FIFA Mobile – Daily Activities

Daily Activities

Daily Activities are daily tasks in FIFA Mobile that need to be completed in order to redeem their rewards. Daily Activities are accessible from Activities menu. Learn more about Daily Activities at

Daily Activities reset every 24 hours. Don’t forget to finish them or claim the rewards for your completed activities before a new list reset your current one. The remaining time until the next refreshment is visible on the Daily Activities screen.

Daily Activities List & Rewards

Here you can find the common list of Daily Activities including their details and rewards:

Activity (Task) Rewards
Events – Complete X Skill Games or Matches in Events. – 6 x FIFA Points
– 3000 Coins
– 20 XP
Top Scorer – Score X Goals. – 2 x FIFA Points
– 2000 Coins
– 20 XP
VS Attack – Complete X VS Attack Match. – 6 x FIFA Points
– 2000 Coins
– 25 XP
Campaigns – Complete X Skill Games or Matches in Campaign. – 2 x Base Bronze+ Player
– 5 x FIFA Points
– 3000 Coins
– 20 XP
Daily Activities Completion – Complete All Daily Activities – 30 x FIFA Points
– 4000 Coins
– 100 XP

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  1. Actually, we boder so much,because in your new seasons,new activities come so lately we want to play new activity or i will delete this game.

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