FIFA 22 Online Friendlies – How to Play & Find Friends

Online Friendly Matches in FIFA 22

Do you want to play a friendly match with your pals over the internet? The FIFA 22 Online Friendlies mode allows you to do so.

Invite a friend to play a game online, and keep track of your competition over five seasons to see who has the best talents on the field – the player with the highest points after five games wins the trophy. With a new season, keep the competition going as you fight to defend your championship or take it away from your friends.

Where to Find Online Friendly Mode?

Online Friendlies game mode is available under ONLINE tab in FIFA 22.

How to Play Online Matches with Online Friendlies in FIFA 22

Just go to Online Friendlies and create a new season using NEW FRIENDLY SEASON option. Choose a friend to invite for playing. There’s also a place where you may adjust the match settings. You can also look for information about your season.

Take note that your friend needs to be online at the same time as you to accept your invitation to play with you against your team.

Share Your Account ID Here and Find Friends

Create an account at FIFPlay, add your Gamertag to your profile and share your profile here. Or you can share your Origin, Xbox One or PlayStation account ID here to find friends and play Online Friendlies in FIFA 22. Using the Comments form given below, you can share your account ID and the platform you’re playing FIFA 22 on. Your information will be visible here so other people can add you to play FIFA 22 online with you.

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  1. Hey guys just started out playing fifa 22 on PC
    Bored of playing with the bot
    Origin Id: spiderman4997
    Send a request, let’s play

  2. Hey, i need fifa 22 friends to play online with for ps trophies i still need.

    I play on ps4, gamertag is SC98995


  3. My child has gotten FIFA 22 for switch. We have set up the online fFriendlies, I was wondering how him and his opponent (also on switch) can talk with each other during the game??? Both have headsets and microphones.

  4. Hi guys, I think it’s hard to find a freind to add in fifa 22
    I’m always online if you want to have fun & playing co-op online it will be great and appreciated.

    Origin ID : Amrism_190

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