FIFA Mobile – Update 6.2.0

FIFA Mobile Update

FIFA Mobile update version 6.2.0 is now available for iOS and Android devices. This update includes some improvements and adjusts gameplay to give you a better gaming experience.

Here is what’s been addressed in the Update 6.2:

  • Fixed an issue with players being frozen and unresponsive at the beginning of a possession
  • Fixed an issue with swipes to shoot sometimes being ignored
  • Tuned corner possessions and player positions
  • Tuned how fast possessions end when the player no longer has the ball
  • Tactic selection became easier
  • Option to toggle Auto-play
  • Camera view improvement
Other Improvements
  • Tuned Great Chances to make sure higher success rate. Moved players closer to the net and give easy passing options
  • Tuned Good chances by creating more space and clearer passing options
  • Fixed issues where Dribbler was immediately pressured on possession start
  • Reduced the length of Attack Mode matches from 2:00 to 1:30
  • Added the option to toggle Auto-Play
  • Changed the Tactic Selection screen to a single list sorted by highest OVR
  • Fixed some issues with changing tactics failing to persist into gameplay
  • Fixed an issue causing matches to end while the player still had time left
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong information appeared on the screen while waiting for your opponent to finish their match
  • Many other fixes and performance improvements

FIFA Mobile Update v6.2.0 is about 58 MB and is available from July 17, 2017.

FIFA Mobile is available for iOS and Android for free download. You can write your ideas and wishlist for the next version of FIFA Mobile at our FIFA Mobile Wishlist page.


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