FIFA 23 Squad Builder

FIFA 23 Squad Builder

By using the Squad Builder tool in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you will be able to rapidly create a squad for your FIFA Ultimate Team club or an SBC challenge.

Squad Builder automates the process of creating the best squad possible by applying filters to your players, allowing you to form your team faster while maintaining the highest possible OVR rating and chemistry.

Squad Builder feature is available where create squad is available (in Squads and SBC menus). Here’s a list of filters you can use to speed up the process of forming your squad:


  • Quality – Searches for Player card quality (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Special)
  • Nation/Region – Searches for Players based on their nationality
  • League – Searches for Players based on their league
  • Club – Searches for Players based on their club
  • Formation – This is the formation Squad Builder will use
  • Replace Players – If Yes selected, will add player to every slot, including occupied ones
  • Concept Players – If Yes selected, will search all players available in FUT

Advanced Filters:

  • Acquire Date – Prioritise items by date acquired
  • Untradeable – Include or exclude tradable/untradable items
  • Sort by – Sort items by their OVR or Quicksell Values

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