FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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350 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Wishlist

  1. I don’t know how to write a suggestion to the team working on FIFA 22 but I’d like to say this.

    The fact that HyperMotion isn’t being added to PC but is on stadia is criminal, in the past 2 years a huge surge in PC players have upgraded their builds to the point of surpassing the power of an Xbox and PS5, why do you think RTX cards have been almost impossible to buy? We have just as much demand as any console out there. I will never buy an EA product again knowing your company is so shallow that you exclude millions of loyal fans that put up with the garbage you throw at us at times and you throw all of us under the bus. Not only that, you claim it’s so you don’t want to exclude SOME PC gamers that don’t meet your recommended spec so you decide to exclude ALL of us yet you put the technology on Stadia?! Stadia literally runs of PC hardware what stops you from just releasing that version so some of us can utilize the hardware we paid thousands for so we can have experiences such as HyperMotion?

    This likely won’t get sent to anyone that has any control over these decisions but if it does please look into HyperMotion for PC to be included and maybe with an option for it to be disabled for the very few that won’t be able to run it. This was the first FIFA I was actually looking forward to buying and pre-ordering after I’ve seen a clear demonstration of some progression in the games quality but after learning about this I don’t think I’ll be buying a FIFA game ever again unless for once you listen to your community and give your loyal PC fans what they deserve. It’s baffling how you have mistreated us considering you make a huge chunk of your revenue from Origin.


  2. Please make a icon card for netherlands players from feyenoord : John de wolf
    Keeper : ed de goey
    Attacker : dirk kuyt

    Attacker : van persie
    defender from ajax and manu : jaap stam
    Those are real dutch heros

  3. They should add qualifications for the champions league, europa leagee, and conference league to carrer mode, that would be really fun to have in fifa 22. I hope you guys add that thanks. :-))

  4. You should be able to let the people to create their own soccer club and kit colours for their own soccer team.

  5. I think they should add the old Spanish commentator Enrique “El Perro” Bermudez back to Fifa because I really miss the energy he gave when you scored a goal. He made my childhood and to be honest I really do not like the current Spanish commentators.

  6. EA should Add Africa cup of Nations what I saw on some websites is That EA is only addIng few national teams and that’s is unfair. They should add countries who are going to play the competition next year.

  7. I think the game is going to be good but EA need‘s to add few things for example creating your own player should be upgraded a little Bit EA should let us the players copy a Particular player‘s face, hairstyle and tattoo that we Want for example if I want my created player to look like Messi I will just copy his face and tattoos . And also a created player should have a 5 star skill moves. They should upgrade the FANS they should look Realistic a little bit and VAR should be added

  8. 1. Leadership trait should become a stat with addition of creativity and/or flair (allows young players to develop into leaders and club captains as they mature
    2. work rates should be stat based as well
    3.player tendencies should be a thing such as tendency to; take on man, long shot, long ball, hold up, use skill, doesn’t need to be as extensive as nba 2k but would be good addition
    4. in edit and create a player workrates, skill moves, age, name, nationality, contract, release clause, composure, defensive awareness, height, weight, TRAITS AND POTENTIAL should all be able to be edited
    5, instead of set potentials have a min and max effected by their careers, performances, perhaps mindset. that way in one career a young player may end up world clas and in another be a bust and stay in lower leagues and stuff
    6. more realistic transfers, big transfer sagas/bidding wars.
    7. add second divisions of most leagues/ add more leagues
    8. add a lot more national teams
    9. regens having stupid stats and workrates like 5’5 96 strength 99 pace 54 finishing 82 dribbling striker jus stupid
    10. youth players who have 90+ potential sometime coming through like 73 rated straight away
    11. players of african / midle eastern descent playing for other nations with realistic names.
    12. created players show face
    13. brazilian players known as stuff similar to ronaldinho, cafu, anthony
    14. more defensive stats
    15. more goalkeeper stats / bigger part in build up play and long balls (importance on distribution)
    16. maybe a stat for seriousness or professionalism or something that makes them big game player
    17.player stats available from other leagues and effects their growth, value, interest, hype
    18 news reports highlighting youth gems or players playing well across globe
    19. balon d’or made more important and based partly off stats for season, trophies, rating
    20. upgrade stadiums for default stadiums in career so when u do rtg aren’t playing cl final in ur 13000 seater or something can upgrade like up to80000
    21.youth players have traits
    22. players like 93 rated shouldn’t be having seasons scoring like 15 goals should have simulated seasons with players breaking records and stuff odd time. more importance also on record breaking and more records stored and viewable
    23. catalan/ baque named players as well
    24. bilbao transfer policy set to spanish only and automatically have them developing players with basque names or something
    25. player career should be able to chooe ur starting rating up to like 77 or something
    26. physical stats shouldn’t griw as much everyone ends up stupid fast and strong
    27. generated players physical stats and stature/ build should match ( extremely fast tall and strong players like haaland and lukaku should be rare and when they are there more effectve)
    28. more body types or an adjustable body not decided by weight, if u want a small stocky player created u have to make him 205 lbs and also the opposite with tall skinny players
    29. have records and all time scorer, appearances, assists lists pop up and show players places and stuff on them
    30. database of players apps, goals, assists, clean sheets
    just loads of mall details and changes that would make it a lot more realistic and customisable. let me know what u think or any more, probs forgot a few

  9. I think that it would be awesome if you could create a player in Ultimate Team. It would be limited to ONE player when you first start FUT for the first time. You can create any position and any Nation. The league and team would be absent, so they would be able to link to anyone like an icon. You can put whatever stats you want to put but you would be capped at a 60 overall.

    This player cannot be transferred BUT it would be the only card that can increase in rating as time goes by. This part would be extremely difficult though. For example, a CB would have to have 5 clean sheets and a goal scored before they could increase all their attributes by +1. Same thing for a midfielder or striker. The tasks would be differently obviously based on the position. Maybe a midfielder has to get 10 assists and 3 goals to increase and a strike has to get 15 goals and 5 assists. All of this would have to be done on World Class difficulty or online play only. No friendlies. Division Rivals only.

    Furthermore, if a player reaches 99 overall, the user can buy another player for like 20000 fifa Points and start over with another player.

    I think this feature would keep players interested all year because the game begins to die after about 6 months and people would keep playing if only to try to make their created player a 99. To do this, users would have to keep trying to create the best club because they’ll have a liability player on the roster making it harder to get clean sheets, score so many goals, etc. This would keep people spending money on the game, which I know EA wants.

    I thin it would be a great feature on Ultimate Team. Some nations, like the US, have gaps in their starting lineups. USA always is weak at LB and Striker. Creating a player in that position would make it more enjoyable to create an all USA team because the user has the ability to fill the weak spots in the lineup.


  10. Love the game, I am finally seeing improvement after many hours. I am over 40, I only started playing console games in 2016. I played fifa 18 and got crushed abd discouraged. I started fifa 21 late this season, April, been playing daily since. Anyway As a newb, I needed a lot of practice laerning to dribble and then pass well, seeing open players and sudch. I wish fifa 21 had more custom drill setup features, specifically 11 vs 11 on on side of the field, where you can create custom lineups based on the player skills. I would love this in fifa 22. Learn howto setup scoring chances, like in real life fifa,other than just trying to use the the fastest dribller to go one on one.

    I play on XBOX

    thanks for your content

  11. List of things i want to see in F22.
    1. Create a medical team who brings on STRETCHERS when player gets injured instead of a silly cutscene. Would be AWESOME.
    2. Bring back some of the old teams in UEFA CL, like ZENIT, LUDORGRETS, KRASONVDAR and Red Star Belgrade PLEASE. not the same level of competition otherwise.
    3. Make sure ELLAND ROAD gets created and rights for Fifa Please. Missed it last version.
    4. Can u try and get developers to get rights for the EFL TEAMS STADIUM NAMES PLEASE, like Brentford’s new ground and check the rest for Championship please.

    1. Awesome game EA. FIFA 22 looks great. The graphics and gameplay look amazing. I was wondering would it be possible to obtain the license to include all the female international clubs as well . Thanks God bless.

      1. I would really like to see cross platform play on Fifa 22 because my friends play on xbox when I am on playstation and I like to play Fifa with them but we can’t because we are on different consoles so please add cross platform play

  12. I would like it if I could like make a new club, and that you can also play with that team offline and make your own players in it!

  13. This game is going potentially going to be the best fifa game there ever is,but the fact that there is no next-gen features on pc platform is really a bummer. I’ve been playing Fifa for years and years, everything was good until now, excluding pc from having next-gen features is just sad. Whats the point of buying the game in pc then.

  14. Fifa 22 wishlist
    -Bring assistant options
    – New Leagues
    – More options for Career Mode
    – Var
    – English Ladies Premier League
    – Youth FA cup/ EPL
    – Ref Mode
    – Introduce 4th Sub in Extra Time
    – Players get Medal for trophies won
    – Trophy Room
    – Introduce new players to stadium Tour and actually see them sign the players with Photos
    – FIFA Club Tournament
    – Better Deadline day Deals
    – Option to add BuyBack clause in contracts
    – Youth Have Faces

  15. My Wishlist
    1.You being able to change real players hair to their most recent hairstyles
    2.Players getting medical attention on the field
    3.More cutscenes for when you win a cup or trophy
    4.When the player passes the ball to the keeper and the keeper picks it up it should be a free kick where he picked it up
    5.Players can be able to take off their shirt when they score
    6.You being able to choose whether the keeper should come for a corner kick and for free kicks
    7.When a player breaks a record the player should take off shirt and subs, goalkeeper and manager should come for the celebration as well
    8.Tunnel cutscenes in every match
    9.Coin toss and piece offering in occasional matches
    10.Subs getting ready to come and celebrate with the team that is winning when match is over in finals like UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE and more
    12.Less fans in home stadium if losing
    13.If subs come off make them drink water
    14.Cooling break in some occasions
    15.Players should have heart attacks or cardiac arrests in the pitch but only rarely
    16.Make the substitute bench bigger
    17.Subs should wear their official club jacket
    18.Make long shots easier to score
    19.More goal songs
    20.Watch suggestion videos on how to make fifa 22 better
    21.Players should make foul gestures and say foul words sometimes
    22.Some fans should be naked
    23.Add a player story(journey)mode from a young age till an old age where he would have to retire e.g player growing up in an undeveloped city or small town and depending on decisions and skill the player will grow to be either amazingly talented or a flop and have to work hard to achieve greatness and making how the player will look

  16. First,

    – Add more national teams ( Asian and African teams )
    – Add other new cup and league
    – Covid-19 mode (no fans on stadium)
    – Add snow weather setting (like no snow, some snow, many snow and very much snow on grass)
    – Create a club, kit
    – Create own player with 3D Face-scan with your phone’s camera in a app
    – Add more cutscenes and player’s reaction
    – New celebration: Knee slide superrr long
    – Create your own celebrations
    – Add player’s breathing before a free-kick and penalty
    – Add interview players scenes (coach too)
    – Create a league and cup
    – New player face
    – Unreal Engine 5

  17. Can u put cross platform? Like I play on pc and items are 10 times more expensive than on ps4 or xbox. Lot of bugs in game with fauls and with passes if u make fifa 22 same like fifa 21 like u always do i think its my time to stop playing it just stress and nothing else.

  18. FIFA 22 Wishlist
    2.You being able to choose fan mode, no fan mode or limited fan mode
    3.Substitutions being able to run inside the pitch when you score a goal at any time of the match
    4.Created players tattoos and more created player hair options
    5.You being able to change a created players hair when you have created it
    6.New and more goal song’s
    7.More created players penalty run ups
    8.More Stadiums like Camp nou, Allianz arena and more

  19. I think that the referee career mode should be added
    more realistic transfers
    a way to live your players life off field in career mode because it currently shows our players wage and morale but they only are there for decoration
    managers in Ultimate team should contribute more e.g hire a certain manager for certain formation (e.g Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plays a 4-2-3-1 so if he is your manager that is your formation) and include international team managers
    I think a chairman/club owner career could possibly be interesting too with stuff like hiring and firing staff building stadiums negotiating contracts with sponsors players and stuff
    setting your manager targets for the season and investing money into the club for transfers wages signing a sponsor with a kit creator Nike Addidas etc and they create your teams new kits or offer you a selection of kits and you choose your favourite ones (with the option to change a few details if you want to)

    dynamic crowds in career modes so there are more if your team are in good form but less if your team arent playing well
    better trophy celebrations it doesnt quite feel lively enough
    international tournament modes and before tournament option to select your teams 23 players and their shirt numbers

    option for icons to be in career mode volta and other sections of the game
    designing custom kits for teams

  20. I think since same stadiums can’t be signed I think ea should create some nice stadiums to add to the game.
    In career mode , there should be like a trophy room and they should give us something to do with the money from championship in career mode, like buy a stadium, customize kits.

    Youth players should look good, if they are not real players ea should take a chance to create them nicely, their graphics are horrible and it
    decreases the novelty of the game.
    The fans look alike, it’s very disturbing and it makes the novelty dump.

  21. My Fifa 21 ideas

    Manager Career Mode

    1. Staff
    2. Kit creator
    3. Stadium creator
    4. Edit stadium ticket prices
    5. Transfer funds request
    6. Injury list
    7. Arrange Friendlies
    8. Player signing cutscene
    9. Crest creator
    10. More outfits
    11. Integrate Social Media
    12. Player Trophy achievements
    13. Add tattoos to your manager
    14. Player chants
    15. The club official sponsors
    16. Practice Match with team in the training ground
    17. Legends allowed or disabled in Career Mode
    18. Use Real Manager, Create Manager or Use Icon Manager
    19. Add more cutscenes e.g. Derby day, Changing room, winning a major trophy etc
    20. Treble Celebration

    Player Career Mode

    1. Managers faith in you over 100%
    2. Create Agent
    3. Post game conferences with the reporter
    4. Allow player to have a second position or third e.g. My player plays ST, CAM and RWB
    5. Add more positions to Player Career e.g. LM, RM, ST, RWB, LWB, LW, RW
    6. Talking to the best players on the field e.g. Alex Hunter talking to Ronaldo in the Journey
    7. Edit Commentary Name
    8. Mentor ability with the team
    9. Player chat with the staff and manager
    10. Add tattoos to your player
    11. Import real player’s faces to your player
    12. Integrate Social Media
    13. If you’re on a loan/transfer request, you should be able to choose a team where you want to go on loan/sign to and you’re team will have to discuss with the team. If it wend well, then wait for the day to come. If not, then choose another team except the team that you chose before.
    14. Player Trophy Achievements
    15. Manager’s Important news
    16. Own player signing cutscene and presentation
    17. Skill tree
    18. Testimonial Ceremony


    1. Create ball
    2. Practice Match in Practice Arena like in FIFA 15
    3. Allow player to play in Euro 2021
    4. Bring back the Journey. If not, add Story Mode
    5. Set piece in Practice Arena Piece
    6. In the old FIFA days, there was Create Set Piece. You would make the turns the player would do and then make the Set Piece. There was a button which allowed you to save the Set Piece so you can push the button and use it in matches when there is a Set Piece
    7. Create Trophy in Create Tournament
    8. Scout career mode
    9. Normal free kick view in Practice Arena
    10. Face Update ft Ronaldo, Neymar, Garnier, Rodrygo, Mane, Ansu Fati, De Jong, Håland, Messi, Arthur, Greenwood, Rodrygo etc
    11. Referee Career Mode 12. Substitution rule: leave to the nearest point
    13. Under wall block
    14. Opening Ceremony for Cup Finals
    15. Celebrities in Crowd: Club Legends and Former Stars
    16. Team Arrivals
    17. Field Invasion
    18. Health Care


    Fifa 21 Standard Edition
    Fifa 21 Champions Edition
    Fifa 21 Ultimate Edition
    Fifa 21 Legends Edition

    1. In Player Career Mode
      include national callups for your created player
      I’m not buying another FIFA game without this feature

  22. Ultimate team:

    Certain types of links added to the game – rival links. This is where a player playing for a certain team is next to a player playing for their rivals. The link colour should be black/a dark colour and should pretty much stop both of those players from getting extra chemistry.
    Perfect links – dead links are red, solid links are yellow, strong links are green and perfect links should be gold, or a bright colour – this should boost a player’s chem to the point where they pretty much cant lose any more chem.
    Position swaps – please add in wide to central swaps, e.g making a LF a CF or making a LB a CB. Lbs to Cbs could be great for players like maybe chilwell who has balanced stats but isnt fast enough to play at lb. or maybe how kimmich played at rb before 21 but he wasnt fast enough to play there.
    Also add in CDM to CB swaps. That just makes so much more sense because look at players like koeman who has mad shooting. You could play him at CDM or maybe CM where he can actually use all his stats.
    Career mode

    Please listen to this and put this in your game. Add a story line to it instead of putting it in boring volta, which no one plays. We’ve had the same old career mode where you literally just play – the most social action/communication you get in career mode is letters. Thats for player career mode. Also count subbed games as completed games and let crossing be upgraded. Also add in boots that every player gets to wear – hazard and valverde wore some red mercurial boots and theyre not usable in customisation in player career. Also, in manager career you should change the age stuff. Look at cristiano ronaldo who is literally over 35 years of age and man still plays like hes 23. Why does his overall go down faster than we even got to see him play? By the end of 2 seasons hes already an 86 pretty much. Also let the managers talk in meetings it looks weird.

    Pro clubs

    Let taller players be faster
    How cant a 6’1” player run faster than a 5’3” player?

    Back to ultimate team

    Stadium customisation – let us customise more than just the champs stadium, and let us change the colour of goal posts, and let us change the structure/build type of our stadium. We should also be able to do this in career mode.

    In general

    Fix your servers, because half the time i cant get into ultimate team and sometimes in the middle of games i disconnect from your servers. I went through this literally yesterday, in the 88th minute of a game. Fix this. Please.

    Also, there should be good matchmaking. Ignore bronze benching but the look of someones starting team, or someones record should be able to alter the games they get put in. Just saying.

    1. Dont like the position change idea at all, you should take a chem penalty for playing a LB at CB and it doesnt matter if his stats fit a CB better, he IS a LB irl. Also 7-8 chem is fine.

  23. I’d like to see some new features, such as…
    1.) …the new Hungarian stadium, the “Puskás Aréna”, which is/was a UEFA EURO location, thank you,
    2.) …authentic chanting/shouts from the crowd, maybe in original language,
    3.) …costumizable signs in the stadiums,
    4.) …VAR,
    5.) …remembering the COVID-19: empty seats, playing without the fans, masks on the team, etc.
    6.) …U18 leagues, like the women league,
    7.) …more detailed women league, women clubs, etc.
    8.) …FUT: more HUngarian players, if it is possible, thank you,
    9.) …possibility for the players to complain to the referee, chance to get a yellow card…
    Thank You!

  24. I religiously play manager mode and have never understood why you can’t just be the manager at the club you are managing? This feature would be amazing to me as I always just have to create them myself but dosnt really work like it would if it was programmed in. It’s not something I can see being too difficult either so hope this happens in future games.

  25. Would like to see the game be more physical. Currently, perfectly fair tackles are being penalized in the game. Need to dial down the ref strictness. Let there by more physical contact between players.
    Also, for us older gamers, how about a retro mode where we can play with classic teams from the 60s, 70s or 80s in old fashioned stadia with wooden stands and terraces. Include grassless pitches and old fashioned goal posts with back stanchions and a plain white ball.

  26. FIFA 22 should have a more in-depth formation. Should have one formation if our players have the possession, and one if our players lost possesion. This is because teams such as Italy has various ways of playing their players, instead of wingers becoming wingers, central defensive midfielders covering the back, should allow full backs to adjust to centre mids, CM adjust to wingers during attack.

  27. Hello
    Please add some ability that allow us to change team kit in career mode at the end of each season.

  28. Fifa is da best… But fifa 21 was disappointing… Plz improve guys…weekend league is gud but I always play against players who are 10 tyms better den me… N connection is gud just sometyms its bad but other den dat it’s OK. Packs dis year was terrible… 100k pack n we get an 82 rated player… Waste of coins… Plz let fifa 22 be better.. #itsinthegame

  29. FUT –
    1. Make it so that you can list multiple items at once, for example, list 100 contracts together at the same time for the same price

    2. Allow duplicates/create a duplicates pile

    3. Make flashback players work like icons in regards chem, ie when Rooney card came out this year, Make it so he has chem with everyone.

    1. Make passes actually go in the direction that they are aimed, especially towards the latter end of weekend league.

    2. Sort out pass backs, it’s infuriating watching a player pass back to the keeper and then the keeper pick the ball up, it shouldn’t happen. It should be a free kick.

    3. Penalties, Make it so the keeper dives when you press the stick in a direction, half the time he will just stand there even though you have pressed a direction.

    4. Pace, make is so that a 99 pace attacker can out run an 85 pace defender

    5. Headers, Make it so that players can actually head the ball in the direction aimed

    6. Crosses, as above

    7. Nerf auto blocks

  30. Hi all,

    just forgot a few things {just as feasible as my original post, if not more}




    – allow for the saving of all categories when creating a pro, as well as having more slot saves


    – have a voting system for captaincy or give it to to first player on each side in lobby if no changes are made to matchmaking method (original post)


    – allow captain to control GK during penalties if gk position isn’t taken

    – remove reticle from view by all except player taking set piece

    Thank you,


  31. My wishlist , I think that you should play a mini league or tournament thorough out the season with your youth squad to help build your players up , and please please can we be able to change between socks , shorts and tops so you don’t get kit clashes , and helps for when you play multiple season with the same team of

  32. If you can must pay to UPDATE the game and not make a new one, you can make the game crosplay. It will be a mutch better game than. If that isn’t possible, pls make the marked crosplay. That isn’t that difficult and mutch better because there is nevver a r9 moment on the market on pc!

  33. 1. Korean national team
    2. Heung-min Son cover star
    3. A proper edition for nintendo switch(no more legacy editions)
    4. Referee mode
    5. VAR
    6. A better face graphics for every player(some players’ faces are completely different from reality)

  34. Can you pleassse make the features of fifa in Nintendo switch the same as playstation so that switch users can enjoy it as equally as playstation users

    1. You’re right. I play fifa on nintendo, too and legacy editions are too boring.
      Also, Why are fans not wearing umbrellas in the uk? they even don’t have hats

    1. Created Players with Multiple Positions
    2. Player Career Mode needs better features
    3. Calendar Si to go faster
    4. Put the Players’ Potential on the game
    5. Managers to lift up the trophies
    6. Make Tournaments have 24 teams, 48 teams, and Qualifying Competitions
    7. The fans go crazy when their teams get a Late Winner.
    8. New Type of Hairs and Sweatbands
    9. No More Outline Faces.
    10. Put Like More Nations (Because this game is played globally and some people want to play as their nations.)
    11. Different set of Icons
    12. New types of Faces

  36. 1. Watch/Spectator /Cpu vs Cpu in Season and CL modes
    2. VAR introduced
    3. Referee personalities
    4. More fouls, play stops, cards given
    5. Better cpu defensive AI
    6. Better use of sliders

  37. I haven’t bought a fifa game for some time for the simple fact there is little to no creative content for offline players. In particular what I used to love was the “create a club” aspect of the older games whereby the player could create a team from scratch and fill it with cusyome players and real players.

    I believe this is something that has been missing from fifa and would make the game more attractive to football fans who want to have a more fantastical experience. It could be improved and enhanced by allowing the player to select the country of the custom team and would place the team in the lowest league and the player must play games and leagues to improve the teams standing and eventually dominate the international circuit.

    The more customisation the better: name, colours, kits, badge, stadium, flags, manager, etc and have unlockable features that the player would need to play to achieve. It would provide a perfect single player experience as well as a multilayer one as it would spice up online games and create opportunities for online fantasy football games.

    I believe fifa has achieved a great deal to show players a realistic experience to emulate professional football, but has a lot of potential to make the game more creative, customisable and over all. Fun.

    I have resusted fifa for years due to the lack of creative content and would jump at the chance to to buy fifa 22 to create my own team and players.

    As an addition to this suggestion I think female football must be better represented and all career and creative options should be available for both men and women’s football. It isn’t fair that players cannot create a custom female character and play in women’s leagues. This should also be addressed in fifa 22

  38. I only play FIFA for manager mode nothing else.
    Plan and simple these are the small things that would make the world of difference.

    1. Add FIFA Club World Cup tournament
    2. Better trophy celebration, each play gets a medal then lift the trophy.
    3. Include a Bus Tour with the team
    3. Manager has trophy cabinet in his office
    4. 3D tour of trophy Room
    5. End of season lap around the pitch
    6. Option to make players club legends then buy a statue for that player and place outside of the ground
    7. Sky sports transfer deadline days
    8. Getting Gary Neville and Jamie for commentary
    9. When a club wins a trophy in the next season actually mention and act like they are already the current holds from the previous season
    10. Option to play as an actual manager i.e have the chance to be Jurgen Klopp

  39. I love the stadium customization, and the weekly objectives are great too also the game play kinda improved a bit. I wish in next fifa you can add the following:
    1. Regarding the FUT Champions
    a. the prizes all year for the fut champions like how it is in the tots, so one can actually choose if he wants to play or no, because its usually a disappointment most of the totws.
    b. make entering the fut champion more valuable and worthy. Through tournaments as it was before with a special card.
    2. Regarding the events
    a. decrease please the number of events. Its too much. And all focused in increasing the pace of some players. I believe that OTW, Futmas, TOTY, FutBday, TOTS are enough
    3. Regarding The Card Rates
    a. return the winter upgrade that was so cool
    b. UCL cards should be with +1 rate
    c. give the players their pace right specially defenders, and if they are lower ratings, just make their positioning v. Bad, and same goes for strikers, don’t make the game only about pace
    d. i suggest for chemistry to have a value, each 1 equal to 10% of the players ability. That would make players be sure they make a player at 10 chem. And will decrease a lot the rb/lb playing as cb
    4. Regarding the SBC
    a. proper icon SBC at the end of may like fifa 19
    b. Icons required on big icons sbc, so even if one get a non playable icon, it could worse some coins
    c. POTM sbc, if a player already got 2 POTM, there should be a special sbc for those who have the older version.
    5. Regarding the Menu
    a. Return the my club tab please

  40. More MLS stadiums, if not all. Most MLS teams have either built new stadiums in the last 5 years or massively renovated them.

    Add continental play for North America. Even if it’s not the actual CONCACAF Champions League, just make a generic tournament for North American teams to play in.

    Club World Cup. It would be awesome to play career mode for a non-European team and be able to play Europe’s top clubs.

  41. Customize the Goal Nets. NOT just for FUT!

    Ability to select different mesh styles from the settings menu.

    Type: Triangle / Rectangle
    Tension: Loose / Tight / Regular
    Color: White / Black / Red / Blue / Green / Combined colors
    Mesh: Square / Hexagon / Small square / Old, Vintage style
    Depth: Short nets / Deep nets

  42. Hi,

    Very important for gameplay:
    1. Make the 4-th substitution available in extra-time.
    2. Re-balance the efficiency of tactical formations. 4-2-3-1 Narrow is used by 95% of pro players (with full backs stay back, one cdm stay back and cutting lanes, cam and st stay forward and wingers+full backs+ one cdm with conservative interceptions). So, try to make 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 systems to be efficient also.
    3. Pace is much too important for center backs (example: Shaw is much better than Maguire as CB for Man UTD, despite having lower or similar overall rating)
    4. Free kicks (indirect and direct) are quite hard to manage and sometimes very predictible.
    5.Overhead bicycle kick should be done easier while risking to make a foul or lose possesion attepting this move.
    6. In Fifa seasons, kits give me headaches. I only choose white because it is the only ”safe” colour. While playing with blue or varions of red, sometimes the oppenent has a very similar kit colour. And guess what, they don t press mutual exit…
    7. Long shots should be a way to score…more often.

    i) Add U19 team with stats (not playable) in career mode
    ii) More pre-defined avatars for manager (around 50 options)
    iii) Add created players in national teams in offline mode
    iv) Add full legendary teams to play in friendlies (offline and online): Brasil 1970, Ac Milan (1989 and 2005), France 1998,Real Madrid (1960 and 2002), Barcelona 2009, Manchester United 1999 and even old versions of Hungary, Uruguay (in the 30s), AJax, Benfica etc
    v) More stats in fifa seasons: Goals scored and received, team used, goal scorers, assists by player etc
    vi) More national teams, expecially Japan and more african countries, Brasil with real players.
    vii) Make someting with license for Boca Juniors,River Plate and Juventus Torino.Or at least make smarter names. For example Juve instead of Juvetus.Piemonte Calcio is…..a bad choice
    viii) Improve database for commentary.All the time they say the same things. Just pick and record around 1000 unique statistics for top 200 players in the world. Example: ”Oblak, a great goalkeeper. How lucky Slovenia is, having Handanovic and Oblak born in this small former yugoslav country. And I also know a very lucky portugese team, Rio Ave who trained Oblak and Ederson,what a chance!”
    ix) Make an online hybrid between seasons and FUT. I like to play in seasons (i play in first division for years) but I really dislike FUT because all that complexity do not improve my FIFA skills and I don t want to play against people who spent more time or money, not necessary better, but just having better squads. So I would like the possibility to make my own team with a total predefined number of stars. So I would like to be allowed to create a squad based on my style of play and compete agains similiar players with same stars.
    x) Put four central characters on the main poster (and cover of the game) instead of just one (Reus, Mbappe etc). There should be: one big player in his prime, one legend approaching end of career, one wonderkid and one player with outstanding fair play in last season:
    Example for possible cover for 2022: Kante (or Lewandowski) + Luis Suarez (or Ibrahimovic) + Bellingham (or Pedri) +Simon Kjaer (or Rashord)


  43. First,
    Maybe, there is no “rule” for how many times referee will whistle, when the game is end;
    but, In reality Referee
    1st half, finishes with 2 whistle not 3;
    2nd half, finishes with 3 whistle.
    Please fix it, If you can…
    More realistic grass, weather and shadows…
    The same supporter faces and fan moves in the game; this makes game looks cheap&old tech. Please work more on them.
    Please change at the beginning of the game start. At the begining, there are lots of unnecessarily “press A” button phases.. ex. everytime “choosing language” is very unnecessary.
    It can be change in settings..
    Please change at the beginning of the “training before game” section.. at least, you can give us an option that for changing training cam angle.
    Or If we can begin “training before game” in that empty stadium. That would be nice..


  44. FIFA 22 on Google play store
    And you can take your youth to play a match
    Adding woman’s club leagues

  45. They should add the ability to see the stats of your international teams players as well as your clubs. Maybe create a U21 feature in Career Mode where you can send your youth players to play for a U21 team, so they can experience and level up before moving to the first team. They Should make the Women’s CL a side tournament you can do with the best women clubs in the world. Lots more of ideas

  46. Dynamic Fan System
    this is work like this:
    When my team is too bad in games the fans on the stadium must be less right? we need this feature.
    Also if my team plays like unimportant matches stadiuim must have less fans.
    Face Scan for PROCLUBS and Carrer Mode.

  47. There are a lot of things you can add:
    2.carrier mode- under 21 team, customise my stadium and kit, half-time talk with the players.
    3.bring back the journey, but improved. leagues, stadiums, national teams, faces.
    5.referee mode. impvrovements- more fan’s songs, flags, traspassing into the pitch…