FIFA Mobile League Matchups

FIFA Mobile League Matchups

FIFA Mobile League Matchups is a weekly event which is based on real football matches in the world competitions. In the League Matchups, you can play in featured matches with other online players and ear rewards.

League Tickets can be earned by participating in competitions in Leagues. League Tickets are used to participate in League Matchups, and winning matches results in League Matchups Points and League Matchups Scores. In the Gifts chapter, League Matchups Points can be exchanged for exclusive rewards.

The more League Matchups Scores you earn the higher your will be placed on the leaderboard. The higher you place on the leaderboard the more Perk Voucher you will be rewarded. Perk Vouchers are used to exchange Perk Points.

Matches and leaderboard refresh weekly.

How to Enter and Play a League Matchups Competition

To enter and unlock League Matchups, you need to spend League Tickets. League Tickets are earned by playing Tournaments in the League. So, you need to play League Tournaments first to unlock the League Matchups.

League tickets also can be bought from the League Tickets offer in the League Matchups. You will need to spend either 1,250 Gems or 500 FIFA Points to get 5 League Tickets which is enough for a League Matchups entry.


There are 5 matches every week to play in the League Matchups – 1 featured matchup and 4 bonus games. By taking side in this matches and playing them, you will receive League Matchups Score and Points for your win, loss or draw results.


In the rewards chapter you can exchange your League Matchups Points for exclusive rewards such as League Matchups Players, Skill Boosts, Training XPs and Coins.

You can also purchase League Matchups Points from this chapters offers by spending Gems or FIFA points.


League Matchups players are special player items with improved OVR. Check out the complete list of FIFA Mobile League Matchups players.

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  1. How can I get my favorite team kit on Fifa mobile? I’m trying to customize my team into my favorite club from the South African Football League known as Orlando Pirates FC. Can you you share guidance as to how I am to do this?

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