FIFA Mobile – Football Freeze

Football Freeze

FIFA Mobile Football Freeze event is available from 9 December 2019 to 7 January 2020. By playing the Football Freeze event you will have the opportunity to claim some new rewards by playing other events.

  • Event Duration: 29 Days (9 December to 7 January)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 4 Starry Night Energy per ad
  • Energy: Starry Night Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18

Play this event to get Star Games and earn Frozen Gifts that you can use towards various rewards. Complete Daily Quests to earn Candy Canes. Spend these Candy Canes in Candy Cane Lane for rewards and Snowman Points.
Spend Snowman Points towards Freeze Players. Play Skill Games along the Snowflake for various rewards. Grind progressively harder Skill Games and Matches to climb to the top of Slippery Slope and earn rewards.

There are 4 chapters in this event to play and earn rewards:

Starry Night

Complete each Star Game in this chapter and gain Frozen Gifts based on how well you play. The more stars you collect, the more Frozen Gifts you can claim. Claiming your Frozen Gifts will refresh the Gifts and the Star Games. Go through the process enough times and Star Games become more difficult and Frozen Gifts become better.

Take note that losing a Star Game will not return your Starry Night Energy!

Here is the Easy Star Game milestones and rewards:

Milestone Rewards
3 Stars 2 Gold Gifts
5 Stars 3-5 Gold Gifts + 1 Elite Gift
7 Stars 3-5 Gold Gifts + 1-3 Elite Gifts
9 Stars 3-5 Gold Gifts + 1-3 Elite Gifts + 1 Star Gift

Claim 20 Easy Milestone Rewards to progress to Medium Skill Games and Rewards.

Medium Star Game Milestones:

Milestone Rewards
3 Stars 4 Gold Gifts
5 Stars 4-6 Gold Gifts + 2 Elite Gifts
7 Stars 4-6 Gold Gifts + 2-4 Elite Gifts
9 Stars 4-6 Gold Gifts + 2-4 Elite Gifts + 1-2 Star Gifts

Claim 20 Medium Milestone Rewards to progress to Hard Skill Games and Rewards.

Hard Star Game Milestones:

Milestone Rewards
Milestone Rewards
3 Stars 6 Gold Gifts
5 Stars 8-12 Gold Gifts + 3 Elite Gifts
7 Stars 8-12 Gold Gifts + 3-5 Elite Gifts
9 Stars 8-12 Gold Gifts + 3-5 Elite Gifts + 2-3 Star Gifts + 1 Master Gift

Frozen Gifts

Use your hard-earned Gold, Elite, Star, and Master Gifts in the Frozen Gifts chapter! Choose between different Frozen Gifts for a variety of rewards.

Here is the list of possible rewards from Frozen Gifts:

  • Base Players
  • Freeze Currencies
  • Freeze Players
  • Past Program Players
  • Event Icon Player
  • Icon Points
  • TOTW Tokens
  • Resources (Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP)

Here is the Frozen Gifts update schedule:

  • Daily from December 9th – December 24th
  • Hourly from December 24th – December 26th
  • Twice a day from December 26th – December 31st
  • Hourly from December 31st – January 1st
  • Twice a day from January 1st – January 6th
  • One last time on January 6th

Candy Cane Lane

Complete Daily Frozen Quests during 4 Seasons: Football Freeze to earn Candy Canes. Use Candy Canes in Candy Cane Lane towards Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Rank Shards, or Players.

For every reward you obtain, you get a Snowman Point reward. Use these Snowman Points towards specific Freeze Players.

Candy Cane Lane Milestones Reward
8,000 Snowman Points Spent Event Icon 93 OVR CB Laurent Blanc
Claim all 20 Candy Cane Lane Players Prime Icon 98 OVR CAM Gheorghe Hagi

Snowflake – Weeks 1 & 3

You can’t have 4 Seasons: Football Freeze without a Snowflake. Claim your daily Frozen Points here to progress along the path. Play the Skill Game associated with the node to get your reward. Every Snowflake path focuses on different types of rewards, so you can choose whatever path works for you.

Slippery Slope – Weeks 2 & 4

Play increasingly difficult Skill Games and Matches as you work your way up the Slippery Slope! Use Base Stamina to play and earn Penguin Score. If you lose the Match or fail the Skill Game, you go all the way back to the bottom of the hill, where you can start all over again. Grind this unlimited mode to earn various rewards and place on the Leaderboard, where you can win themed Emotes, Logos, and Players.

Football Freeze Players

Here’s the list of Football Freeze players for this year:

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