FIFA 23 Companion App

FIFA 23 Companion App

FIFA 23 Companion App is available from Thursday, September 23, 2022 on Apple App Store and Google Play.

The FIFA 23 Companion App is predicted to be available as an update for those who have FIFA 23 Companion app installed on their device. The app size is 80MB on iOS and 43MB on Android. Here is the list of new feature of FUT 23 Companion App:

  • Full FUT Stadium customisation options
  • FUT Events:

How to Download

Here we will have the FIFA 23 Companion app download links for iOS and Android devices:


Here is the list of the key features of FUT 23 Companion app:


From walkout music to goal celebrations, pyrotechnics to Tifos, change every aspect to your tastes and to flaunt your achievements. Curate every aspect of your FUT Stadium on the go directly in the Companion App.


Compete or collaborate in all FUT Events to unlock rewards for your Club and the wider FUT Community. Choose a side directly in the Companion App and compete against the FUT Community in new Team Events. Or collaborate as a global collective in Community Events and track the communities’ XP progress on the go.


Track your progress in Champions, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles directly from the Companion app, and claim your Rewards without having to log into your console.


Buy and sell Players with the global FUT Community in the Transfer Market to help take your team to the next level.


Exchange spare Players in your Club to unlock new Players, Packs, or Club Items with Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

How to Get Started with FUT Mobile App

To connect your account, log in to FIFA 23 on your console or PC. Then:

  • Go to FIFA Ultimate Team mode and create your FUT Club
  • Create a FUT Security Question and Answer on your Console or PC
  • Log in to your EA Account from the FIFA 23 Companion App on your compatible mobile device


FIFA Companion app is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Mexican-Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Czech.

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