FIFA Mobile 19 – Carniball

Carniball Event in FIFA Mobile

Carniball event is available from 20 February 2020 for two weeks on FIFA Mobile. Play Carniball matches in FIFA Mobile app and claim the Carniball free offer every 24 hours to earn Broken Mask and Carniball Points.

  • Duration: 14 days (2 Feb to 5 Mar)
  • Coin Pack: 2 Coin Packs daily that give 6 Carniball Energy for 75,000 coins
  • Daily login: 6 Blank Masks
  • Energy: Carniball Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Carniball energy
  • Ads: 2 ads daily giving 2 Carniball Energy per ad

Earn Blank Masks by playing Carniball’s Skill Games. Use these Masks to play Region matches and earn Masks from that region. Go get some Carniball unique players by exchanging Region Masks. Masquerade Points can be earned by participating in VSA matches. Masquerade Points can be used to claim players from prior events, as well as kits and resources. To claim Players, Resources, and Blank Masks, look for Party Poppers and open them using Confetti. You can also earn Skill Boosts by completing Daily Quests.


You can acquire Blank Masks by playing Skill Games in this chapter. You can visit different regions in the Regional Parade to see what goodies are available. You can now use your Blank Mask to redeem rewards utilising the Parade Resources.

Skill Games

This section contains three skill games. A single skill game requires 2 Carniball energy to play, and the rewards are Blank Masks. You can play these Skill Games again after completing the third Skill Game, starting with the first Skill Game.

Skill Game Cost Reward
1 2 Carniball Energy 1 Blank Mask
2 2 Carniball Energy 2 Blank Mask
3 2 Carniball Energy 3 Blank Mask
Regional Parade

Using your Blank Masks, you can play six different regions, each with five matches. The first Region will be available when Carniball starts, and each Region will be unlocked on a specific date.

Below is the list of unlock dates:

  • Italy – 20 Feb
  • France – 21 Feb
  • Germany – 24 Feb
  • Spain – 26 Feb
  • Brazil – 28 Feb
  • Rest of the World – 28 Feb

Rest of the World regions include: England, Netherlands, Columbia, Portugal, Argentina and Belgium.

You’ll get Region-specific Masks if you finish these bouts. That is, you will receive Italy Masks for finishing Matches in the Italian Region, France Masks for completing Matches in the French Region, and so on. To claim a Prime Icon Pirlo, you must claim 9 Carniball Master Players from the Regional Parade Chapter.

Use your Region Masks to redeem Carniball Players and use Blank Masks to claim Resources.

Player OVR Region Mask Cost
88 600
93 1,500
93 1,500
97 4,500
Resource Amount Limit Blank Mask Cost
Confetti 1 1 2,500
Skill Boosts 50 None 15
Coins 100,000 None 25
Training XP 20,000 None 25

There is no OVR or Nationality requirement for the first match in each Region. Following that, you must have a particular number of players on your squad with that Region’s nationality, and all players in your team must have a minimum OVR.

More information available here:



In this chapter, you compete in VSA battles against other players. When you win a VSA battle, you’ll receive a Masquerade Point, which you can use to unlock one of nine offers (similar to LNY Red Envelopes). You can win up to 9 matches per day, and if you lose one, you’ll be ousted for the day.

The VSA Matches’ matchmaking is based on form; you’ll be matched with players that have a similar number of wins and an OVR, but it’s not the same as the POTM’s form-based matchmaking.

Because Masquerade Points and daily nodes do not stack, you must utilise them before the next refresh.

Players from prior events, Carniball Players, Blank Masks, Kits, and Resources are three of the nine prominent rewards included in the nine offers. The remaining six deals each include 15 Skill Boosts.


To open Party Poppers, use Confetti. The third Carniball Skill Game has a chance to give you a Party Popper, or you can check the Store for Offers.

Party Popper Rewards

You can come to this chapter to open Party Poppers with Confetti after you get them from the Main chapter. To make the poppers POP with produced pricing, fill them with Confetti:

Carniball Party Popper Rewards


The following is a list of all players you can claim as rewards during the Carniball event (including Parade and Masquerade Players):

Parade Players
Parade Players FIFA Mobile
Masquerade Players
Masquerade Players FIFA Mobile


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