FIFA 23 Carryover and Transfer Guide

FIFA 23 Carry Over

FIFA 23 will allow you to carryover and maintain some of your FIFA and FUT in-game items and data from FIFA 22 on the same platform. Below is the list of items that you can and you cannot transfer from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 and a full guide including a comprehensive FAQ on FIFA 23 carryover topic.

Item Able to Carry Over to FIFA 23
FUT Club Profile
FIFA Points
FUT 23 Pre-season Rewards
Unopened Packs
Unassigned Items
Match Records & History
FUT Club Data and Records
Your Progress and Division Levels
Achievements & Trophies
Career Mode Progress

How to Carryover Item and Data from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23

To carryover your in-game data and items from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23, you just need to fire up the FIFA 23 game on the same platform as your FIFA 22’s. Once you get into the game, you will be notified for data carryover and you will be to confirm your carryover for the items such as FIFA Points.

Cross-platform Carryover to FIFA 23

Cross-Platform carryover is not available in FIFA and FUT. For example, if you were playing FIFA 22 on Xbox and now you are switching to PlayStation 4 to start playing FIFA 22, your in-game items and data won’t be transferred to the new game even when you’re using the same email account on both platforms.

Your in-game data and items will be available and transferable to the new FIFA game only on the same platform. To play FIFA on a new platform, your in-game’s history will be started from scratch if there is no any history from before on that platform.

The same condition applies when playing a FIFA game on multiple platform at the same. For example, playing FIFA 22 on two platforms (Eg. PS4 and PC) using the same email address to create account on both platforms, do not share or transfer the in-game data and progress on all platforms. This means each platform will have its own in-game data and items individually.

Items You Can Carryover to FIFA 23

Here is the list of items that you are able to carryover from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23:

FUT Club Profile

Your FUT Club profile including your Club name and the date of establishment.

FIFA Points

You have the option to transfer your FIFA Points from FUT 22 to FUT 23, you can also keep them in FUT 22 if you want. This can only be done once and it is not reversible, this means you can’t move FIFA Points back to FIFA 22 once you transfer them to FIFA 23.

Items You Can NOT Carryover

These are the items and data that you are not able to carryover from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23:

FIFA Coins

FIFA Coins are gained by playing FUT game modes and as in-game rewards. Unfortunately, the coins you to say goodbye to the coins you earned in FUT 22. By playing FIFA 23, your coins will be reset to zero.

Card Items

Unfortunately, none of your cards in FIFA 22 will be carried over to FIFA 23. This includes any type of cards such as players, managers, contracts and etc.

Unopened Packs

Unopened packs in FIFA 22 will not be transferred to FIFA 23.

Unassigned Items

The items are unassigned in FIFA 22 will not be carried over to FIFA 23.

Match History and Records

Your match records and history will be reset in FIFA 23, no matter how they were in your FIFA 22 records.

FUT Club Data & Records

Your FUT Club data and records will be reset too. You won’t be able to carryover data and progress such as:

  • Your Club Statistics
  • Leaderboard Information
  • Your Divisions & Progress
  • Your FUT Champions Points and Progress
  • Your SBC Progress
Achievements & Trophies

Your consoles Achievements (on Xbox) and Trophies (Playstation) are also not able to be carried over to the new FIFA game.

Career Mode

The progress you have made in the Career Mode, including your game progress as player or manager, and your player details (character info) won’t be transfer to FIFA 23 from FIFA 22.


When does the carryover start?

It will be available once FIFA 23 is available.

When can I transfer my FIFA 22 FIFA Points to FIFA 23?

You can transfer your FIFA Points during EA Access early access trial or when you have a retail copy of FIFA 22.

How often can I transfer my FIFA 22 FIFA Points to FIFA 23?

This can only be done once.

Can I transfer my FIFA 22 FIFA Points during Web App early access?

No, you can only transfer FIFA Points on a console with EA Access or the retail version of FIFA 23.

Can my FIFA 22 FUT Coins be converted or transferred to FUT 23?

No, FUT Coins cannot be transferred between FUT 22 and FUT 23.

Will FIFA 22 Points be for sale during early access periods EA Access for Xbox One?

Only players who have EA Access for Xbox One will be able to purchase FIFA 23 Points during the early access trial.

When will early access be available for the EA Access program be available for Xbox One?

EA Access will be available five days before the launch date in your region.

Can I transfer FIFA Points from Xbox to PlayStation?

No, FIFA Points cannot be transferred between different console platforms.

I have FIFA 22 points unspent. What will happen to them when I get FIFA 23 and play FUT?

When you first log into FUT 23, you will be asked if you want to transfer your FIFA 22 Points to FIFA 23 Points. You can ignore the message and choose not to transfer, be asked about it later, or choose to transfer your FIFA Points.

Will my unopened packs in FIFA 22 be transferred to FIFA 23?

No, packs will not be transferred to FIFA 23 even they are not opened yet in FIFA 22.

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  2. Does your FUT profile transfer from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 when playing the EA trial or do you need to purchase the game for this to transfer?

  3. I already transferred and I just get the fifa points I don’t get my club data like name and E.S.T date please help me with this !!!

  4. Hello, do you have an official confirmation by EA Sports? I could not find any Information about if the Fifa Points can be transfered from Fifa 22 to Fifa 23.

  5. The pre session rewards in fifa 22 after selling it dose they still available in fifa 23 as a pre session rewards from fifa 22 or they will go away in fifa 23 to?

      1. Hello , I have the same problem, my FIFA points are not transferred from FIFA21 to FIFA23…
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