FIFA 22 Draft FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about FIFA 22 FUT Draft Mode. If your question isn’t answered here, please use the comment box at the bottom of this page to ask it.

Where can I Play Draft Mode in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

FUT Draft mode is available in FUT > PLAY > Single Player Draft / Online Mode Draft. Check out the FIFA 22 Draft Guide for more details.

Why is this mode called FUT Draft?

FUT Draft mode, as a competitive mode in FIFA Ultimate Team, allows you to create a squad for your club from scratch with a random group of high-quality players whose cards you may not already have in your club. Draft mode allows you to gain experience establishing a high-quality squad while learning about team and player chemistry, formation settings, and forming a good FUT team in general. Draft mode is essentially a test drive to discover which players from which leagues and nationalities you can choose to construct a FUT squad. You don’t have to spend coins or points to get player cards in FUT Draft mode – except for the competition entry – and this will help you draught a team in action and improve your knowledge of how to fit players into a team, as well as how to improve your gameplay with that team, while earning prizes and coins.

Who can enter and play the FUT Draft mode?

Everyone with a FUT Club is able to play the Draft mode, which can be purchased for 15,000 coins / 300 points or redeemed with a Draft Token found in packs.

Can I use my own players and managers to play Draft matches?

No. In FUT Draft mode, you can only use the players and managers that the system assigns to you.

Can I change my squad’s formation during FUT Draft matches?

No. You will not be allowed to have a secondary formation. You only have the option to choose a primary formation before finalising your team at the beginning of a tournament.

Is a FUT Draft Token tradeable?

No, Draft Tokens can only be used to redeem them; they cannot be traded on the Transfer Market.

Where can I find a FUT Draft Token?

You may find a FUT Draft Token either in FUT packs (depending on your luck), or redeem from an Objective. They are sometimes available as rewards/free gifts as well.

Who will be my opponents in Draft Mode matches?

The teams you’ll be competing against in FUT Draft Single Player mode are real-life clubs from FIFA 22 teams that are controlled by the CPU. You will compete against other FUT Draft Online players that are connected to EA online servers when playing FUT Draft Online mode.

How About the disconnections during FUT Draft games?

Disconnections in Draft mode matches will follow the same DFN rules as FIFA 22‘s.

Are my Draft Mode’s payers tradeable?

No, the players you receive in FUT Draft mode are only accessible in Draft mode and will not be transferred to your Club, therefore you will not own them.

What are Draft Mode’s prizes?

Packs, FIFA coins and FUT Draft Token.

How many times I can play the FUT Draft mode?

As many times as you pay for the FUT Draft entry.

Can I play FUT Draft mode for free?

To avoid paying a FUT Draft mode entry with Coins or Mode you need to have a FUT Draft Token. A Draft Token can be received from a pack as a reward by completing objectives or even received as a free gift.

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