FIFA 23 Loyalty

FIFA 23 Loyalty

Player Loyalty is no longer available in FIFA Ultimate Team. With introduction of the new chemistry system in FUT 23, there is no Player Loyalty available in FIFA since the chemistry system has been revamped.

In FUT, the Loyalty was the level of a player’s being loyal to their FUT clubs. With the player loyalty, a player could get their Chemistry increased by 1 unit. This used to help users make the most of their stats on the pitch.

Player Loyalty in FUT

Loyalty was indicated by the green shield icon on players card, when a player has no loyalty, the loyalty shield is greyed out. Users could get full loyalty for a player in their clubs who didn’t have it.

How to Get Player Loyalty in FIFA?

The players found in FIFA 23 packs used to have a full loyalty in FUT, but players bought from the Transfer Market got no loyalty.

To get loyalty for a player, players needed to play minimum 10 matches for your club. This used to apply when your player is in your Starting 11 or comes in as a sub. After 10 games, your player’s loyalty badge used to turn green automatically.


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