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Have you found a bug in FIFA 08 game? Why don’t you report it to us? We will list your bug reports here at FIFPlay, and will inform about it to FIFA developers at EA in order to fix it.

Share your bug report! Just send your bug reports – as text, saved replay, captured video or any other data format, we will share it.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Controls Setting

By: Ian Suckling

The right stick on controllers won’t work unless editing the devdata.dat file in my documents. I found the fix but most people won’t know how to do this so fixing it in a patch would be better. With the controls again. When you go into the settings and change things. After you’ve saved it and go back in it hasn’t changed. So you are stuck with the default settings. So you can’t take advantage of the new controls.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Goal Disconnect (Online)

By: Robert

Disconnect after scoring a goal appears sometimes in FIFA 08 Play Online. This bug was in FIFA 07 too.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Editing Kit Number

By: Tangsheng Zou

When you change the kit number of a player of a club, the kit number of his country also change to the same number (e.g. If you change Rooney’s kit number in Manchester United from 8 to 10, his England kit number will change from 9 to 10).

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / EA Sports Play Online

By: Juraj Slatina

1.In easo online match there is bug in easo which sets manual passes and manual crosses on for host and for player who connects to host sets it off. There is no opportunity to change this setting. That gives a huge disadvantage to one player.

2.In easo online match another bug in easo sets difficulty of goalkeepers to semi-pro and difficulty of players to world class even if both player are set difficulty to world class for both players and goalkeepers.And there is no chance to set it or change it in the way that both players and goalkeeper are set to worldclass difficulty

3.Auto switching issue: while playing easo online match host player has auto switching set to off and player that connects to host has the auto switching set to auto with no opportunity to change it.

The last bug is vibration feedback!!!!!!The gamepad with vibration function worked for fifa 07 correctly but for fifa 08 vibration function is not working. I don’t know a player with working vibration function in fifa 08 and believe there is a huge number that are disappointed with this bug.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Commentary

By: KonstantinKK4

When you take a shot from far out and it misses without the kepper touching the commentator says: “oh! What a great stop by the goalkeeper” or “Brilliant save from the goalkeeper!”.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Camera Flashes

By: MPrEdAtOr

Sometimes there are camera flashes on the field. It’s weird!!! Please check the shot at

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Manager Mode

By: Kishore R

I believe there is a bug in manager mode. In the 4th season as a manager after 10 games, it wont work. I can play the 11th game, but after playing the match, the game closes abrubtly saying fifa has encountered a problem and need to close.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Commentator + Editing Player, and ….

By: joaopauloton

1. When I create a player, the commentator doesn’t say some names anymore, like Ronaldinho, Deco, & other. I have the brazilian versiion of FIFA.
2. When I make a substituition, some players lose their textures.
3. When I try to save a ten second replay, the game exit, with a error.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Ghost

By: Jimmy

Look at this !!!

FIFA 08 Bug / Wii Version / Player Database

By: Daniel Hirons

For Manchester United the player Nani is invisible on the Wii version.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / False Reward

By: Tangsheng Zou

One time, when I got offside, I got a free kick instead of the opponent, and I duly shot into the empty goal.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / Free-kick Spot

By: Adolf Neumann

The freekick spots – especially near to penalty area – are placed incorrectly. For example, when you foul on a attacking player in a distance about 30m to goal, the freekick spot will be placed on another place, which is usually closer to goal.

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-DVD Version / AI Interrupt

By: KB85

An interruption with AI – CPU player stays inactive:

FIFA 08 Bug / PC-Demo / Handball

By: David Jones

The defender use his hand to block the ball. The ball also pass through the body of the defender – like ghost.
A video of this bug is available:


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