FIFA 23 Player Ratings

FIFA 23 Player Ratings

The Top 100 highest rated players in FIFA 23, the complete list. EA Sports FIFA 23 player ratings revealed on 12 September 2022. Here is the confirmed list.


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21 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Player Ratings

  1. You guys should make the Brazilian goalkeeper Mantela at least 84 overall because his diving is 81,his handling is 87, his kicking is 86, his reflexes is 82, his speed is 37, and also because his positioning in Fifa 23 is 79.

  2. oh my g.. we need players in present team ….
    Haaland 88-90 – M.City, no Dortmund ,
    Darwin Nunez 84-85 – Liverpool , no Benfica
    Aubamayang in Barcelona, no Arsenal

    Hazard 85 ?? really ??? maybe 81

    Diogo Jota he should 85-86 !!!!!! where is he ?? oh my god. Players like Werner, Firmino, Rasford, Hazard, Cavani, Auba, Griezman have more than Diogo Jota????? You saw Diogo Jota last season ?

    Bruno Fernandes 88 ??? last season 84 !!
    Sancho 87 ??? 83 !!
    Suarez 86
    Trent Alexander Arnold 88

    if Lewandovski 93 so Mbappe 93 too !!

    1. Calm down dude jota can’t be 86. if u even said diaz , he would deserve it more. Arnold 88 yeh dat sounds right too. But jota can’t be 86. FIFA are very stingy when givinig ratings to player, u have to be consistent for at least 2 years before u get Ur deserve rating. Did’nt u see vinicius Junior’s rating last year, 80 after everything but I know since he was consistent he will certainly be 84, 85 or 86 dis time, dat’s how FIFA works

  3. Some predictions are terribly wrong, i mean…. Benzema 89?? He’s at least a solid 91, Courtois deserves way higher rating too, Lewandoski shouldn’t have 93, i’d maintain his current rating

    1. I think this is the predictions for fifa 22, I might sound stupid but look at pogba, Sancho benzema, messi and Fernandez and also modric

  4. Kane rating is higher than Salah? Karim Benzema is only 89????????? Oblak got higher rating than Allison, COURTOIS AND NEUER??? Lukaku and HAALAND are the same rating???!!! Neymar had higher rating than Mane and Son???!!
    Do you know a sport called football? Have you ever watched a football / soccer game in your life? Whoever made those predictions needs a mental welfare check. I am really concerned LMAOOO.

  5. You obviousely suffer from come wuth such a weak performance Messi stil is the top of d rank. Nonesence

    1. Out of all these ratings, messi is the one you are concerned with?
      Not lukaku being 88 or Oblak being the best gk in the game or ter stegen being better than allison, courtois and neuer?
      Messi should still be ~90 as he still got 40 g/a last season which is a good season for literally any other player

      1. I dont know which season you saw but the one pretty much everyone watched had messi with 26 g/a in it

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