FIFA Pace Calculator

Pace is one of the most important stat of players in FIFA and especially in FIFA Ultimate Team. Pace attribute determines a player’s speed in running on the pitch.

To calculate the running pace, the distance is divided with the running time. Usually the distance unit used for pace calculation is based on 100 meters distance divided by running time per second (100m / sec). Here is a calculator which estimates the pace rate calculated in for FIFA players.

Pace Calculator

Running Distance
100 meters
Running Time (per second)
Pace Stat (PAC)


Enter the time in seconds that a player could complete a 100-meter run to see their estimated PACE rating in FIFA game. The highest rating is 99 which could be achieved by minimum 9.8 seconds. Learn more on Pace Attribute in FIFA.

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321 thoughts on “FIFA Pace Calculator

  1. I am 15 years old, almost 16, and i get 80 pace, i am the fastest among my friends, pretty cool!!
    I am from Brazil, i am a lot better that almost every player from my team Cruzeiro
    I wish that me, and the others guys here can turn into a player someday

    1. I’m 11 years old and am VERY VERY VERY fast cause I got 92 pace 11.20 seconds in 100 metres. Also I’m the fastest 11 year old in Ireland

    1. Literally everybody here is liar. I got about 77 pace, andI’m 11years old. you all think your so fast and good at football or soccer whatever you call it but your such liars bro. Please stop that lying

  2. Ohhhh ez I got 97 pace and I’m 9 years old, 21kg, im 4’8 and play GK/CB/LB/RB/CM/CAM/CDM/ST/LW/RW/CF/RF/LF/LM/RM Hopfuly I get in to the olympics! I’m better than all of all you!!!

    1. Hi I’m trent I got 76 pace in ea fc 24(which is the new version of fifa) im a professional soccer player for Liverpool and there’s no way anybody here got 97,98,99,96,95,94 or 93 pace unless you’re actually a sprinter or soccer player etc. And my 76 pace by the way was very underrated by ea!

  3. I got 100 pace and I got 6.9 seconds on my 100 meter and im 5 years old 10kg St,Lw,Rw,Lf,Rf.Cf,Cam,Cm,Cdm,Lm,Rm,Cb,Lwb,Rwb,Rb,Lb,Gk

    1. copy cat and liar, a person thats 0 years old wouldnt be even able to type that comment down never mind running 100metres in 5 seconds like seriously bro i did get 88 pace

      1. Age 11 and 5 days
        Pace 67 height 4’5″ nationality:irish
        weight 27 kg
        Position RM/LM
        team:Glen Celtic from Glennamaddy,Galway,Ireland

      1. Yh people who said they got 99 pace that’s fake but I know that 11 year old did actually get 91 pace there’s a video of it on YouTube

      2. I’m 12 and I got 88 pace I’m the fastest on my team and there’s a video of me doing 100 metres and doing it in 11.99 seconds

    1. I’m 11 and got 91 pace it’s true I’m a right winger for my team and I’m the fastest on it. There’s a video of me on YouTube doing a 100m and I got 11.34s

      1. It’s fine pace is not all you need for a striker players like giriod have no pace and are one of the top scorers but if you want a higher pace train more

  4. bro most the people are capperson mbappe literally have 97 pace and i did calculations it took him 10.1 seconds

    1. I play for bohemians my name is Danny Grant and I have 81 pace in fifa but I tested myself and got 12.50 which is 85 pace

      1. It seems like everybody lying bout their pace on here but as a amateur football player I got a pace of 91 with an 11.4 sec running speed, I play Left wing and know that I am the fastest on the pitch usually so it’s odd seeing people lie saying that they are getting a 9.8 or lower considering the fastest ever person to run 100 meters was a 9.68, I don’t know, just hate seeing all these liars on here.

        1. Im 20 years old and play right winger for my team I’m not gonna lie I got 85 pace. and bro is right so much people are liars in the commets

    1. I got 93 and by the way that email is like 4 years old no one uses it so don’t bother trying to contact me

  5. Nearly everyone in the comments are capping. 99 pace is 9.8 sec 100m, minimum. The world record 100 M is 9.58. These 13, 14 or 10 year old kids are saying that there faster than the world record. Bruh stop the cap. Stop lying.

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