FIFA 22 Co-Op Lobby

FUT Co-op Lobby

FUT Co-op Lobby is a pre-match lobby for you and your friends. In the co-op lobby, you can invite your online friends to play FUT matches cooperatively and earn rewards.

This will help you to progress together with your friends earning Rivals Squad Battles points and complete relevant objectives. In this lobby, you can team up with your friends to play Rivals, Squad Battles and Online Friendlies.

How to go to FUT Co-Op Lobby?

Co-op Lobby is almost available every where in the FUT. By pressing R2/RT, you can open the FRIENDS menu and then press OPTIONS/Menu button to go to Co-op Lobby.

FIFA 22 Co-op Lobby

How to add friend to Co-op Lobby?

To add friends to FUT Co-op Lobby, you need to have your friends online first. Then, select and press the Plus (+) option titled as Teammate. Select your online friend(s).


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