FIFA 21 Matchmaking

Matchmaking in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 online matchmaking system works based on two main factors, your division/skill rating and your location. The matchmaking system pairs you up with someone who is in the same division as you or has a similar number of FUT Skill Rating to you and preferably from the same location.

Main Factors
  • Your Division / Skill Rating
  • Your Region (Account region / IP address)

In FIFA Ultimate Team, your Skill Rating is important for matchmaking in Division Rivals matches. Reportedly, there are also some other factors that are considered for a matchmaking such as your team rating, team chemistry and team league.

FIFA 21 Matchmaking Settings


Customising the matchmaking in FUT 21 is only limited to solo and co-op opponents where a co-op mode is available. This is available in online matches with co-op feature like FUT Rivals. To customise your matchmaking, you need to change the matchmaking settings by pressing L2/LT before you start finding an opponent.

In other game modes such as Online Seasons, you can change the settings for controls, club quality matching, club type and guests where a Matchmaking Settings option is available.

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  1. Matchmaking on Fifa 21 is a load of wa*k, I fought my way upto Div 3 online and was able to beat 3 players and draw 2 games missing the chance to stay up by 1 point. I then got relegated to Div 4 (lost every game), relegated to Div 5 (lost every game) and am now back in Div 6 where I am still losing. How is that even possible?? How do you compete with players in Div 3 but get hammered by players in Div 4, 5 and 6. Ridiculous matchmaking

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