FIFA Mobile – Head to Head

FIFA Mobile Head to Head Mode

Head to Head mode (H2H) is an online game mode in FIFA Mobile which allows you to play 11v11 matches against other online users from around the world in real-time.

H2H mode is accessible from FIFA Mobile main screen. In Head-to-Head mode you will be playing tournaments in Divisions against the real users, where the lowest division is Amateur III and the highest is FIFA Champion. In Amateur and Pro Divisions, you could be matched against an AI team to help you improve your gameplay skills.

By winning and drawing H2H games you will earn cups and rewards. The number of cups you gain will decide your division. To promote to higher divisions, you will need to collect more cups.


H2H has 13 divisions, the number of your earned cups determines your current division. To promote to higher divisions you need to earn cups. Cups can be earned by winning and drawing matches. The higher division you are in, the higher number of cups you can earn from a win. Below is the list of Head to Head divisions:

  • FIFA Champion
  • Legendary I
  • Legendary II
  • Legendary III
  • World Class I
  • World Class II
  • World Class III
  • Pro I
  • Pro II
  • Pro III
  • Amateur I
  • Amateur II
  • Amateur III

Divisions are running through a season. A season’s length is 30 days. At the end of every season, you will not reset cups, unless you are at FIFA Champion or above. If you are at FIFA Champion division, you will reset to 1,000,000 cups.

At the end of every VSA or Head to Head season, you will not reset fans UNLESS you are at FIFA Champion or above. If you are at Champion, you will reset to 1,000,000 fans.

Head to Head seasons are staggered by about 2 weeks. That means one ends and starts, and the other ends/starts about 2 weeks later. At the end of every season, there are season end rewards.



By playing and completing H2H matches you can earn rewards such as packs and coins. Depending on your current division, each win will give you a pack, XPs and some amount of coins. A draw will also gives you coins and XP. Below is the list of H2H rewards:

  • XP
  • Coins
  • Packs (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite or Master)

Here is the list of rewards you will get at the end of each season based on your division:

Season End Rewards

Division Coins XP
FIFA Champion 250,000 25,000
Legendary I 150,000 20,000
Legendary II 100,000 20,000
Legendary III 75,000 20,000
World Class I 40,000 15,000
World Class II 35,000 15,000
World Class III 30,000 15,000
Pro I 25,000 5,000
Pro II 17,000 5,000
Pro III 12,000 5,000

Below is the list of pack rewards you will get as a win reward:

FIFA Champion

Pack Open Time (Hours) Coins XP
Bronze 2 5,000 2,500
Silver 4 10,000 5,000
Gold 6 15,000 7,500
Elite 12 30,000 15,000
Master 24 60,000 30,500


Pack Open Time (Hours) Coins XP
Bronze 2 4,000 2,500
Silver 4 8,000 4,000
Gold 6 12,000 6,000
Elite 12 24,000 12,000
Master 24 40,000 25,000

World Class

Pack Open Time (Hours) Coins XP
Bronze 2 3,000 1,500
Silver 4 6,000 3,000
Gold 6 9,000 4,500
Elite 12 18,000 9,000
Master 24 20,000 20,000


Pack Open Time (Hours) Coins XP
Bronze 2 2,000 750
Silver 4 4,000 2,000
Gold 6 6,000 3,000
Elite 12 12,000 6,000
Master 24 24,000 12,000


Pack Open Time (Hours) Coins XP
Bronze 0.5 1,000 250
Silver 1 1,250 500
Gold 2 2,000 800
Elite 4 3,000 1,750
Master 6 5,000 2,500

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29 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile – Head to Head

  1. My head to head and manager mode is not working so when I am playing with my friends I play with them vs attack so I am very confused so I need some help so that my head to head will work
    Reasons why i can’t play head to head is that I don’t know weather something is wrong with my phone so I need plenty help .
    My head to head is disabled so I want someone to fix for me
    Now my rating is 114 I can’t play head to head
    Today my friend wanted to play with me today but he was choosing head to head but since my head to head is disabled I was choosing vs attack
    Please i need help please
    I need to start playing head to head
    Thank you

  2. Hello My game name is SJTheChamp
    I play Fifa on my Lenevo Tablet
    But unfortunately it doesn’t work properly
    First problem is that I can’t play Head to Head it shows that it can’t run on my device
    Second is that whenever I want to play any match the game just kicks me out of the game
    Please tell solution of this please and also please fix the Head to Head problem
    Please humble request.
    Thank you

    1. Maybe your connection is not strong enough or that is to say it is not 4glite or your device is not 3gb ram upward

  3. I am at FIFA Masters level and did not earn cups for a tie! My game was not in practice mode either! I demand an investigation.

  4. does head to head work on iphone xr if so why does it say head to head locked reach pro III in vs attack to play. i am already pro III someone reply please

    1. H2h mode doesn’t work for Amazon Devices unless using Fire 10 tablets (2020 edition) with 3GB RAM. The rest are 2- 1 GB RAM

  5. Ditto. H2H event is absolutely illogical when you put so much effort to increase your team’s OVR and hence your line-up supposed to be more stronger against a team with lower OVR. However, the game system treats both teams as of equal strength. Not sure what is the logic behind such game design.

    1. it doesn’t treat it like they’re equal strength. This is super obvious with goalkeeper play. If you’re losing to worse teams than you it’s because your human opponent is better than you

  6. H2H match Is just a Bogus event, u can’t play as ur wishesh but opponent done it and more ridiculously u defeat with a 86 OVR team though u have 100 OVR team. it is just rubbish.

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