FIFA 23 – FC 24 Pre-season

EA Sports FC 24 Pre-season in FIFA 23

The new season has started on 1st of September 2023 in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Pre-season promo event allows you to prepare for a new age of Ultimate Team by accomplishing objectives in FUT 23 to receive carry over benefits in your next Ultimate Team when EA Sports FC 24 launches.

Redeeming FC 24 Pre-Season rewards requires the purchase of EA FC Sports 24 on the applicable platform (sold separately) and the do not carry over from one console vendor to another.

Carryover Rewards to FC 24

Each week of Pre-season will have a “Join the Club” Objective, allowing you to earn rewards for your Ultimate Team in FC 24 by playing in FIFA 23. Every Friday, keep an eye out for new opportunities to help your future club.

A series of “New Era” Upgrade SBCs and Objectives will also be available, with prizes for both FUT 24 and EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Pre-season FIFA 23

“Best-of” and Futties Re-Releases

FC 24 Pre-season event features some of last season’s top Player Items from the Ultimate Team player pool, including FUTTIES players from recent weeks. Pre-season will feature several re-releases, giving you the chance to add some of the season’s best to your FUT 23 club.

Carryover Rewards

Here is the list of carryover rewards during the Pre-season event.

Week 1 – Join the Club I Objective
  • 3 Rare Gold Serie A Players Pack
  • 3 Rare Gold Bundesliga Players Pack
  • 3 Rare Gold Ligue 1 Players Pack
  • 3 Rare Gold Premier League Players Pack
  • 3 Rare Gold LaLiga Players Pack
Week 1 SBC – New Era I
  • 2 Rare Gold Player Pack
  • Base Hero Loan Pack x 5 games
  • Coin Boost (1000 coins x 5 games)
Week 2 – Join the Club II Objective
  • 82+ x 10 Players Pack
Week 2 SBC – New Era II
  • 2 Rare Gold Player Pack
  • Base Hero Loan Pack x 5 games
  • Coin Boost (1000 coins x 5 games)
Week 3 – Join the Club III Objective
  • 83+ x5 Players Pack
  • 84+ x3 Players Pack

Dates For Carryover Rewards

Carryover prizes won in FIFA 23 will be accessible in EA Sports FC 24 on October 12, 2023. By 12 November 2023, all carryover rewards must be redeemed within one month by checking in to Ultimate Team in FC 24. Carryover prizes will not be awarded to players who do not check in to their new Ultimate Team before this date.


During the halftime break of select Champions League and Europa League matches, limited-time puzzle Squad Building Challenges will be made available in FUT 23.

SBC Expiry Reward
94+ FUTTIES Player Pick2023-09-22
87+ Player Pick2023-09-22
85+ x10 Upgrade2023-09-22
84+ x10 Upgrade2023-09-22
80+ Player Pick2023-09-22
86+ x10 Upgrade2023-09-22
82+ x100 Upgrade2023-09-22
90+ TOTS, Shapeshifters or FUTTIES Player Pick2023-09-23
New Era II2023-09-17
93+ Icon Player Pick2023-09-22
Level Up Player Pick2023-09-22
94+ FUTTIES Player Pick2023-09-12
87+ Player Pick2023-09-11
84+ x10 Upgrade2023-09-10
86+ x10 Upgrade
85+ x10 Upgrade
Pre-Season Crafting Upgrade2023-09-23
80+ Player Pick2023-09-10
82+ x100 Upgrade2023-09-09
90+ Icon Player Pick2023-09-08
93+ Icon Player Pick2023-09-08
New Era2023-09-07
Daily Gold Upgrade2023-09-21
90+ TOTS, Shapeshifters or FUTTIES Player Pick2023-09-07
Pre-Season Daily Login Upgrade2023-09-13


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