How to Play & Solve a SBC in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 SBC Solution Guide

Here you can find out how to play Squad Building Challenges and complete a SBC in FUT 23. Follow this guide to solve SBC challenges in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and use the comment form below this page to ask your questions if you got any.

What is a SBC and Why Should I Complete it?

SBC is a playing mode in FUT that contains a series of challenges to test your squad building skills in exchange for rewards. In other words, by completing a SBC challenge, you will exchange a squads or some player cards with a reward such as a better player card, a special kit, packs or etc.

How to Do and Complete a SBC?

SBCs can be played under PLAY > SQUAD BUILDING CHALLENGES menu. They are categorised under tabs as Live, Players, Leagues and so on. You can access all of them under ALL tab.

To play and complete a SBC, you need to select one by moving on it. Once you move over a SBC, the rewards of that SBC will show up. Using the right stick (R) you can expand/collapse the reward panel.

To solve a challenge, you can start from scratch where you select the cards and position them manually, or you can use the Squad Builder to make it automated (Learn how to use Squad Builder in FIFA 23).

Whether you choose Start from Scratch or Use Squad Builder to solve the SBC, you will need to pay attention to the Challenge Requirements first. A SBC can be completed only when all the requirements are achieved.

If you select the Squad Builder, the requirements will be visible on the left hand side of the screen. Depending on the requirements you will need to adjust the setting so that your squad could meet the requirements. For example, if the requirements are German Gold Players, you will need to set the Quality and the Nation/Region to the required settings. After you’ve built your team automatically, you’ll almost certainly need to edit it to finish the challenge.

Once entering the squad editor – whether you are coming from the Squad Builder or you chose Start from Scratch, you will see the CHALLENGE REQUIREMENTS on the right hand side of the screen. A red for appears next to a requirement and it will turn green once the requirement is completed.

The squad editor here has the similar functionality of the squad management in FUT. To turn all requirements to green, you have to follow them and position the player correctly. To add player in your squad here, go to the player slot, select swap (Circle / B), then Add Player from your club. Again, make sure your players selection is according to the requirements.

If you don’t a have player or you don’t have enough players to meet the requirements, you can get the player(s) from Transfer Market or packs – This could be sometimes challenging because some required players might not be easy to get, they might not available in the market so you need to complete other SBCs or objectives to get those players, or sometimes, the required players are available in the market but their prices might be beyond your budget.

When all requirement points turned green, you will the SUBMIT button. This means you can already go ahead and submit your squad for that challenge.

Take note that a SBC challenge is not refundable and you cannot revert it back once it’s submitted.


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