victoria park, and every teams stadium in the Scottish premier league in FIFA or in future FIFA games.

  11. Make sure referees in the game are like the ones in real life for the Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Scottish, Swiss, German and every league. Make sure every team in every league every team plays in their real life home stadium and put the stadium in the game. Make sure to change Cup names like Taça portuguesa to Taça de Portugal, Spanish cup to Copa del Rey, Coupe Nationale tô Coupe de France and Calcio A to Serie A. Make sure for World Cup qualifiers and European qualifiers make sure national teams play in different stadiums instead of the same ones it is boring. Make sure which country hosts World Cup or Euro has the real stadiums to make it look like real life. Add Stade de France home of the Coupe de France, Coupe de la ligue finals and home of the French national where they play friendly matches and qualifying matches. This makes the game better.

  12. Do not forget to put in Asteras Tripoli from Greece into the game. Add Icelandic league including teams like FH, Reykjavik, and others into FIFA. Add a women’s league from Europe and make a woman’s Champions League. Add Portuguese women’s league with others. Make sure to add CONCACAF Champions League and Copa Libertadores. Make fans leave the stadium when there team is down by 5-7 goals at home or away to make them leave in humiliation and disgraced. Have fans celebrate last minute goal crazy and jump out of the stadium to celebrate or try and attack the opponent team. Make a pitch invasion for teams who survive in the Premier league and English leagues like they have won a championship. Please do this in FIFA 19, FIFA 20, FIFA 21 and other FIFA games in the future. Thanks.

  13. FIFA you seriously have to add more stadiums for different leagues add more languages and add more leagues and let us create a team for free and make one up. These people have the same idea I do except for Indian and South African league. Add more national teams like Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovakia, Iceland, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia (not the state the country) Cyprus, Malta, Andorra, Luxembourg and the rest from all over the world. Add more leagues like Ukraine, Greece, Romania, Iceland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Moldova, Belarus, Estonia and even 2nd divisions for every European league like Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland and other European leagues. Add UEFA Champions League and Europa League instead of naming it Champions cup and Euro league add different stadiums for finals of those tournaments add Club World Cup and name Copa Europa UEFA Super Cup. Add fan bases for each team. Add Supercups for leagues that do not and also have league cups for countries like Portugal and Scotland they both have league cups. Add more stadiums for thePortuguese league like: Estádio José Alvalade, Estádio da Luz, Estádio do Dragão, Estádio Municipal de Braga, Estádio Afonso Henriques, Estádio do Restelo, Estádio dos Barreiros, Estádio do Bonfim, Estádio Mata Real Estádio do Rio Ave FC, Estádio da Bessa, Estádio Antônio Coimbra da Mota, Estádio do Feirense, Estádio do Chaves, Estádio do Moreirense and for the teams who are promoted to the Portuguese league. Add Portuguese 2nd division league so there can be more Taça de Portugal and Taça de Liga games and teams can play in the Portuguese league top flight. For Portuguese league cup make it the same like in the real life tournament and make the final in the Estádio de Coimbra, Estádio do Leiria and also Estádio do Algarve. Have Portuguese 2nd division teams stadium made licensed with the Portuguese Primeira Liga teams stadiums licensed also. Add other stadiums like Lyon, Lille, Monaco, St. Etienne and Bordeaux because of their European history and also Napoli, Fiorentina, Sevilla, Valencia, Villarreal, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao, PSV, Feyenoord, Twente, AZ Alkmaar, Heerenveen, Bayer Leverkusen, Celtic FC, Rangers FC, Aberdeen, Hearts, Motherwell, Ross County, FC Basel, BSC Young Boys, FC Zurich/Grasshopper, St. Gallen, FC Sion, Spartak Moscow, CSKA Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow, Dynamo Moscow, Rubin Kazan, Zenit St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rosenborg BK, Molde, Brann, Valerenga, Viking, FC Copenhagen, Aalborg, Brondby, Odense, Midjytlland, Nordjaeslland, RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge, KRC Genk, KAA Gent, Standard Liege, Charleroi, Lokeren, VFB Stuttgart, Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg, Nuremberg, Freiburg, Frankfurt, Besiktas, Galatasaray, Fenerbache, Buraspor, Trabonzpor, RCD Espanyol, RC Deportivo, Philadelphia Union, Los Angeles Galaxy, New York City FC, New York Red Bulls, New England Revolution, D.C. United, Chicago Fire, Sporting Kansas City, Portland Timbers, Atlanta United, Minnesota United, Columbus Crew, Toronto FC, Montreal Impact, Cruz Azul, America, Santos. Add Hampden Park home of Scotland national team and the final of the Scottish league cup and Scottish cup. Add International Champions Cup where European sides face Americas best including Mexico teams. FIFA please add teams like APOEL, Bate Borisov, CFR Cluj, Dnipro, Dynamo Minsk, Dynamo Kyiv, Sheriff Tiraspol, Dinamo Zagreb, Fenercavos, Debrecen, Ludogrets, CSKA Sofia, Levski Sofia, Maribor, Sparta Prague, Slavia, Prague, Steaua Bucharest, Dinamo Bucharest, Rapid Bucharest, Rijeka, Hadjuk Split, Slovan Bratislava, Viktoria Plzen, Red Star Belgrade, Partizan, Qarabag, Astana to make European competitions very interesting. Add fans and players celebrating the league title on the last day of the season. Show images of the city before kick off in career mode. FIFA please use these ideas that I have with others and put in FIFA games like FIFA 19, FIFA 20, FIFA 21, FIFA 22 and so on. Thanks. P.S. please listen to my ideas and other people’s ideas and put them in the game it will make the game better and more enjoyable and everyone will be very happy.

    Make sure Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull Leipzig, Austria Wein, Rapid Wein play in their home stadiums and have it licensed.

    Also I forgot make sure Legia Warsaw, Cracóvia, Lech Poznan, Wisla Krakow play in their home stadiums and that their stadiums are licensed and are in different the game or in FIFA.

  14. Why do not you put the national team of Iran ranked 25 in the world among the national teams ??? Iran climbed to the World Cup as the second team in the world, but national teams from China and India who did not climb the Russian World Cup. The national team of Iran is the most powerful team in Asia but you have not included this national team in the national teams list … Are the national teams of Japan, South Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China and India stronger than the national team of Iran? ???? I ask you to place the Iranian national team and the Iranian Premier League in the game of FIFA 18 or FIFA 19 …

  15. Ukraine national team must be in Fifa 2018 !!! We are Europe – the last stand of democracy, our nation is fighting for it and needs moral support – BEST MORAL SUPPORT IS ADDING UKRAINE NATIONAL TEAM ! What’s wrong with you , a lot of good players from our country are playing in different leagues all round the world and you can not add our national team !? Even Andrei Shevchenko – one of the best players in the world is our coach !!!

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