Your Ideas and Wishlist for FIFA Manager 09

Which features should the next version of FIFA Manager have? Which ones should it not have? How should be the next version o FM?

What were the bugs in FIFA Manager 08 and older versions? Which version of FIFA Manager was the best one and why?

Write us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA Manager 09 in the form given below. We will send your ideas, suggestion and comments regading FIFA to EA Sports / Bright Future developers. Be sure that the FM developers are looking for new worthful ideas from FIFA fans.

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318 thoughts on “Your Ideas and Wishlist for FIFA Manager 09

    I dont know why we are not given the complete freedom to handle our founded club.

    The following features should be great:
    1)The founded club can be sold for the desired price.
    2)Advertisements can be placed to sell clubs.
    3)If in emergency, the clubs can be sold for half the market value of the club.
    4)Can hire staffs as well as chairman.
    5)Can move to another club as a manager, being an owner of a club.
    6)Any club can be purchased by negotiating with the chairman/owner, and need not be a manager of that club to purchase it.
    7)Can hire a manager for a owned club and negotiate an objective for the manager.
    8)The change in club prestige should also link with the bank balance of the club.
    9)Promotion/Religation/Winning international titles should have great effect on club prestige.
    10)Club prestige should have point system, just like that of manager level up. Every match victory should make a small change in prestige points.

    Player career mode should be completely different. It should be like managing a players career, and not just playing as a player.

    It should have a seperate option within the game. A club manager can retire and become a player manager of a created player or real players or his/her children.

    In the player manager mode the player has the option to trnsfer to another club, negotiate his club contract, hire agent, train in 3D mode, play matches, build relationship with other player, buy his own properties, make part time job,establish his very own business, buy multiple clubs (also hiring chairman and staff for all the owned clubs), etc.

    It would be great if our private life is given more consideration in FIFA MANAGER09.

    Different peopIe have different objectives in playing this game. Some like to win titles by taking their fav. club, some to be financially rich,etc. And my objective was to develop the players faster and make the worlds strongest team, so i prefered using instant matches and wanted to bring my fav. player cesc Fabregas to my founded club(my team was of low int./dom prestige). I reached 2016 within one or two months. My club still couldnt complete that dream transfer. Its prestige was 11/5, which was not enough to trade with that club. And Fabregas was almost nearing to his retirement (his age was 27). Then i started feeling the game is limited for few years.

    So i think the solution is to bring those retired players in the youth team of the same club where he retired. Also with the same potential, same photo, and country.

    Another thing is, the game should be more realistic. The game should be in 3d mode, where the manager can drive the car he purchased. He can also walk/drive to his house, club center, stadium, training ground,etc.

    Talking with players, staff, partners, media, childrens,etc. should be more realistic. The replies that the AI characters give should not be repeated every now and then.

    when playing in 2/more player mode, we should have features like:
    1)Trading money-money, money-others(cars, house,etc.),others-othres,etc.
    2)Two players can get married with each other and their childrens get the nationality of the place he/she is borned and the nationality of both the parents.

    I hope in FIFA manager 09 u will also have telivision sponsors, league prize money, and other financial source for the clubs in I-League (Indian Premier League). Real Logos, real player names and real club names of indian clubs would be a better idea.
    And indian clubs dont qualify for Asian Champions Cup. I wish even indian national team will get an oppurtunity to qualify for the FIFA world cup, in later stages of the game.
    When playing a 2 player game, the manager who manages a club in england should not have any problem(non-euro/work permit) when trading players with a manager who manages a club in india. And including many lower divisions in india would be even better.

  5. make manger mode 2players.
    be called up for the international squad
    PUT THE IRANIAN LEAUGE IN/(persian gulf cup0

  6. 1. make it so free transfers arent so easy to get for lower clubs because thats not realistic like having ronaldo at west brom or something, 2. have international management in the same time as club like manager games, 3.make the european competitions more valued and realistic 4. wen sacked dont make it so that you hav 2 wait until the end of the season to a new club. 5, you can pick any club which is unrealistic. its ok at the start but if u start at a league 2 club is wrong that you can go to man u or barca.

  7. Hello my name is KOsta
    i think as it has been said on couple of oveviews i hear that this game it going to be HUGE
    i just want to say that it would be lovely to hvae more playable leagues from the less known countries and control their national teams
    I am from MACEDONIA and i would love to see the macedonian football league in this game it is callled the ” Prva Liga” you can find it on htttp:// and to be able to control the macedonian squad
    I hope this abilities will be avaliable.

    Thank you cant wait till this game comes out

  8. Fifa Manager 08 would out class football Manager if it would achieve the following:
    1. Viewing the actual training sessions in 3D and making changes to the training plan where necesssary. Talking to (motivating) the players during training. Correcting a players mistakes during training (e.g. shooting mistakes, positioning errors etc). This would put Fifa Manager in a class of its own.
    2. Manager should be allowed to shout certain instructions to the players on the pitch during a match (or in training). A few important team (and not individual) instructions will do. Or the instruction could be to some players in the team such as the defenders, midfielders and attackers. However such instructions should not over-influence the game. Infact when the sideline instructions become too often, hot tempered players could get angry, which should affect the teams morale.
    3. Improved graphics.
    4. Increased overall rating for young talents.
    5. Players should not just run aimlessly with the ball from opponents defense to his own defense before passing the ball. This is unrealistic and I have seen this happen many a time.
    6. News such as match results, transfer rumours, etc could be in form of audio so that you dont necessarily have to read the newspaper.

  9. 1.Manger mode was great in fifa 08 but you need to make it more interesting and interactive.
    2.Make the freekicks a little bit easier.
    3.Put the iranian leauge(persian gulf cup) because people mix politics with football and they are the best in asia.
    4.International manger mode and manger mode at the same time.

  10. I agree fifa 09 and fifa manager 09 could compliment/supplement each other.
    Make training more entertaining, interactive and give more countries to choose from to take your players to training camp, also ice baths that the players can use! friendles against top teams. More things in private life such as clothes, fancy cars, maybe there could even have like an interactive life mode, where you could do your house up, edit and customise – something like The Sims?

    Allow transfer planning even if the transfer window is closed for when it opens. Make your own sponsor for your created club, better shirt and badge designs and more choice of colours. For create player more choice of hair styles.
    Transfer values lower and more realistic, yes and you should be able to try go in for any player you want. Stop the players moaning about more play time when you play them. More media interviews make it more interactive, thoughts before and after the game.

  11. I think taht the game is great but also it need some things….for example i think that it need more options in the private life and in transfers.. then more options too in the building of stadiums …and when it is going to come to argentina???

  12. I just read the post of Ciprian (post 273) and he mentions Football Fusion of 2005, and asks about fusion that will allow you to play the game (play football) without quitting the game at all, well this is what i asked but i forgot to write: “…make football fusion same as in tcm 2004 🙂 …” .


  13. 1. When my kid becomes 11, and he’s ready to train with the youth squad, I think he should have 5 stars, just like his daddy :), or maybe 4 or 2 or maybe even 1, not just automatically 3 stars.

    2. I haven’t still had nephews so i really don’t know if they are able to play football too, and if yes i bet they have only 3 stars too. 🙂

    3. Big teams like: Inter, Man U, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, after 6-7 seasons become so weak even they go 2nd division, this happened to me when I was coaching Trevisio, i was looking at the table and Inter wasn’t there :), so my point is that big clubs should always be in the top 10, at least this is most realistic.

    4. About the transfers, why not make them more realistic, i bought Krkic for 14 million euros, and then after 4 seasons i sold him to Chelsea for 216 million euros, i know this is cool for me with all that money, but its not real, and than after he (Krkic) gets injured he goes to the reserves(in the first team, not in the reserve team) and never comes back, because he’s overall rating is low due to the long term injury.

    5. I loaned Henry Saivet (buy this dude, he’s only 16 when u start the game, but becomes the best striker in the game when he is 19 🙂 ) to a smaller club and i wanted to see his progress at “his” club (to the club that i loaned him) and i saw that he havent played a single game, so it would be nice when u sign the deal to make couple of deals with the club, cos i had to call him back from the loan, and another interesting thing that i saw was that the man playing (the first team selected striker) in the club when Saivet was loaned, was 30+ and had better overall than Saivet only 2+ or maybe3+ when he was at his top form.

    6. I really would like if players come talk to me personally about all kinds of things, all kinds of problem. I think you should work on this a little also. Also the media questions, after 3-4 season i know them all, there are too little questions, i think it would be hard to make 3000+ questions it is only text.

    7. Also put drug test and all that kind of realistic things that happen these days. But it would be nice if the drug tests start after all real time players have retired in the game :). Put fights, yeah punch and kick fights, put problematic/idiot fans (like nazi…ok i know this is kinda stupid but anyway), fans that brkake every single store and building in the city that my team plays as a guest.

    8. About the awards, make them like in NBA when we can see the player dressed up with all that expensive costume :), but make it more crowdy :).

    9. When a millioner wants to help my team by giving the team 100+ millions of euros (like the dudes from the rich software company, the sheiks etc), involve me (as the manager) in the talks.

    10.I really hope you get back Football Fusion, it was the best thing ever, and i am not much of a fan of playng soccer in the Manager, cos i buy FIFA also. But i read all this copmplains about the graphics of the 3d games, so i think it will be the best solution.

    11. I hope u like all this and acctually try few of this things, just like u tried the thing with managers childrens playng soccer too (yes it was my idea 🙂 )

  14. I would like to repair the 3D play. players, pitch and fans. It will be nice to play with all time, not just with one player. CROATIAN LIGA WOULD BE GREAT.

  15. i would really like to see the dutch international team! it’s a very good team, but why it isn’t in this game!?!?
    and the youth players should be not this bad!

  16. have all time stats for players so that ur player can eventually work his self to europes all time scorer or englands all time scorer which would make bobby charlton number 2 🙂

  17. yo pienso que debe tener mas ligas
    mas jugadores y pss noc conseguir esas licencias
    de algunas federaciones y en el modo director
    tecnico pues nose mmmm pasar las mejores transferencias
    de todos los equipos las mejores obvio, bueno como lo hicieron en el fifa 07
    poner partidos de pretemporada de cada equipo de jugar amistosos de hacer entrenamientos pasar asi tipo videoclip de conferencias de presentacion de jugadores, nuevo tecnico, poner tambien todas las competencias jugando en el modo director ; mundial de clubes, copa libertadores.

  18. you guys need to do it a ll like football manager cause im now hooked to it…..yea thats a good idea to make it for different platforms……..but in football manager you got good players n other areas and some a them are cheap…..the u21 u23 teams have nice players to buy thats nice……just alot could be done to make people hooked to the game…..

  19. anyway FM is great but it can be even greater.
    first of all i would be please if i could see it on XBOX360
    second of all i am from Iran and i would be happy if i could see iranian real league on it.there was league of iran but players were not truely designed.
    and at the end it would be great being able watching the training session with 3d view

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  21. Bring it out on the psp. Best if both fifa 09 and fifa manager 09 could compliment/supplement each other.

  22. A good idea would be to make football fusion betwin Fifa Manager and Fifa this way you wont lose one game to the other. I think it’s possible to install both games in the same directory and leave the option for fifa manager to use the gameplay from Fifa directly in the game at the pres of a button not like in tcm 2005 when you needed to save the game and start Fifa to play fusion. If you can find a way to bind this two games it would a huge success. More info in manager games is always needed. More players names spoken by commentators.For this you can use an editor that records basic names for that nation like: Smith, James, Stuart, Rodriguez, Santos, whatever, and when the player reaches a level 90% of his teams general lvl. the commentators would begin using his name in comments because hi is a star to that team. Once he loses his level because of old age the commentators would continue to use his name but will refer to him as a former star of that team. Players over 70 should have their name coled in the game. I belive there are programs where you enter the name in writing and the program will speak the name with the given voice so it will not use HDD space.And so on. It imperative that the database should have at least one ligue with all the real players for every country over 1 mil people in Europe 5 mil for central America and 9 mil for Asia.Good luck in reaching my goals.

  23. let us be able to play the whole team in 3d, not just one player. Use FIFA’s match engine in 3d. In a way, combine FIFA with FIFAM.

  24. USL 1st Division and USL 2nd division in America would be a very nice addition in my opinion. Croatian leage would also be nice.

  25. Additional Suggestions:
    1. You cannot put anybody “Not For Sale”. You should be allowed to give it a effort anyway. (Keep “Not Interested” but remove all “Not for Sales”).
    2. More goals and diversity from corners. (True that in 2005 or 2006 that many goals weren’t from headers, but now mroe goals in the Spanish, and BPL are created by build ups from corner kicks.
    3. Players and fans need to be treated with more respect and more involvement. FM has done a good job of managers showing respect to the board, but not to the Players and fans. Options are limited for all you can do for players is “Dress Room Chem.” and “Player Talks”. The fans also need more than just comments and autograph sessions.
    4. More player level changes from Training Camps and “Up and downs”, and less player level changes from individual match performances and injuries. Also, talent should be weighed more to have a bigger toll on players.
    5. Improved Co-Operation Agreements which doesn’t have much effect in FM08.
    6. More options and a new look. Most of the screen is black, and a bit less will work well (more like that of FM06).
    7. Keep up the good work with soundtracks!

    1. Chance to make substitutions in “Videotext Mode”.
    2. More involvement from the fans and show bookings and substitutions in “3D Match”.
    3. More views to help for freekick views (like the penalty view) “3D Match”.
    4. Individual players to show more of their “special talent” like C.Ronaldo’s dribbling.
    5. Pop-up Statistics to be shown in “3D Match” like on TV and in FIFA. (eg: Total Shots, Attacking)
    6. More decision making from managers in “3D Match”. (not only subs and tactics) (eg: urge to shoot, defend, play hard, etc.)
    7. More decision makings in “Text Mode”
    8. Intervention allowed from “Text Mode” to “3D Match”.
    9. Speed Control in “Instant Results”.
    10. Player faces and reactions after misses, goals, and the final whistle.

    1. Staffing and Club Facilities is good.
    2. Players can leave on mutual consent (like Hleb with Arsenal in real life).
    3. More pressure from the media and fans.
    4. More authenticity with the Reserve Team (Youth Team has improved; very good!).
    5. Not only stadium expansions but build a new stadium in a different location. (eg: Arsenal Highbury to Emirates).
    6. Improved “Player Talks” (more choices, more effect on players).
    7. A new “Group Talk” where you can talk to a group of players during Training.
    8. “Fans”, currently under Merchandise, gets its own section. More involvement from them. (donations, organizing banners for the team)
    9. Can extend Staff contracts by more than 1 year. (like Player Contracts)
    10. Player Exchanges to be arranged even when it is not Transfer Season, and that the result is not instant (takes few days for a reply).
    11. More competition with other managers around the world.

    **These suggestions are based on my experiences with Fifa Manager 2006 and FM08 on PC.

  27. FIFA Manager should be available on PS2 and it should be sold in the US and other countries where regular FIFA games are sold

  28. and can we have decent music like we made it by busta ryhmes and linkin park and stuff done by akon flow rida usher william neyo t pain alvin and the chipmunks

  29. I think you should add macedonian league and to have a real life and to by more things with the money and to go to holiday samowhere

  30. 1.make manger mode better like doing more stuff in it and making it more interactive.
    2.create a stadium.
    3.put the iranian league in
    4.more realistic gameplay
    5.good sound tracks

  31. I love manager games, and until 1994 i ever play this type of game, and a lot of brazilian people playing too.
    But in Fifa Manager all the teams of south america don’t receive a necessary attention.
    If EA Sports give some attention for the teams of souht america, same the Football Manager did ever year, Fifa Manger will be the best manager game of the world.
    Think about this, because it’s a good way to win a big share of the market in souht america.

  32. i think o8 is great but i think if you add second division team for every league it would make it better when it comes to buying talent for a cheap amount in manager mode.
    It also makes it better so teams can jump up to 1st division leagues. Another idea is if you can make it possible to manage international teams and play in all the differant tournament to qualify for the world cup. An plz add more tournament the that are played in north, cental, and south america like copa libertadores etc. P.S. add more central and south american leagues.

  33. Should make the players transfer values lower and more realistic….like real life transfers….say for example the transfer market value of Cesc Fabregas is around £25m £30m at the most whereas in the game he is estimated around £70m at the beginning of the game. Also you should be able to go in for any player you want…at least be able to attempt it….try and lure them…like in real life JayJay Okotcha signed for Hull City…look what happened they got promoted…in short the game should be made to be more real life!!!!!!

  34. I would like to see other leagues, beside leagues from EU. Leagues from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro etc. { with real club names, badges and players}. I think you need real manager names and other members of club staff so we don’t have to use Editor. And one more thing in game we all would like to “drive” more exclusive cars than Hyundai, cars like Ferrari, Aston Martin, TVR, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche.

  35. the players should be able to dive.
    when they sprint they should run faster like ronaldo.
    on free kicks for example when ronaldo takes a free kick he should do his run up
    and make it curl loads.
    they take more long range shots.
    the keeper comes up for corners.
    they take shots from the half way line.
    defenders come up for corners.
    mor realistic corners.

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