Your Ideas and Wishlist for FIFA Manager 09

Which features should the next version of FIFA Manager have? Which ones should it not have? How should be the next version o FM?

What were the bugs in FIFA Manager 08 and older versions? Which version of FIFA Manager was the best one and why?

Write us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA Manager 09 in the form given below. We will send your ideas, suggestion and comments regading FIFA to EA Sports / Bright Future developers. Be sure that the FM developers are looking for new worthful ideas from FIFA fans.

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318 thoughts on “Your Ideas and Wishlist for FIFA Manager 09

  1. -end of the season ….whether there is regulation or promotion….. can there the badge transfer….. eg wolves coco cola badge transfer to EPL badge to mark their promotion

  2. fifa manager 10 must have better 3d matches, cus the passing on 09 is abysmal to be honest.
    Also the bugs in the game are so frustrating so i went back to 08 because it is generally a better game, now fixed the bugs giving 09 anuva chance. I would also like to see the improvements being mainly focused on the 3d match, i.e goalkeeper actually goes to the ball, the strikers can actually finish one on ones, players will pass the ball half decently rather than just give it away easily and also if a player egts penalised for offside, they shouldn’t get the free kick as ive had a few times lol. Also the teams should finish in more realistic positions, because I was pretty surprised when i randomly started a season with sunderland then simulated the whole season only to come back and find I had come a close 2nd to Middlesborough int he league with chelsea 3rd and newcastle 4th, and manchester united 7th and arsenal 15th and liverpool 5th, I was thinking wtf, so i just quit the file, which was mainly down to the fact i regretted skipping the season but also due to how unrealistic it was.

  3. I feel there are a few glitches outside of the game play aspect they are as follows
    #can’t change squad number for players in manager mode.
    #in ‘detailed search’for players, ‘role’ and ‘position’ are wrong way round.
    – the next couple are not ‘glitches but have been droped from previous fifa’s
    # there is no ‘create’ club option which was my favourite part of the game
    #the detailed searches for players do not allow you to look for different single attributes.
    Appart from these ‘problems’ i thoroughly Enjoy the game, but please if you only fix one of these please make sure in the next game th option to create a club is put in.

  4. … I’ve been playing two days and the findings are as follows.

    – In an effort to create a faster game had been last lap, so much so that if you see all players are capable of doing combos as if they were maradona or Cristiano Ronaldo.
    – The difference between players barely exists, all driving the ball exactly the same speed as well, we’re going you can catch and running Madrid’s Raul from the field to the area as if it were the very Ronaldo in his best times.
    – The game is based primarily on what it reminds me of the terrible failures fishing, running, turning to the hole and shoot-to-door, nothing more
    – The middle of the field does not exist, and when you try to do is chaotic all the players seem to pile up and are playing eleven against eleven in a football hall
    online-mode becomes more arcade than ever taking off even more if there is little realism and that it has only managed to get closer to the simulation in fifa 08
    -tempo game has gone around is based on running, you can not touch the ball in the middle field because all the players from both teams are continually hitting

  5. too fast
    unreal, arcade total
    All players are cracks
    There is no half field players collide continuously
    excessive speed

  6. Too fast game cannot be played in means field no longer arcade is simulator is total is looked like pes all the players run much rate of the highest game the players are supermen difference between a slow forward does not exist and one but fast one, all are equal of precise expresses and

  7. the game is excessively fast – the players in way online estan hitting at all moment
    – the game of average field does not exist because the players estan all grouped in that site, all the good one of fifa 08 habeis lost
    – the behavior of the players is unreal, run too much and crouch are no differences between slow players of area like Peter and other but fast like Samuel etoo, all are equal of fast and precise
    – This fifa 09 single is based on running, happening to the hollow and to shoot to door, perdio completely the simulation
    – the game is most similar to pes, in your eagerness to match fast habeis happened to you
    – the players make the gestures with much rapidity are superman and they behave like so
    – you can such do regates with ronaldinho that with puyol, regates deberian to be limited few players
    – the quality firings have improved but in the rest of the game everything is much but
    – Points that cause that this fifa is the worse one: 1 speed of exaggerated game 2 the game in slow way is equal of fast that in any other 3 the answer of the players is unreal, all behaves as crack. turns too fast and is too perfect. 4 all the players do not exist average field play in that zone of the 5 field and estan at any moment hitting the single game is based on you happen to the 6 hollow and to run regates deberiais to since when limit cannavaro or puyo or materazzi, does those filigrees to 7 the game is but similar to 8 pro evolution to soccer and that cause that he is arcade Deberiais to return to the base from fifa 08, was a game but fluid and that permitia to open balls and to play but much slow 9 for my east game is I authenticate failure, those of pes contentments would estaran I no

  8. i think there should be a option to choose at the begining of the game that when the players retire they should be regenerated back into the youth system so we can have a 18 year old Becks playing with a 24 year old Walcott.

  9. who knows when is it going out
    i think this is a great game but maybe more national teams may be choose as all south america PERU, or africa


  11. Do something about young players, not just talent. And for the love of God disable the function to change players name, it ruins all realism in the game, how in hell can a manager in real life change players name. 🙂

  12. there should be an additional option 4 players that r brought back by the scout to be able to add to ur youth academy.

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