FIFA Mobile Icons Strike

FIFA Mobile ICONS Strike

Icons Strike program in FIFA Mobile will allow you to claim Icon players by playing and completing its chapters.

Play the weekly featured matches in FIFA Mobile ICONS STRIKES program to earn Icons Points, then complete SBC challenges and spend your Icons Points to redeem Icon players.

There are 3 chapters in this program to complete:


In this chapter, you can play the weekly challenges to earn Icons Points. You can also complete the objectives in this chapter to earn extra Icons Points. The challenges are usually 3 skill games (Medium, Hard and Expert levels)

There are 6 objectives to complete in this chapter where you can get up to 110 Icons Points by completing all of them.

Hall of Icons

Here you can complete Squad Building Challenges and spend your Icons Points to claim your favourite Icons Players. To unlock SBC challenges, you need to complete the SBC Tutorial chapter of Squad Building Challenges.


In the Milestones chapter, you can spend your Icons Points to receive bonus rewards such as Elite players, coins, skill boosts, training xp and Prime Icons.

Icon Players

Here are some of Icons Players you can get from this program. Check out the complete list of Icons in FIFA Mobile.

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