FIFA 22 Cover

FIFA 22 Cover

Paris St. Germain’s forward, Kylian Mbappé is the official cover star for EA Sports FIFA 22 video-game. EA has announced on 9th July that Kylian Mbappé will be the cover star for the upcoming FIFA game.

Kylian Mbappé will be on FIFA 22 cover for the Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition of the game. His images will be also featured on in-game splash and menu screens.

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  1. mesut ozil i mean he clearly deserves it or if not him then obviously jesse lingard his been obnoxious this season he was just…stagerring

      1. Es un crack cuando entra cambia al Inter enterado aunque sean 10 minutos en el partido.en la roja es un Crack se lo merece y es mi favorito. Si no Aranguiz jugadorazo infravalorado debería haber entrado en el Top 100 pero bueno‍♂️


  3. Mesut varken diğerleri de kim allah için Mesut Özil > diğerleri konu tartışmaya kapalı benim oyum Mesut Özil e

  4. Size yazıklar olsun Türkler mesut Özil e verin yawww ayıp ama haa herkes mesuta versin herkes ülkemizi merak etsin

  5. The baller Riyad Mahrez he deserve it AFCON champion and Champions League Finalist + this guy is smart, elegant and skillful.

    1. when voting you should be more logical .Therefore i think looking at the stats are much needed ,AND SO I THINK KEVIN DE BREUNER

    2. Kevin de Bruyne ha hecho su mejor temporada en su carrera este año. Lo más lógico es votar-le. Está en la final de la Champions y ha ganado la liga y la Carabao Cup. Es el mejor candidato

  6. I believe that Immobile or Aubameyang should be on the cover. I say this for multiple reasons but all you have to do is watch them play and you will understand why I’m saying what I am.

  7. Moim zdaniem Robert Lewandowski ponieważ zdobył on wszystko i w 2020 i 2021 Ale jeszcze liga mistrzów więc kto wie może znowu bayern

    1. Its gotta be Luis montes he is the best goaler in mexico he scores freekicks and panekas and penaltys plz its gotta be luis montes(Leon,Mexico,(teeam from mexico)(liga mx)

    1. Let the FIFA 22 cove page be:
      Mohamed Salah
      Harry kane

      Let’s give others a chance we tired of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi
      Others to deserve a chance… yes they are the best but hey don’t get me wrong I’m really obsessed about Cristiano Ronaldo… So guys please…. let’s give others a chance

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