FIFA Mobile – Easter

Easter event in FIFA Mobile

Easter event is available in FIFA Mobile from 9 to 23 April 2020. This event features special rewards and players.

  • Coin Packs: 10 Weekly Coin Packs that give 15 Easter Energy for 150,000 coins
  • Daily Login: 1 Painted Egg
  • Energy: Easter Energy refreshes 2 per hour with a max of 30 Easter Energy
  • Event Duration: 14 Days (9 to 23 April 2020)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 8 Easter Energy per ad

Easter event has 5 chapters. You can use your Easter Energy in the specific coloured Egg Hunt skill games and matches to earn that colour of Eggs.

Egg Hunts

Play Red, Blue and Green Skill Games to earn Red, Blue and Green Eggs. Spend Eggs in their colour coordinated Egg Paths to acquire Skill Boosts, Training XP, Basket Points, Coins and Easter Players. At specific intervals in each path, you have the choice to pick between 3 different players. Finally, at the end of each row, unlock a challenge match to win a logo. Challenge matches take regular stamina.

Event Energy Cost Red Eggs Green Eggs Blue Eggs
Red Egg Games 2 6
Green Egg Games 2 6
Blue Egg Games 2 6
Easter Players - FIFA Mobile

Painted Egg

Every day you will receive a Painted Egg when you login to FIFA Mobile game app. So use your Painted Egg for the possibility of getting one of the rewards below:

Reward Amount
Eggy Energy 15
Coins 20,000
Skill Boosts 10
Training XP 4,000
Basket Points 10
Gold Players 5
Golden Egg 1


There are two milestone objective rewards and one daily objective reward on the map in this event. By complete 10 games you can earn the Daily Basket Reward of 10 Basket Points. Complete 1 Egg Hunt Path and receive 2 Hazard Keys. Complete All Egg Hunts and use 1,000 Basket Points to redeem the Prime Icon Reward.

Reward Position Name OVR
Prime Icon Reward LW Hristo Stoichkov 101

Daily Matches

Take advantage of 3 Daily Bonus Matches and select the difficulty to earn rewards for winning – The harder the difficulty, the better the rewards. Medium difficulty matches include the new Extra Match Win Conditions.

Special Matches Base Stamina Cost Limit (Daily) Reward 1 Reward 1 Count Reward 2 Reward 2 Count
Easy 3 3 Coins 10,000
Med 3 3 70+ Gold 1
Really Hard 3 1 Skill Boosts 75 75+ Gold 2

Squad Building Challenges

This event also has a new SBC available. Exchange EAster and Base players for Common and Rare Rank Shards in the Main chapter of this event.

BC Limit Req 1 Req 2 Reward Reward Count Reward 2 Reward Count
Rank SBC 2 2 86+ Easter Players 2 other 86+ Players Common Rank Shards 50 Rare Rank Shards 30

Basket Rewards

Use Basket Points earned in the event on Players or Resource Rewards in the Basket Rewards Chapter. Purchasing Jeweled Players with Basket Points gives you a Golden Egg. The Golden Egg Resource Rewards have the potential to give an egg upon redemption as well. Once you receive a Golden Egg, you can spend it on the Golden Egg Pack. The Golden Egg Node gives you the potential to earn a Golden Ticket.

Position Stores Unlock OVR Basket Point Cost Limit Reward Count
ST Troy Deeney 91 160 1 1
RW Viktor Tsygankov 91 160 1 1
CAM José Paulo Bezerra M. Júnior 91 160 1 1
LM Gonçalo Manuel Ganchinho Guedes 93 2501 1
CB Martin Hinteregger 96 500 1 1
ST Victor Osimhen Purchase 2 Jeweled Players 98 800 1 1
LB Luke Shaw Purchase 3 Jeweled Players 99 900 1 1
RM Dejan Kulusevski Purchase 5 Jeweled Players 100 1,000 1 1
Skill Boosts* 20 none 100
Coins* 20 none 200,000
XP* 20 none 40,000
Gold+ Base Players* 20 none 3

Golden Ticket

Trade your Golden Eggs in for a Golden Egg Reward. For each Golden Egg, you can earn various resources and have the possibility of getting a Golden Ticket! If you get a Golden Ticket, it will include information for how to redeem it to get a custom created player of your choice (barring some restrictions) that is over 100 OVR.

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  1. Why has the the opening of the jeweled egg masters changed to opening 2.. to now opening all in order to opening up the jeweled egg specials??

  2. I had finished all chapter book but still cant play easter festival. Stamina symbol & watch cant push that button.

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