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Pre-order FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is available to pre-order from July 11, 2021. There are two editions of FIFA 22, as Standard, and Ultimate Editions. People who pre-order FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition game will get the chance to play the game 4 days in advance prior to the release date of the Standard Edition.

The ultimate edition includes exclusive contents such as free packs and special player picks, you can find the details and the price list below:

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FIFA 22 Prices

Platform Standard Edition Ultimate Edition
Playstation PS4: $59.99 / PS5: $69.99 PS4/PS5: $99.99
Xbox Series X/S: 69.99 / Xbox One: $59.99 Series X/S: $99.99
PC (Windows) Origin: $59.99 / Steam: $59.99 Origin: $79.99 / Steam: $79.99
Stadia $9.99/mo $9.99/mo
FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition

Pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition before September 27 and you’ll receive:

FIFA 22 Standard Edition

Standard Edition

Pre-order the FIFA 22 Standard Edition and you will receive:

FIFA 22 Discount

How to Get Discount on FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

You can get 10% discount as a loyal FIFA user by pre ordering the Ultimate Edition in FIFA 22. To do so, when the pre-ordering is available, go to FIFA 21 main screen and then go to the bottom right tab where it says “PRE-ORDER FIFA 22”. Depending on your platform, it takes you to your console/PC Origin store with 10% off the price.

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  1. I have just pre-Ordered a PlayStation 5 Digital console for Christmas 2021.

    Can I download FIFA 22 onto my PlayStation 4 on October 1st but still play it on my new PS5 during 2022?

  2. I am very disappointed with this kogan company I have received a purchase code from them for my fifa22 that i order online from them to used to download the fifa22 on my ps4 console but the purchase code is empty there’s nothing in purchase code so right now I’m thinking this kogan company is a joke and I’m not going to trust them anymore they fifth and scam..very disappointed I’m going to search for your company and put a complain on it and maybe further action will be taken from me to investigate your company..

  3. I’m wishing for GOOD+ linkability from the [FRA] and {FRA 1} Players in my Squad to FUT 22 Hero (LM) Ginola [FRA] {FRA1}.

  4. Hello, I want to buy the ultimate edition but in the ps store it says that is a temporary offer until august 11. Today it is august 12 so when I buy the ultimate edition do I get all those fifa points etc.?

  5. When I click to buy on ps4 fifa 21 it says this item is currently not available. Please try again later. (F21B019)
    Try 3de day in a row.
    Please assist

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