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  1. I believe that Immobile or Aubameyang should be on the cover. I say this for multiple reasons but all you have to do is watch them play and you will understand why I’m saying what I am.

  2. Moim zdaniem Robert Lewandowski ponieważ zdobył on wszystko i w 2020 i 2021 Ale jeszcze liga mistrzów więc kto wie może znowu bayern

    1. Its gotta be Luis montes he is the best goaler in mexico he scores freekicks and panekas and penaltys plz its gotta be luis montes(Leon,Mexico,(teeam from mexico)(liga mx)

    1. Let the FIFA 22 cove page be:
      Mohamed Salah
      Harry kane

      Let’s give others a chance we tired of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi
      Others to deserve a chance… yes they are the best but hey don’t get me wrong I’m really obsessed about Cristiano Ronaldo… So guys please…. let’s give others a chance

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