FIFA Mobile – Hazard

FIFA Mobile Hazard Event

FIFA Mobile Hazard event is available from 9 April 2020. Play this event daily and earn players, rewards and 104 OVR Eden Hazard.

The Hazard Event is a new way for players to play the game each day, featuring a Daily Warm-up section. Every day, come in and earn some extra bonus rewards by playing 3 drills and 2 matches, then claim some Hazard Points & Rank Shards.

By completing all your Daily Warm-ups for a week, you will be able to claim even more Hazard Points & Rank Shards. All progress will carry forward so you can complete the tasks at your leisure without missing out on too many rewards, so don’t be worried if you missed a day.

Daily Weekly
5 Hazard Points 15 Hazard Points
5 Common Rank Shards 25 Common Rank Shards
10 Rare Rank Shards

Hazard Points

To use your Hazard Points, go to the HAZARD chapter in the event. There you can see a large pyramid, where you can work your way up to the top and eventually claim Hazard.

Start from the bottom, spending 20 Hazard Points at a time to claim extra rewards such as Rank Shards, Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP and other Players. As you move through, unlock additional rows by earning Hazard Keys. Hazard Keys can be earned in other events that are released in the game, such as in the Easter Event launching simultaneously. They are also not spent as you move up, but rather collected to unlock more of the pyramid over time. But as it is a pyramid, you will need more than just the keys to unlock the nodes. For every node in the pyramid, you’ll also need to complete the 2 directly beneath it in order to move up.

Lineup Challenges

As an extra opportunity to earn Hazard Points & Rank Shards faster, there are some Lineup Challenges available. These challenges require building an Active Lineup of players from the same nation or league to fulfill the conditions shown in game. All players must in the lineup meet a minimum OVR to play the various matches. After beating all the matches with your lineup, you’ll have the option to use them in an SBC for even more Rank Shards & Hazard Points. These Lineup Challenges will refresh with new requirements and rewards every 2 weeks.

FIFA Mobile Hazard Rewards

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